Revision history for Perl extension File::Iterator.

0.01  6/vii/2002
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
		-AX -n File::Iterator

0.02  6/vii/2002
	- added reset()

0.03  7/vii/2002
	- added support for multiple filename filters
	- resolved bug with directory recursion

0.04  7/vii/2002
	- amended _getFiles() so that failure on opendir is treated as non-fatal

0.05  1/viii/2002
	- updates to POD documentation

0.06  20/viii/2002
	- minor amendments to _getFiles()

0.07  24/viii/2002
	- removed the hasNext() method
	- the FILTER option now takes a subroutine ref as an argument
	- added the RETURNDIRS and FOLLOWSYMLINKS options

0.08  8/xi/2002
	- amended test on $^O (line 48) so that darwin is no longer
	  recognised as a Windows OS. You can imagine the rumpus that
	  might have caused. :-)

0.09  4/xii/2002
	- removed redundant Exporter stuff

0.10  24/i/2003
	- fixed bug in reset() method

0.11  28/i/2003
	- further tweaks to the $^O line to make it Cygwin safe. What
	  *was* I thinking...?

0.13  3/iii/2007
    - moved filter check into next()

0.14  13/iii/2007
    - added LICENSE