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Revision history for Finance-OFX-Parse-Simple

0.06    1 October 2010
        Allow the decimal separator to be overridden with the
        environment variable MON_DECIMAL_POINT

0.05    16 September 2010
        Minor changes for re-upload to CPAN.

0.04    16 September 2010
        Added localisation so that the decimal point character is read
        from the system's locale instead of always a . (RT bug #61358 reported
        by Conway Allen)
	Added additional tests with sample OFX data.

0.03    6 April 2010
        Added parsing of TRNTYPE and CHECKNUM.

0.02    23 January 2009
        Updated the ACCTID regex for RT bug #42599 reported by wduncan.

0.01    5 January 2009
        First version.