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Revision history for Perl extension FileSystem::LL::FAT.

0.01  Sat Mar 28 18:21:26 2009
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-XAfn FileSystem::LL::FAT

	new functions		(UNDOCUMENTED).
	 recurse_dir(), list_dir(), compress_FAT(), uncompress_FAT()
        New key FAT_raw for process_FAT_data().
	Reimplement write_dir() in terms of recurse_dir().
	Fix docs of $exists for write_dir().
	write_dir() would not recurse correct.
	API change: write_dir() now takes a reference to directory string
		and an extra optional arg $how.
	FAT stored as string reference was wrong.
	Stop cluster has leading 0 in FAT32 (OTHER PLACE???).

	recurse_dir() allows operation without FAT table (currently assumes
		that subdirectories take at most 1 cluster).
	recurse_dir() allows $how to be an array reference; hence the same
		for write_dir(), list_dir().
	output_cluster_chain() would repeat 16MB the same chunk...
	output_cluster_chain() supports operation with $FAT undefined
		(assumes continuous files); hence the same for write_file(),
	recursing and listing works with deleted files and "." "..".

	New environment variable FAT_READ_NEEDS_1SECTOR to raw read by 512b.
	recurse_dir() was mangling $FAT if undefined.
	Argument $how to recurse_dir() etc changed to a hash reference.
	Now actually used for system recovery...

	File time logic (without local --> global conversion).
	Preallocate variable-to-sysread-to.