File::Find::Rule::MP3Info - rule to match on id3 tags, length, bitrate, etc


  use File::Find::Rule::MP3Info;

  # Which mp3s haven't I set the artist tag on yet?
  my @mp3s = find( mp3info => { ARTIST => '' }, in => '/mp3' );

  # Or be OO.
  @mp3s = File::Find::Rule::MP3Info->file()
                                   ->mp3info( TITLE => 'Paper Bag' )
                                   ->in( '/mp3' );

  # What have I got that's 3 minutes or longer?
  @mp3s = File::Find::Rule::MP3Info->file()
                                   ->mp3info( MM => '>=3' )
                                   ->in( '/mp3' );

  # What have I got by either Kristin Hersh or Throwing Muses?
  # I'm sometimes lazy about case in my tags.
  @mp3s = find( mp3info =>
                    { ARTIST => qr/(kristin hersh|throwing muses)/i },
                in => '/mp3' );


An interface between MP3::Info and File::Find::Rule to let you find files based on MP3-specific information such as bitrate, frequency, playing time, the stuff in the ID3 tag, and so on.



  my @mp3s = find( mp3info => { YEAR => '1990' }, in => '/mp3' );

Only matches when all criteria are met. You can be OO or procedural as you please, as per File::Find::Rule.

The criteria you can use are those that are returned by the get_mp3tag and get_mp3info methods of MP3::Info.

The following fields are treated as numeric and so can be matched against using Number::Compare comparisons: YEAR, BITRATE, FREQUENCY, SIZE, SECS, MM, SS, MS, FRAMES, FRAME_LENGTH, VBR_SCALE.

The following fields are treated as strings and so can be matched against with either an exact match or a qr// regex: TITLE, ARTIST, ALBUM, COMMENT, GENRE.

Anything else is matched against as an exact match.

Let's make it DTRT with boolean fields, next!

This needs benchmarking; will it be impossibly slow with lots of files? I'm seeing around a minute or so to go through 6 gig.


Kake Pugh <>, from an idea by Paul Mison, all the real work previously done by Richard Clamp in File::Find::Rule and Chris Nandor in MP3::Info.


Send me mail; it makes me happy. Does this suck? Why? Does it rock? Why?


Copyright (C) 2002 Kate L Pugh. All Rights Reserved.

This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.