2020-06-21  k  <andk@cpan.org>

	* release 0.4.6

	* fail reports have been seen by testers running the tests in parallel;
	not regarding this as a showstopper, releasing as stable

2020-04-13  k  <andk@cpan.org>

	* release 0.4.6-TRIAL

	* address #131966: recent YAML and YAML::XS etc. do not support blessed
	attributes anymore; we now rebless the attribute "done" on the getter
	when it is not blessed (thanks to Slaven Rezić for reporting)

2017-10-04  k  <andk@cpan.org>

	* release 0.4.5

	* add options to rrr-client: --max-files-per-connection and
	--rsync-timeout; sort options in manpage; no functional change

2017-10-02  k  <andk@cpan.org>

	* release 0.4.4

	* bugfix #123171: do not expect rrr-fsck in ./bin/ (Ask Bjørn Hansen)

	* add Hash::Util to PREREQ_PM; no functional change (Andreas König)

2016-06-11  k  <andk@cpan.org>

	* release 0.4.3

	* remove nonsensical private INC path in all binaries; no functional

2016-02-16  k  <andk@cpan.org>

	* release 0.4.2

	* add missing dependency Pod::Usage; discovered by my own smoker

2015-09-10  k  <andk@cpan.org>

	* release 0.4.1

	* documentation clarification, inspired by Henk Penning 2013, never made
	it into a release so far; release 0.4.0 missed to include it, so let me
	make another release immediately after it

	* release 0.4.0

	* support rsync_options as a hashref or as an arrayref; this change
	deals with upstram changes between File-Rsync 0.45 and 0.46;
	rsync_options are rewritten such that F:R:M:R works with old and new
	versions of File::Rsync; see also

2013-01-05  k  <k@k83.linux.bogus>

	* release 0.3.4

	* release 0.3.3

	* no functional change, just bump the version number. Just the
	Makefile.PL to remind me of checking in, tagging and uploading in the
	correct order.

2012-12-31  k  <andk@cpan.org>

	* release 0.3.2

	* documentation improvement: offer a shorter version of the mirror
	script in the HOWTO

	* minor bugfix: fix the shebang in rrr-client

2011-12-28  Andreas J. Koenig  <andreas.koenig.7os6VVqR@franz.ak.mind.de>

	* release 0.3.1

	* documentation improvements and a new author-test aurora.t, no
	functional changes; thanks to Henk P. Penning for writing iim
	(http://ftp.cs.uu.nl/pub/PERL/iim) and asking questions of vital
	importance for 'rrr'

2011-08-19  Andreas J. Koenig  <andk@cpan.org>

	* release 0.3.0

	* rrr-client: runstatusfile now completely optional, not defaulting to a
	file in the current directory which prevented a sane behaviour during
	system startup (Moritz Onken)

2011-06-04  Andreas J. Koenig  <andk@cpan.org>

	* release 0.2.1

	* rrr-client: fix delete events on dangling symlinks (spotted by Henk P.

	* improve diagnostics when encountering a lock directory

	* address #68440: wrong documentation in rrr-client (Slaven Rezić)

	* address #67668: add verboselog (Mitry Matyushkov)

2011-05-17  Andreas J. Koenig  <andk@cpan.org>

	* release 0.2.0

	* rrr-client new options --verbose and --skip-deletes

	* address #68220: wrong closing brace position in
	_rmirror_endofloop_sleep (Mitry Matyushkov)

2011-03-20  Andreas J. Koenig  <andk@cpan.org>

	* release 0.1.1 (MANIFEST fixes)

	* release 0.1.0

	* rrr-client contributed by Ask Bjørn Hansen

	* rrr-server based on Linux::Inotify2

	* support for symlinks added

	* all pre-alpha and alpha warnings removed; I'm sure there are bugs
	lurking but I see no dominating showstoppers at the moment

2010-10-29  Andreas J. Koenig  <andk@cpan.org>

	* release 0.0.8-TRIAL

	* Client is now forking: children write their state into a YAML file.
	Parent stays at constant memory.

2009-05-03  Andreas J. Koenig  <andk@cpan.org>

	* release 0.0.7

	* bugfix: state of ignore_link_stat_errors was lost during cloning

	* make ignore_link_stat_errors true per default

	* set $ENV{LANG} before exec of rsync

	* overhaul the bin/ directory with rrr-update and rrr-fsck

	* adjust verbosity of delete events

2009-04-25  Andreas J. Koenig  <andk@cpan.org>

	* release 0.0.6

	* bugfix: Done.pm failing to merge two intervals into one when a third
	is present

2009-04-16  Andreas J. Koenig  <andk@cpan.org>

	* release 0.0.5

	* focus on "delete" events that were neglected so far

2009-04-13  Andreas J. Koenig  <andk@cpan.org>

	* release 0.0.4

	* new accessor C<tempdir> (suggested by Ask Bjørn Hansen)

	* new accessor C<verboselog> (suggested by Barbie)

	* bugfix: not all tempfiles were cleaned up correctly

	* bugfix: fixed a panic 'Could not find an interval position ...' in the Done code

	* bugfix: changes of the dirtymark were insufficiently discovered on the slave

	* bugfix: Recentfile::recent_events now honours the C<contains> option

	* changed several internal method and variable names

2009-03-30  Andreas J. Koenig  <andk@cpan.org>

	* release 0.0.3

	* Bugfix: pod coverage test failed due to a wrong head directive;

	* updated HOWTO

2009-03-29  Andreas J. Koenig  <andk@cpan.org>

	* release 0.0.2

	* Bugfix: reflecting in the test that when JSON is not installed
	Data::Serializer::JSON won't work

	* convenience: verbose(X) on a Recent object now calls verbose(X) on all
	associated Recentfile objects.

2009-03-25  Andreas J. Koenig  <andk@cpan.org>

	* release 0.0.1

	First version, released on an unsuspecting world.

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	coding: utf-8
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