Version 0.2:
	The frozen info starts with 'FrT;'. Warning if not - nonfatal.
	Results of freezeEmpty are cached, explanation about caching
FreezeEmpty added.
	At last, all the tests are OK.
	Little bit more compact backreferences.
Version 0.2:
	New tests added and work.
	"Repeated" handled much cleaner now (basing on $secondpass).
	Packages are stored in a more compact form.
	Numbers are stored in a more compact form.
Version 0.4:
	Can handle overloaded objects.
Version 0.41:
	Bug in detecting duplicated overloaded objects fixed.
	(When Reissued:)
	Remove wrong comments on faking out tests in t/*.
	Add a POD section on limitations.
Version 0.42:
	Fix test for a change of string representation of Math::BigInt.
	Support qr// objects (via UNIVERSAL, so if Regexp supports
		(de)serialization methods, they will be used instead).
	`use strict'-complient.
Version 0.43:
	Correct save/restore of overloaded values, including repeated refs.
Version 0.44:
	Optimize thaw; apparently, with 5.8.8 \G in REx is not optimized;
	  so implement along lines suggested by Bram [wizbit] (about 5x speedup
          in some test cases).
Version 0.45:
	Maxpointer decimal width was wrongly calculated on 64bit machines with
	  narrow NVs.
Version 0.5
	Support RExes of 5.11 and later (XXXX but not yet reblessed ones...)
		(prototype by Andreas Koenig)
Version 0.5001
	Switch to a course version-check to recognize that regexps are
		first-level (otherwise would need to rely on Scalar::Utils).
		(Tested to work with 5.8, 5.10, 5.11.)