3.0 2022-02-01
  - Dropped IE support in default CSS.
  - Improve default CSS designs of new_website and new_blog command
    side width become 320px. This is for Google Adsence banner size.
    main width become 1030px.
    use flex layout instead of float layout.
    use CSS properties(CSS variables) for theme colors and add a variables.css file.
    h3 boder-top color become the theme color.
  - giblog publish command become push fource
      git -C public add --all
      git -C public commit -m "Published by Giblog at YY-mm-dd HH:MM:SS"
      git -C public push origin main
      git -C public add --all
      git -C public commit -m "Published by Giblog at YY-mm-dd HH:MM:SS"
      git -C public push -f origin main
    This is because other managers can publish web sites certainly.
  - fix upper case tag can't be parsed correctly as Giblog syntax.
  - The modified time of static files are copied to the modified time of public files
  - add -C to the option of giblog command. This is alias for -H and --home option.
  - enable -C option of giblog publish command
  - add giblog save command
  - Add "giblog deploy" command and add "deploy.pl" program in the home directory.
  - add add_content_after_first_h_tag method to Giblog::API
  - add add_content_after_first_p_tag method to Giblog::API
  - add replace_vars method to Giblog::API
  - add the call of replace_vars method in proto templates in new, new_website, new_blog commands.
  - add --build option to "giblog publish" command
  - add --deploy option to "giblog publish" command
  - add giblog all command
2.0 2021-07-19
  - add serve command
    giblog serve
    this is same as
      morbo -w giblog.conf -w lib -w templates serve.pl
    by this, The change of giblog.conf is watched.
  - require Mojolicious 9.19
  - improve default css of new_website and new_blog.
    Change hyphen to under score of the css generated by new_website, new_blog.
    remove box-shadow style.
    header bottom boder width become 1px.
    side bar title block has a boder same color as background.
    side bar has bottom margin
  - Giblog depend on git command.
  - new, new_website, new_blog initlaize the directory and the public directry by "git init"
  - Giblog need Perl 5.16+ because I want to use Time::Piece and Mojolicious latest release.
  - Giblog doesn't support Windows because Giblog depends on Git and Mojolicious.
  - add publish command
    giblog publish origin main
    this need Git 1.8.5+ because -C option is used.
  - public file is generated only if the public file don't exists or the original content of the public file is different from the new one.

1.02 2019-07-27
  - fix parse_description_from_first_p_tag bug that this method can't remove tag if new lines is contained.
1.0101 2019-02-15
  - Extension of public output file become always .html
1.01 2019-11-27
  - add utf8 pragma to Giblog/Command/new/proto/lib/Giblog/Command/build.pm
  - add utf8 pragma to Giblog/Command/new_blog/proto/lib/Giblog/Command/build.pm
  - add utf8 pragma to Giblog/Command/new_website/proto/lib/Giblog/Command/build.pm
  - fix undef warnings when title is not got.
  - add "/list.html" page link to side bar
  - improve Giblog::API::read_config error message
  - add base_path option. you can deploy your web site of sub directry, for example "https://foo.com/subdir";
  - improve new_website and new_blog default design. 
1.00 2019-08-03
  - First major release!
    Let' enjoy Giblog!
0.91 2019-06-24
  - add list page to new_website
0.90 2019-05-15
  - add css table default design to new_blog and new_website prototype
  - add css setting "white-space:pre-wrap" to new_blog and new_website prototype
  - remove tab in common.css
0.76 2019-04-17
  - title tag is edited in new_blog, new_website
    # Edit title
    my $site_title = $config->{site_title};
    if ($data->{file} eq 'index.html') {
      $data->{title} = $site_title;
    else {
      $data->{title} = "$data->{title} - $site_title";
0.75 2019-03-29
  - Remove script tag from inline element of parse_giblog_syntax
0.74 2019-03-29
  - Keep cgi permission when file is copied from proto directory to public directory.
  - Keep cgi permission when file is copied from static directory to public directory.
0.73 2019-03-26
  - add .gitignore files which contains public to new, new_blog, new_website prototype
0.72 2019-03-23
  - static file place is changed from public to templates/static
0.71 2019-03-23
  - rename -h option to -H
  - add command help
0.70 2019-03-21
  - add Giblog::API::build_entry method
  - add Giblog::API::build_html method
  - remove Giblog::API::wrap method
  - fix windows file permission bugs.
  - improve new_hp, new_blog prototype
  - rename new_hp command to new_website
0.51 2019-03-19
  - remove -I, --include option
  - add "lib" in home directory to include path before running command
  - remove new_zemi command
  - improve new_hp prototype
0.50 2019-03-15
  - rename giblog-dir option to home
  - add tutorial
0.02 2019-03-14
  - Change several apis
0.01 2019-03-07
  - First release