Revision history for Geo::LibProj::FFI

0.04  2021-05-24

 - Add area of interest functions
 - Add distances functions
 - Add error-state manipulation functions
 - Add info functions
 - Add lists functions
 - Add logging functions

0.03  2021-05-21

 - Address performance issues with PJ_COORD values
 - Add brief description of how to work with PJ_COORD values
   and other PROJ data types to the documentation

0.02  2021-03-04

 - Resolve failures reported in CPAN Testers (GH#1 and others)

0.01  2021-03-03

 - Release to CPAN
 - Only a few essential functions are available, just enough
   to support Geo::LibProj::cs2cs and a simple example