Changes to Flickr::API

1.28, 2016-10-11
 * Add Flickr::API::Upload
 * Flickr::API Be more consistent using my ($self, $args,...) = @_; and not shift
 * Flickr::API Change from using $options to $args for consistancy
 * Flickr::API Add upload method
 * Flickr::API add api_type method
 * Flickr::API add api_permissions method
 * Flickr::API stop using "return undef;"
 * Flickr::API begin *_silently_* enforcing api_key/api_secret over key/secret
 * Flickr::API::Response Be more consistent using my ($self, $args,...) = @_; and not shift
 * Added MAKETEST_OAUTH_AUTHED=1 and/or MAKETEST_FLICKR_AUTHED=1 for testing to allow testing
   actual calls without re-authenticating
 * Added more info on testing to README
 * changes to tests for authentication to allow bypassing
 * changes to tests for authentication to allow permissions other than read
 * changes to tests to detect if deprecated key/secret become api_key/api_secret 
 * changed script/ to allow config file to be passed in ARGV
 * changed script/ to shift configs from key/secret to
   api_key/api_secret for Flickr Authentication and warn if key/secret are used.

1.27, 2015-12-02 
 * Get Flickr::API::People into shape for the Tools.
 * Added some methods for asking about a people object's
   calling user and searched user.

1.26, 2015-11-17
 * Removed references to oauth_token and oauth_token_secret since they
   are redundant.
 * Get some spelling consistent
 * Tidy up a test script

1.25, 2015-10-12
 * Realizing that there is benefit to keeping Flickr::API as close to
   perl core as practical and letting Flickr::Tools use Moo and more
   abstraction, stopped moving all of Flickr::Tools into Flickr::API.
*  Moved and to Flickr::Tools.
*  Bumped version by five to keep it ahead of Tools, at least for
   the time being.

1.20, 2015-10-05
 * moved, and  to new 
   status reporting.
 * Added for the flickr.people methods other than finds
 * Added tests for
 * Updated the MANIFEST
 * Add tests to 02-oauth_api.t for new script and for private method
 * Added to define types for Moo types
 * Consider splitting the Tools back into a separate distribution 
   so Moo isn't required for the base API.

1.19, 2015-09-16
 * adding Flickr::API::People for the flickr.people methods that find
 * adding t/09-people.t to test People module
 * fixed for argument lists that are only 1 deep.
 * added test to 07-reflection for method that does not have argument
   array, but rather just a single argument 
 * moved flickr deprecated authentication from $api->{flickr} to
  $api->{fauth} to make better use of $api->{flickr} for subclassing.
 * added a number of status reporting methods to
 * add _propagate_status to
 * add script/ for more in-depth testing

1.18, 2015-08-12
 * adding Flickr::API::Cameras
 * adding t/08-cameras.t to test Cameras module
 * replaced the STUB on POD with the intended text
 * Merge in Pull Request from rjbs

1.17, 2015-08-04
 * adding Flickr::API::Reflection
 * adding t/07-reflection.t to test Reflection module
 * Fixed typo per RT-106107
 * moved from @ISA to use parent in and
 * added call to and method _initialize to to support
   inheritance in et. al.
 * make import_storable_config more generic in
 * make error_message a little prettier in
 * invert changes for chronological convenience

1.16, 2015-07-17
 * merged in horsepunchkid's $perms fixes. (API requires more explicit perms arguments)
 * merged in horsepunchkid's fixes in examples/.
 * fleshed out the $perms fixes, changed from warn to carp.
 * Added to POD to reflect $perms fixes.
 * Added tests to reflect $perms fixes.
 * bumped version in prep for PAUSE upload.
 * Removed some debugging leftovers
 * bumped version

 * Added 5.008 as minimum Perl version
 * Moving from XML::Simple to XML::LibXML::Simple
 * Remove example from automatically installing in scripts (Request 105426)
 * move dump and make config scripts to bin and made them install-worthy (Request 105426)
 * Clarified licenses in examples (Request 105426)
 * Rename oauth_export_config to export_config and add ability to export
   Flickr's native, if deprecated, configuration. Similar renames and
   reasons for export_storable_config and import_storable_config.
 * Added a hashref of the response content in addition to a tree
 * Added a number of accessor methods to
 * Made code a little more "Perl Best Practices"-ish
 * Rename sign_args to _sign_args

1.12, 1.13, 2015-06-09
 * Cleaned up minor bugs found by testers, improved kwalitee
 * Clarified licensing

1.11, 2014-12-27
 * Added OAuth authentication to Flickr::API and Flickr::API::Request
 * Added some examples

1.08, 2013-06-19
 * Various cleanup from Gabor Szabo

1.07, 2013-05-23
 * Added flag to enable handling of native Unicode strings

1.06, 2013-05-11
 * Added `lwpobj` argument, to allow using subclasses of LWP::UserAgent

1.05, 2012-09-12
 * Updated Flickr API urls from to

1.04, 2009-08-25
 * re-fix for perl5.6 - just require a newer version of HTTP::Message which supports
   mime-decoding instead.

1.03, 2009-08-23
 * fix for perl5.6 - when HTTP::Message->decoded_content() comes back empty,
   use content() instead.

1.02, 2009-07-31
 * license update for fedora

1.01, 2008-09-30
 * incorrectly numbered the previous release. gah
 * updated tests to work when the flickr api isn't hit-able

0.10, 2008-09-29
 * Work correctly with latest XML::Parser::Lite::Tree (now requires 0.06)
 * Added patch from Flavio Poletti to allow custom api & auth urls