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Revision history for Form::Diva

1.05	28 Sep 2022
	fix: avoid remaining whitespace problems with improved HTML generation
1.04	02 Aug 2022
	fix: generate HTML placeholders regardless of form data availability
	fix: do not remove whitespace from generated HTML input
	feature: passing explicit undef as field label skips label generation
1.03  17 Mar 2020 minor pod fix, remove class deprecated in bootstrap 4.
1.02	26 Aug 2019 minor pod fix.
1.01	26 Feb 2019
  added a generated id to the label for tag on a field.
1.00    29 September 2015
	bumped version to 1.00 to indicate Form::Diva is a stable release.
	fixed bug datavalues method did not work with dbic.
0.19    09 April 2015
	fixed bug hidden method ignoring values from dbic-row
	added ability to set base for autogenerated ids.
	Added documentation for hidden method
0.18    05 April 2015
	Added support to over-ride the field class as well as the input
0.17    30 October 2014
	Add prefill method.
	Changed some statements so that cover could see they were tested.
	Removed some branches that wouldn't be executed to improve cover
0.15    22 October 2014.
		radio/checkbox now sets checked="checked" instead of just checked.
		Bugs fixed:
		* Options given partial data sometimes defaulted.
		* Bug introduced in 0.13 (on perl critic advice) where defaults and placeholders were not being set.
		* A default value of '0' was ignored because it is false, now evaluating as string.
0.14	17 October 2014.
		Add comment to field definition and ->generate() results.
0.13	16 October 2014.
		Add support for passing dbic result row to generate.
0.12	15 October 2014. Very Minor Pod Correction.
0.11    19 August 2014
	Change to github.
0.10    25 July 2014
	Added a few more tests
0.09    17 July 2014
	Fixed bug in Id generation
	Implemented DataValues Method
0.08	16 July 2014
	Clone fully supports hidden fields and can change fields between
	normal and hidden!
0.07    15 July 2014
	Implemented hidden fields.
0.06    13 July 2014
	setup of new object also defaults id on all of the fields.
	fixed labels generation, which was using name instead of id.
0.05    11 July 2014
	Implemented Select input type.
	Implemented over-ride on values for inputs that require values.
	Implemented clone method.
0.04    8 July 2014
	Fixed bug where id was generated with extra quote.
0.03    5 July 2014
        First released version uploaded to CPAN.