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Revision history for Perl extension Filesys::SmbClientParser.

2.7  2004/04/14 21:53:18  alian
- fix rt#5896: Will Not work on shares that contain spaces in names

2.6  2004/01/28 22:58:42  alian
- Fix Auth that only allow \w in password
- Fix mget & mput bug with ';' (reported by Nathan Vonnahme).
- Fix bug if password contain & => quote password (reported by Gael LEPETIT).
- Fix du and incorrect order at return time in array context (reported by 
rachinsky at
- Fix dir method that didn't allow space in directory name => quote dir. (fixed
by torstei at
- Add test for Auth, mget, mput.

2.5  2002/11/12 18:53:44  alian
 - Update POD documentation
 - Correct t/02?.pl
 - Add t/03?.pl

2.4  2002/11/08 23:51:19  alian
 - Correct a bug that didn't set smbclient path when pass as arg of new.
 (thanks to Andreas Dahl for report and patch).
 - Correct a bug in error parsing that disable use of file or dir with
 ERR in his name. Eg: JERRY. (Thanks to Jason Sloderbeck for report).
 - Update test suite for tracking these bugs.

2.3  2002/08/13 13:44:00;  author: alian;  state: Exp;  lines: +47 -28
 - Update smbclient detection (scan ENV{PATH} and try wich)
 - Update get, du method for perl -w mode
 - Update command method for perl -T mode
 - Update all exec command: add >&1 for Solaris output on STDERR
 - Add NT_STATUS_ message detection for error
 - Add Test::Simple tests like

2.2  2002/08/08 23:28:22  alian
 - Correction bug sur option -N de smbclient (tks to

2.1  2002/04/11 23:39:34  alian
 - Add du method  (thanks to Ben Scott <scotsman@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU>)
 - Correct pwd method

2.0  2002/01/25 11:46:41  alian
 - Add IP parameter
 - Add some quote for space in name usage
 (tks to Mike Rosack for his BuzzSearch version)
 - Update POD documentation
 - Update all return code error: undef is always return if error,
 and method err return last string error find.
 This is why I pass to 2.0 release.
 - Correct no error code in mkdir, delete
 - Debug GetGroups method
 - Debug case if share is defined in GetShare or GetHosts
 - Add hash parameter to constructor

1.4  2001/05/30 07:58:42  alian
 - Add workgroup parameter (tkx to <> for suggestion)
 - Correct a bug with directory (double /) tks to  <>
 - Correct a bug with mput method : recurse used if needed <>
 - Correct quoting pb in get routine (tkx to <>)
 - Move and complete POD documentation
1.3  2001/04/19 17:01:10  alian
 - Remove CR/LF from 1.2 version (thanks to Sean Sirutis <>)

1.2  2001/04/15 15:20:50  alian
 - Correct mput subroutine wrongly defined as mget
 - Added DEBUG level
 - Add pod doc for User, Password, Share, Host
 - Added rename and pwd method
 - Changed $recurse in mget so that it is always defined after testing
 - Added Auth() method, an alternative to explicit give of user/passwd
 (like -A option in smbclient)
Thanks to for this features

0.3  2000/01/12 01:20:32  alian
  - Add methods mget and mput

0.2  2000/11/20 19:08:11  Administrateur
 - Correct path of smbclient in new
 - Correct arg when no password
 - Correct error in synopsis

0.01  Sat Nov 18 23:03:04 2000
  - original version; created by h2xs 1.19