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Revision history for File-CreationTime

2.04    16 September 2007
        Now returns the real creation time on OS X!  Thanks
        to Dave Cardwell for his help adding this feature.

2.03	8 July 2006
	Now retrieves mtime properly.

2.02	7 July 2006
	No longer needs File::ExtAttr.  Uses File::Attributes instead.

2.01    22 January 2006
        Bugfixes in documentation.  Better error handling when dealing with
        non-writable files.

2.00	15 January 2006
	Now uses BSD extended filesystem attributes instead of a dirty hack.

1.03    2  December 2005
	Added File::Attribute as a prereq in the makefile.	

1.02    30 November 2005
	Rewrote to use File::Attribute to store creation time.

1.00	14 November 2005
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.