Revision history for Genealogy::ObituaryDailyTimes

0.11	Thu Feb  8 09:03:49 EST 2024
	Added first, last, age as an index
	Renamed database to data
	Use Database::Abstraction
	Improved argument checking for 'directory'
	Try using the Wayback machine archive
	Get the 2024 data from Freelists
	"make realclean" now removes the database

0.10	Sun Oct 15 16:04:03 EDT 2023
	Latest from NJH-Snippets
	Allow new() to take a ref to a hash of arguments

0.09	Sat Jun 24 09:14:41 EDT 2023
	create_db failed on 5.36.1
	freelists now separate lines by <br/> instead of <br />
	Calling new on an object now returns a clone rather than setting the defaults in the new object

0.08	Fri Feb 24 18:03:24 EST 2023
	Halved the size of the database
	Avoid adding duplicates into the database
	Added volume 28
	Refactored handling of "<br>" and "<br />" in the input files

0.07	Thu Apr  7 09:24:57 EDT 2022
	Remove the column called "VARCHAR"
	Fix test for Coppage now that the database has more than one entry for John Coppage
	Added '-f' option to bin/create_db.PL to force a database build
	Added volume 27

0.06	Thu Apr  8 09:00:35 EDT 2021
	Reduce the amount of memory that bin/create_db uses
	Error if 'last' is not given to search()
	Latest freelists were not being imported
	Added middle name column

0.05	Thu Mar 25 18:02:30 EDT 2021
	2021 is v26 on freelists
	Faster database import

0.04	Wed Dec 30 09:45:11 EST 2020
	Remove old sqlite file before re-creating it
	Stash the URL in the database
	Improved parser imports more data and dies on failure

0.03	Mon Nov 23 08:13:44 EST 2020

0.02	Sun Nov 22 10:59:25 EST 2020
	Dereference the return so that we get an array of hash refs

0.01	Sat Nov 21 21:17:41 EST 2020
	First draft