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Changelog for Games-Bowling-Scorecard

0.106     2022-11-25 18:58:53-05:00 America/New_York
        - update dist metadata
        - AsText is now nicely box-drawn; AsASCII is just ASCII
        - you can record a split, which looks nice in non-ASCII form

0.105     2013-09-24 20:56:26 America/New_York
          replace a busted-on-Win32 test file

0.104     2013-08-24 08:19:51 America/New_York
          repackage!  now using recent Dist::Zilla and github

0.103     2008-06-02
          experiment in dist packaging: this dist not built by EUMM, MI, or MB

0.102     2008-05-27
          experiment in dist packaging: no MANIFEST included

0.101     2007-02-22
          add README (for kwalitee)

0.100     2007-01-22
          add roll_ok checks
          improve test coverage
          fix a number of AsText bugs for tenth frame
          improve tests for AsText

0.011     2007-01-21
          fix version code/doc mismatches
          add score_through method
          add AsText to produce ASCII scorecards

0.001     2007-01-21
          first release!