Revision history for Future-IO

0.15    2023-10-18
         * Avoid creating a long `->then` chain of Futures when handling
           EAGAIN (RT150117)
         * Temporarily enable blocking mode on filehandles when the default
           event loop is not using `select()`, to avoid a CPU spin (RT150117)

0.14    2023-04-25
         * Moved `Test::Future::IO::Impl` into its own distribution, so that
           downstream packages don't have to runtime-depend on `Test2`

0.13    2023-02-19
         * Swap all unit tests from `Test::More` to `Test2::V0`
         * Reomved test-time dependency on `Test::Identity`

         * t/30system.t should check that the impl actually provides a
           `->waitpid` method before using it
         * Insert a hacky "sleep 1" into the connect tests on MSWin32 in case
           that helps fix the test failures

0.12    2023-01-31
         * Added `Future::IO::System`, containing a system()-like and a
           qx()-like method
         * Added `->sysread_until_eof` method
         * Update to perl v5.14 `package NAME VERSION` syntax
         * Use `await` notation in method minisynopsis lines

         * Need to work harder to set LocalAddr during socket tests

0.11    2022-01-07
         * Added ->connect and ->accept for socket-based code
         * Provide ->HAVE_MULTIPLE_FILEHANDLES for user code to check if a
           real impl has been loaded
         * Simplify the default implementation so it can reuse most of the
           ImplBase class
         * Wording fix in docs for ->alarm

0.10    2021-08-26
         * Skip the unit test about filling pipes with ->syswrite on MSWin32
           because the test just hangs there (RT138985)

0.09    2021-08-24
         * Added ->waitpid that real event loop implementations can provide
           (though built-in default implementation does not provide it)
         * Extracted impl tests to shareable Test::Future::IO::Impl module
         * Add links to existing CPAN implementations and test modules

0.08    2020-12-31
         * Added Future::IO->alarm

         * Avoid CPU-spin in the single-filehandle case on nonblocking

0.07    2020-03-24
         * Make the ->await method wait until the future instance is ready
         * Document ->await

0.06    2019-06-26 18:11:54
         * Added Future::IO::ImplBase to assist implementation authors

0.05    2019-05-07 01:00:19
         * Misc small docs fixes

         * Expect EINVAL on MSWin32 for pipe close write test, rather than

0.04    2019-04-27 19:08:40
         * Added ->syswrite and ->syswrite_exactly

         * Implement ->sysread_exactly test a better way that shouldn't break
           on Windows due to select() on pipes

0.03    2019-04-25 22:39:55
         * Add ->sysread_exactly

0.02    2019-04-10 14:01:17
         * Provide and document the $IMPL package variable mechanism

         * Skip t/10sleep+sysread.t on MSWin32 because Windows doesn't support
           select() on pipes (RT129108)

0.01    2019-04-10 01:44:18
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.