0.16 2023-07-21
    * Update test suite to use Package->VERSION() for version checks, not
      Thanks to Graham Knop

0.15 2023-04-02
    * AnyEvent backend fixes, don't lose an intermediate Future anymore
    * Switch from Test::More::isn't() to Test::More::isnt()

0.14 2020-06-13
    * Fix automatic event loop backend selection
    * Add ->is_async() method to detect what kind of user agent we have
      (patch by HAUKEX)
    * Doc fixes (patch by HAUKEX)

0.13 2019-11-09
    * Remove HTTP proxy / CGI environment variables to allow the test suite to
      run on hosts that have them set

0.12 2018-11-23
    * Remove imaginary HTPP::Tiny::threaded
      This adresses  RT #123801 , reported by ANDK

0.11 2018-11-08
    * Test stability (contributed by Hauke D)
    * Allow changing @Future::HTTP::loops more easily (contributed by Hauke D)

0.10 2018-05-20
    * We now want HTTP::Tiny::Paranoid 0.07+
      0.04 had errors when testing
      ( http://www.cpantesters.org/cpan/report/7d410262-5b42-11e8-8d7e-b001725e5915 )

0.09 2018-05-19
    * Silence warning when using Mojolicious
      Thanks to pplu and Grinnz for reporting it and the diagnosis
      This addresses https://github.com/Corion/future-http/issues/2
    * The response body is now always decoded like HTTP::Message->decoded_content
      If you need access to the raw, undecoded content, please tell me
    * Switch from including Test::HTTP::LocalServer to loading it as
      a test prerequisite

0.08 2017-11-29
    * 3xx status codes are not treated as errors anymore
    * Common code was moved into a Role
	* Support for HTTP::Tiny::Paranoid
	* Support for IO::Async / Net::Async::HTTP

0.07 2017-07-03
    * Only test changes, no need to upgrade
	* Split up the backend test into separate files to avoid trying to reload
	  an identical module during the test run(s)

0.06 2017-06-30
    * We want AnyEvent::Future 0.02 minimum
	* Actually return a "true" message when failing in HTTP::Future::Mojo

0.05 2016-05-24
    * Old versions of HTTP::Tiny don't have some features, defang the tests

0.04 2016-05-23
    * Attempt to be more compatible with older versions of HTTP::Tiny
      Those older versions are distributed with Perl 5.12.x etc, so
      compatibility with them allows us not to require an upgrade of the
      core module.

0.03 2016-05-23
    * Tighten prerequisites
      We need Future 0.33 now
      Actually, likely anything above 0.26 will work, but I'm too lazy to
      find out which versions work.
    * Support Mojolicious as backend

0.02 2016-05-20
    * Fix test suite

0.01 2016-05-16
    * Released on an unsuspecting world