Sat Dec 15 20:35:58 CET 2012 Marc Lehmann <>

	* 0.7010 release.
	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: SvUPGRADE does not return anything useful.

Mon Jun 30 00:43:56 CEST 2003 Marc Lehmann <>

	* 0.7009 release.
        * Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: fix thread perl incompatibility.
        * Gtk/xs/GtkVScrollbar.xs: fix typoe.

Tue Jun 17 11:32:32 CEST 2003 Marc Lehmann <>

	* 0.7009 release candidate 0.
        * yeaeee, it's been two almost years.. here is a maintainance
          patch that tries to incorporate various bugfixes from lots of
          different sources. This patch (unlike the 0.7009 release)
          adds no new features.
        * Gtk/objects.pod, fix formatting.
        * Gtk/xs/Gtk-1.2.xs: don't allow NULL geometry_widget.
        * GtkHTML/pkg.defs: add GTK_HTML_COMMAND_SET_MARK.
        * Makefile.PL: recognize more versions of pixbuf and gnome.
        * tools/ add *_HVER here and set it in the Makefiles.
        * **/Makefile.PL: Fix CCCMD everywhere (fixes 5.8 compile problems).
        * Gtk/GdkTypes.c, Gtk/GtkTypes.c: Don't call SvROK on undefined values.

Sun Nov 18 22:26:13 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* */*.pm: unified handling of package::dl_load_flags amd made
	HP/UX not complain.
	* tools/ allow the setting of preprocessor macros from the

Sun Nov 18 17:53:10 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* */*.pm: update version.
	* Makefile.PL: update version checks for some modules.
	* Gtk/GdkTypes.c, Gtk/GtkTypes.c, Gtk/MiscTypes.c: check a reference with SvROK().
	* Gtk/xs/Gtk-1.2.xs: allow an undef geometry_widget in 
	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: X property functions can now be called directly with
	a Gtk::Gdk::Window reference.
	* GtkHTML/xs/GtkHTML.xs: updates for new version of libgtkhtml.

2001-09-25  Vladimir Vukicevic  <>

	* Gal/xs/ETree*.xs: Added start of bindings.

	* Gal/xs/ETable.xs, Gal/xs/EtableHeader.xs,
	Gal/xs/EtableScrolled.xs: fixed minor compile warnings

	* Gal/samples/, Gal/GnomeGalTypes.h: Added

	* Gal/Makefile.PL, Gal/pkg.defs, Gal/pkg.typemap: added etree bits

Fri Jun 29 21:02:18 CEST 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* */*.pm: update version number.
	* Released version 0.7008.

Tue Jun 26 17:17:50 CEST 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Glade/GladeXML.xs: handle missing .so link for glade-gnome.
	* */xs/*.xs: avoid evil macros.
	* Bonobo/*: make Bonobo binding better suited for display-less execution.
	* Mozilla/*: update for Mozilla 0.9.1.
	* Gnome/xs/GnomeCanvas.xs: compilation fix for older versions of gnome-libs.
	* Makefile.PL: accept also gdk-pixbuf 0.8.0.

Thu Jun  7 23:51:51 CEST 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: apply patch from Michael Jakob,
	to fix stack indexes in gdk_draw_lines mapping.

Thu Jun  7 22:48:28 CEST 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* GnomePrint/xs/GnomePrintContext.xs: fix for some perl 5.6 build setups.
	* Gnome/xs/GnomeApp.xs, Gnome/xs/Gnome.xs: when using the GnomeUIInfo
	mapping code to create toolbars and menus, set the "widget" key in the hash
	(or in the last slot of the array) to the widget just created for that entry.
	* Gnome/samples/ some test code for the above change.
	* Makefile.PL: better dependency checking for weird configurations.

Fri Jun  1 12:52:08 CEST 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Released version 0.7007.

Wed May 30 17:58:58 CEST 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/xs/GtkWidget.xs: allow $widget->draw() without area argument.
	* Bonobo/*: updates. Require less changes in CORBA::ORBit module.

Mon May 28 17:07:59 CEST 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* GdkImlib/xs/GdkImlib.xs, GtkXmHTML/xs/GtkXmHTML.xs: fix undefined behavior.
	* Gnome/xs/Gnome.xs: clean up warning from new gcc.
	* */xs/*.xs: clean up more warnings.

Sun May 27 19:05:26 CEST 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* GnomePrint/xs/GnomePrintContext.xs, Gtk/GtkTypes.c: yet another "I can't count" bug.
	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: add accessor for enums and flags values.
	* Gtk/objects.pod: update info and add enums and flags.
	* GnomePrint/xs/GnomeFont.xs: compile with new GnomePrint release.

Sat May 26 18:28:57 CEST 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs, GdkPixbuf/xs/GdkPixbuf.xs: fix reference counting issues
	with some boxed types: they need to be ref()ed the first time we insert them
	in the cache only if we didn't create them. 
	* Gtk/GtkTypes.c: handle also GdkWindow in args and signals (mostly to
	fix stipples in Gnome::Canvas items): bug pointed out by
	with a different patch.
	* Gtk/MiscTypes.c: work around possible incompleteness of enum values exported
	by gtk (related bug reported by Dov Grobgeld <dov@Orbotech.COM>).
	* Makefile.PL: handle INSTALLDIRS in subdirs and better dependency tracking.
	* Gtk/GtkTypes.c: uhm, strlen("info") == 4! Related bug reported by
	Andrew Schretter <>.
	* tools/gpdoc2pod: handle situation gracefully when the user doesn't have XML::Writer
	or XML::Parser installed.

Thu May 17 12:47:38 CEST 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: fix evaluation ordering (reported by Pavel Rousnak <>).
	* Bonobo/xs/BonoboObject.xs: fixety fix.

Mon May  7 12:12:29 CEST 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs, Gtk/xs/GtkSelection.xs: selection_owner_set may get
	undef to unset the window.
	* MANIFEST: add Docklet file.
	* Bonobo: following the great tradition of Bonobo API renames ...
	This one-liner should fix your code.
	perl -wpi.bak -e 's/\bBonobo::(\w+)/Gnome::Bonobo$1/g' files...
	* Bonobo/ added perl interface implementation facilities.
	* Bonobo/xs/BonoboObject.xs: added add_interface_obj() to add CORBA
	object directly.
	* Applet/xs/AppletWidget.xs: fix bug with unreferenced symbol.
	* Gtk/gtk.0.99.typemap: fix leaks with SimpleVals.

Sun Apr  1 15:14:25 CEST 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gal/*: fix is_cell_editable() callback, provide some useful default
	methods and a better sample code.

Sun Apr  1 13:23:47 CEST 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gal/*: initial Gal binding (ETable mostly complete, ETree
	not done yet).

Tue Mar 27 12:21:04 CEST 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/Makefile.PL: install also the helper tools.
	* Applet/*: added support for docklets.
	* Released 0.7006.

Fri Mar 23 18:07:14 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/Makefile.PL: install the cookbook as Gtk::cookbook and
	install also Gtk::lazy.
	* */Makefile.PL: applied patch by Christian Borup <>
	to use the perl in $Config{perlpath} to execute helper scripts.
	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: fixes some uses of PUSHs instead of XPUSHs and
	return instead of XSRETURN_UNDEF.
	* Gtk/cookbook.pod: typo fix.
	* */*.pm: removed some useles uses of Autoloader and Carp.
	* tools/, Gtk/ optimize lazy loading some more.
	* GnomePrint/xs/GnomePrint.xs: include needed headers.
	* Gnome/ provide some pod documentation.

Thu Mar 22 18:31:53 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/xs/Gtk-1.2.xs: added break after case stmt that escaped.
	* Gtk/xs/GtkSelection.xs: updates.
	* Gtk/samples/ update example to 1.2.
	* Gtk/gtk-0.99.typemap: GdkAtom is an unsigned int.

Thu Mar 22 15:31:39 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gnome/xs/Gnome.xs: Gnome::Config fixes + test file.

Thu Mar 22 13:41:57 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/cookbook.pod: added an entry validation recipe.
	* Gtk/objects.pod: added missing files.

Wed Mar 21 14:13:44 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: the insert_text signal in GtkEditable expects the
	new position returned from the handler.

Wed Mar 21 13:23:06 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gnome/*, GnomePrint/*: lazy laoding enabled for Gnome and
	Gnome::Print too.

Wed Mar 21 11:57:22 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* tools/, Gtk/, Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: lazy loading is now
	a run-time option instead of compile time and boots properly also the parent
	packages (using less memory than before too:-). Currently enabled only in 
	the Gtk module: this saves quite a bit of memory (XS functions for each widget
	class are created only when needed).

Wed Mar 21 09:44:27 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/xs/GtkWidget.xs: fixed typo.

Tue Mar 20 18:56:47 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: added property_change. GC can be created from pixmaps too.
	* Gnome/xs/GnomeLess.xs: updates.
	* Gnome/xs/GnomeClient.xs: updates and code optimizations.
	* Gnome/xs/GnomeCanvasItem.xs: typo fix.
	* Gnome/xs/GnomeCanvas.xs: updates.
	* Gnome/xs/GnomeApp.xs: new dialog and utility functions.
	* Gnome/xs/Gnome.xs: config and paper updates.

Mon Mar 19 17:36:46 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/gtk-0.99.typemap: fix entries where perl already
	mortalizes objects.
	* Gnome/xs/GnomeCanvasItem.xs: code optimization.

Mon Mar 19 13:24:57 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gnome/xs/GnomeDialogUtil.xs: allow undef for parent and return
	a proper Gnome::Dialog.
	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: fix white and black gc and color accessors.

Mon Mar 19 10:25:13 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/GtkTypes.[ch],Gtk/gtk-0.99.typemap: better garbage collector 
	and more namespace cleanups.
	* Gtk/objects.pod: information about signals and arguments.
	* Gtk/gtk-0.99.defs: fixed parent of GtkScrolledWindow.
	* */*.pm: upped version to 0.7006.
	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs, Gtk/xs/GtkObject.xs: add the ability to query
	packages, signals and object arguments.
	* GtkGLArea/pkg.defs: fixed parent of GtkGLArea.
	* tools/ handle ALIASes.
	* tools/gpdoc2pod: quote '>'.
	* Gtk/xs/GtkButton.xs,GtkAdjustment.xs,GtkBox.xs,GtkClist.xs,GtkCombo.xs,
	GtkEditable.xs,GtkEntry.xs ...: optimize code generation (about 60 KB saved
	in text size, gives also a nice loading speedup).

Mon Mar 12 22:29:54 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Makefile.PL: handle also new versions of some packages.
	* Gtk/Makefile.PL: fix keysym hash creation with new Gtk.
	* GdkPixbuf/xs/GdkPixbuf.xs: make some interfaces more DWIM
	anche check for some out of memory conditions.
	* GdkPixbuf/Makefile.PL, GdkPixbuf/ apply patch
	from Christian Borup <> to properlly handle

Sun Mar 11 15:37:37 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/xs/GtkBin.xs: fix child settor.
	* Gtk/xs/GtkButton: remove child accessor.
	* Gnome/xs/GnomeCanvas.xs: add pixels_per_unit accessor.
	* Gtk/xs/GtkCList.xs: the bitmap is optional now.
	* tools/ require XML::Writer.
	* tool/gpdoc2pod: create the pod from the XML file.
	* Gtk/ MVC thingie for Gtk::CList and a tied array.
	* */Makefile.PL: install pod reference manpages.
	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: watch_add watches the referenced scalar if handed a reference.

Tue Mar  6 16:49:08 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <

	* */*.xs: fixes usage of the PUSHMARK macro.
	* GnomePrint/xs/GnomePrintPreview.xs: missing include.
	* Gtk/GtkTypes.c: make sure we store only strings that will
	not vanish under us.

Mon Mar  5 16:46:00 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <

	* Gtk/gtk-0.99.typemap: correct entries for unsigned integers.
	* Bonobo/*: updates and new UI stuff. Show usage of the PropertyBag.
	Bug fixes.

Sat Mar  3 20:26:47 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <

	* Gtk/xs/GtkMenu.xs, Gtk/xs/GtkOptionMenu.xs: fix return types of
	gtk_option_menu_get_menu() and gtk_menu_get_active() as pointed out
	by Dave Carrigan <>.
	* Gtk/gtk-0.99.typemap: always bless GtkObjects in the right package.
	* Gtk/xs/GtkEditable.xs: added accessors for selection position fields.

Wed Feb 28 19:25:45 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: added facilities to modify a Gtk::RcStyle
	(test program in Gtk/samples/

Tue Feb 27 23:40:08 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gnome/Makefile.PL: XS boot all the needed modules (was lost in the
	Makefile.PL rewrite).
	* Gnome/xs/GnomeDNS.xs: fix callback argument.

Tue Feb 27 17:52:09 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Glade/*: improved libglade support: Gnome widget support loaded
	only when the Gnome module is used. Added support to dynamically
	load gnomedb and bonobo. Added support for new style custom widget
	creation handler. Updated test accordingly.

Mon Feb 26 19:32:30 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/GdkTypes.c: fix handling of GdkEvent.
	* */Makefile.PL: fixed doc generation on a number of submodules.

Mon Feb 26 13:17:46 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* ldscript: added ld version script to reduce number of exported
	symbols in the modules.
	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: yet another missing cast.
	* Makefile.PL: shut up autodetection compilations.

Sun Feb 25 19:18:49 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Applet/xs/AppletWidget.xs, Applet/samples/ updated to latest
	applet widget library. Added workaround for buggy applet widget signals.
	Sample code updated to show some of the new features.
	* Gtk/MisTypes.c: warn instead of croak()ing when dealing with missing
	enum and flags registrations.

Fri Feb 23 22:14:47 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gnome/xs/GtkDial.xs: revert to a previous version that was
	accidentaly removed.
	* Makefile.PL: actually autodetect GtkGLArea.

Fri Feb 23 16:29:53 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/xs/GtkContainer.xs: added forall() method and a bunch of
	missing other as well: these are marked non-public, but could be
	useful for custom widget implementations.
	* Gtk/xs/GtkContainer-1.1.xs: remove old cruft.
	* Bonobo/README: small HOWTO.

Fri Feb 23 12:40:18 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/xs/GtkEditable.xs: make the default < 0 value in insert_text()
	work even if gtk+ doesn't support it (yet).

Thu Feb 22 22:36:47 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Bonobo/*: updates for bonobo 0.37.

Thu Feb 22 14:32:36 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Glade/xs/GladeXML.xs: fix new_from_memory() data length.
	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: cast to shut up picky compilers.

Mon Feb 19 20:25:04 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/cookbook.pod: add recipe from Pat Eyler <>.
	* Released version 0.7005.

Mon Feb 19 18:59:05 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/GdkTypes.c: correct error message and drop unused code.
	* Gtk/MiscTypes.c: use a GHashTable instead of an HV for misc objects.
	* */Makefile.PL: cleanups.
	* Gtk/GdkTypes.c: applied patch by Pixel <> to
	prevent segfault in gdk_event_copy().
	* Gtk/xs/GtkCTree.xs: applied patch by Pixel <>
	to add $tree->pre_recursive() and allow for undef nodes in some methods.
	* Gtk/xs/GtkCTree-1.1.1.xs: removed, it is no longer compiled in.
	* Gtk/cookbook.pod: updates from Pat Eyler <>.

Sun Feb 11 23:40:05 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/xs/GtkToolbar.xs: DWIM in new Gtk::Toolbar.
	* Gtk/gtk-0.99.defs.opl: use correct unref function for pixmap and bitmap.
	* INSTALL, README: updated documentation.

Sun Feb 11 18:27:49 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gnome/xs/GnomeApp.xs: added fill_toolbar() and fill_menu() functions that
	make use of the Gnome::UIInfo stuff.

Sat Feb 10 19:03:58 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/GtkTypes.c: should work also with older perls.

Thu Feb  8 22:53:44 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Bonobo/*: support the printing interface. Compile with new bonobo version.

Wed Feb  7 06:03:22 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* MANIFEST: include new stuff.
	* Bonobo/ use namespace.
	* Bonobo/samples/ use Bonobo->main and update for new CORBA::ORBit.
	* Bonobo/xs/Bonobo.xs: interface is optional in get_object.
	* Bonobo/xs/BonoboEmbeddable.xs: fixes to make it work correctly.
	* Gtk/GtkTypes.c: do not remove init functions for now, need to track down the 
	real problem.
	* Bonobo/corba-orbit.diff: new diff against orbit-perl HEAD.
	* Bonobo/samples/*: new embeddable sample.
	* Gtk/cookbook.pod: cookbook documentation.

Sun Feb  4 03:19:47 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs, Gnome/xs/Gnome.xs: added facility for initializing sub-modules
	at the main module init time: there is no more need to call the init method
	on most of the sub-modules (it's still required for Gtk, Gnome, Bonobo, AppletWidget,
	mostly because they require params or fiddle with @ARGV). Changed the sample to work
	* Bonobo/*: more updates to support latest released version, popt arguments,
	embeddable class binding, properties...
	* Gtk/ simple doc.
	* Gtk/xs/GtkWidget.xs: make size_request() work.

Sat Jan 27 13:13:32 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/GtkTypes.c: fix to compile also with a threaded perl.
	* Mozilla/README: explain hack to make it work with network connections.

Sat Jan 27 12:09:20 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Mozilla/*: added code to set preferences. Fiddled with library linking
	order. Shut up cvs.

Thu Jan 25 20:30:55 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* GnomePrint/xs/GnomePrintContext.xs: fixed leak in set_dashes().
	Add support for printing images and using the texline interface.

Wed Jan 24 13:30:57 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/GtkTypes.c: fixed handling of GTK_TYPE_UINT and GTK_TYPE_ULONG types.

Mon Jan 22 18:02:14 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Mozilla: added binding for gtkmozembed.

Sun Jan 21 17:35:29 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Makefile.PL, GtkHTML/*: changes to support GtkHTML version 0.8 only.

Wed Jan 10 21:48:49 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gnome/xs/Gnome.xs: added long due support for letting popt
	parse the arguments or make popt leave them alone and using Getopt::Long.
	See Gnome/samples/ for example usage.
	* Bonobo/xs/*: more updates.
	* GnomePrint/xs/*: more updates.

Sun Jan  7 18:27:21 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: forgot to add watch_remove() as well.
	* GnomePrint/*: added some missing stuff.
	* Gtk/, Gtk/, Gtk/ stuff to integrate
	libwww-perl nicely (ie, non-blobking) in a Gtk application.
	* GtkHTML/ package to make using an HTTP-connection
	enabled Gtk::HTML trivial (uses Gtk::LWP).
	* GtkHTML/xs/GtkHTML.xs: updated.

Fri Jan  5 20:31:26 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs, Gtk/samples/ added perl var changes
	event source: you can now get a callback when the value of a
	perl variable changes.

Wed Jan  3 19:03:49 CET 2001 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Cleaned up the namespace a little for exported functions.
	* Applet/*: moved here support for panel applets and added support
	for capplets to the same submodule (Note that the API changed a little bit).
	* Makefile.PL: fixed some detection handling and added applets support.
	* GnomePrint/xs/GnomeFont.xs: removed old functions.
	* Gtk/GtkTypes.c: optmized perlname <-> gtkname mapping (uses less memory).
	* tools/, *xs/*.xs: disable inclusion of PerlGtkExt.h (causes weird segv).
	* */.cvsignore: shut up cvs.

Thu Dec 28 19:52:43 CET 2000 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Makefile.PL, GnomePrint/*: got GnomePrint mostly up to date
	and added autodetection.
	* Gtk/GtkTypes.*, tools/ do not require a sizeof(Gtkobject)
	to work, since we use gtk_type_query() anyway.

Sat Dec 23 13:18:42 CET 2000 Paolo Molaro <>

	* GladeXML/ applied patch from Tim Peoples <>
	to allow a blessed reference instead of a package name in
	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: fixed idle_add_priority().
	* Makefile.PL, GdkXmHTML/*: enables XmHTML detection.
	* Bonobo/*: current bonobo binding (unfinished).

Mon Dec 18 20:00:16 CET 2000 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/xs/GtkCList.xs: make $clist->{insert,append} work if
	the numer of args is different from the number of columns.
	* Gtk/xs/GtkToggleButton.xs: fix typo in arg name.
	*, Makefile.PL, */Makefile.PL: new build system.
	* Bonobo/xs/Gnome*.xs: removed old bonobo binding and added 
	bits of the new one.
	* Preparation for new release.

Fri Oct 20 18:32:19 CEST 2000 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Released 0.7004.

Thu Oct 19 16:24:31 CEST 2000 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk::Widget::parent may return undef.
	* Gtk/ allow -init in use Gtk -init;
	* Gtk/xs/GtkList.xs GtkTree.xs: applied patch from 
		Francois Pons <> (fixes list
		problems and provides speedup).
	* GdkImlib/Makefile.PL, Gtk/xs/GtkWidget.xs: fixes for picky
	compilers pointed out by Aron Griffis <>.
	* Gtk/GdkTypes.c: added a statement to a default case for picky 
	compilers (bug found by Nick Metrowsky <>).
	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: applied patch by Maher Awamy <>
	to expose XDISPLAY, XVISUAL and XCOLORMAP (with 64bit fixes by me).
	* Preparation for release: folks, please test this.

Wed, 16 Aug 2000 19:40:14 +0200

	* Last minute bug fixes.
	* Released version 0.7003.

Wed, 16 Aug 2000 15:07:50 +0200 Paolo Molaro <>

	* *.xs: many _usability_ improvements with default args.
	Better documentation for some different-from-C behaviour.

Wed,  9 Aug 2000 16:16:48 +0200 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/xs/GtkEditable.xs, Gtk/xs/GtkList.xs: applied patch from 
	Sven Verdoolaege <>.
	* Upped version number in preparation for release.

Fri, 23 Jun 2000 15:13:32 +0200 Paolo Molaro <>

	* doc/*: added DTD and stylesheet for the documentation.

Fri, 23 Jun 2000 15:06:41 +0200 Paolo Molaro <>

	* INSTALL, Gnome/xs/GnomeCanvasItem.xs: applied patch from 
	Brian Warner <>.
	* *.xs: more documentation fixups.
	* */Makefile.PL: added gendoc target to makefiles.

Mon, 19 Jun 2000 12:26:56 +0200 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: avoid memory leaks setting fonts, pixmaps and GCs in styles.
	* Gtk/xs/*.xs: More documentation fixups and fixes. Less memory leaks:-)
	* Gtk/xs/GtkCTree.xs: added a $ctree->get_node_position($node) function to
	retreive the (GtkCList) row number of a GtkCTreeNode.

Fri, 16 Jun 2000 15:36:49 +0200 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gnome/xs/GnomeDialog.xs: correct signature of append_buttons_with_pixmaps.
	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: more documentation. Fixed stupid draw_lines() method.
	* Gtk/xs/GtkCTree.xs: documentation + more default values.
	* Gtk/xs/GtkEditable.xs, GtkWidget.xs: use GTK_HVER instead of 
	* GtkHTML/xs/GtkHTMLEmbedded.xs: small fix for new version.
	* tools/ improved doc generator, many fixes, outputs XML doc now.

Mon,  5 Jun 2000 14:39:24 +0200 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gnome/xs/ZvtTerm.xs: applied modifed patch from ZeroInk <>
	to allow writing to the stdin of the running program and added a few
	missing functions.
	* tools/ don't set values in structs mapping if it's a widget
	and it's NULL.
	* GnomePrint/*: first slightly incomplete version.

Fri, 26 May 2000 17:47:14 +0200 Paolo Molaro <>

	* GdkPixbuf/pkg.defs, GdkPixbuf/xs/GdkPixbuf.xs: updates for version 0.8.0.
	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: more documentation.
	* GtkHTML/xs/GtkHTML.xs: updates for newer version.

Thu, 13 Apr 2000 17:40:40 +0200 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/xs/GtkCList-1.2.xs: check for correct row in set_focus_row.
Sun,  9 Apr 2000 18:04:55 +0200 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: add Gtk::Gdk->event_new.
	* Gtk/GdkTypes.c: more comprehensive event handling and bug fixes.
	* Gtk/MiscTypes.c: alloc_temp zeroes the allocated space now.
	* Gnome/xs/GtkPixmapMenuItem.xs: enable.
	* *.xs: added default values for more functions.
	* Gnome/xs/GnomeDialog.xs: add buttons accessor.

Fri,  7 Apr 2000 17:28:32 +0200 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/xs/GtkBin.xs: allow NULL widget in child accessor and fix settor.
	* Gtk/ fix connect_object stuff.
	* Gtk/GtkTypes.c: add GdkColor to supported boxed types in get/set arg.
	* Gtk/gtk-1.3.defs: delete useless, buggy define-enum.
	* Gnome/xs/GnomeFileEntry.xs: add accessor for file selection widget.
	* GtkHTML/xs/GtkHTML.xs: use POPi instead of SvTRUE(POPs), update to
	  latest cvs version.
	* Gtk/MiscTypes.c: fix stupid thinko in handling flags.

Wed,  1 Mar 2000 14:01:10 +0100 Paolo Molaro <>
	* Gnome/pkg.defs: added support for GnomeCanvasPolygon.
	* Makefile.PL, Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: enable thread support if compiled with
	  threaded perl.
	* Gtk/samples/ thread example.

Mon, 28 Feb 2000 17:52:51 +0100 Paolo Molaro <>

	* GtkHTML/xs/GtkHTMLEmbeddable.xs: add accessors for classid and name.
	* Gnome/xs/GnomeDialog.xs: missing functions bound.
	* GtkHTML/*: updates to latest cvs version and bug fixes.
	* GdkPixbuf/xs/*.xs: don't use PL_na anymore.

Mon, 28 Feb 2000 09:06:59 +0100 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/samples/ added example for DnD within a CTree.
	* GdkPixbuf/xs/GdkPixbuf.xs: accessors for pixel data.
	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: fix gdk_string_height() binding.

Thu, 10 Feb 2000 20:30:58 +0100 Paolo Molaro <>

	* GdkPixbuf/*: initial support for gdk-pixbuf added.

Thu, 10 Feb 2000 19:05:58 +0100 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/xs/GtkTreeItem.xs: added accessor for expanded
	* Gtk-Perl.spec: spec file to build rpms from
	* Gtk/xs/GtkWidget.xs: fixed flags settors so you can
	  also unset flags.

Sat, 29 Jan 2000 10:37:55 +0100 Paolo Molaro <>

	* GtkHTML/*: updated to latest cvs version.
	* Released version 0.7002.

Fri, 28 Jan 2000 19:13:02 +0100 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Glade/xs/GladeXML.xs: add new_from_memory so you can put
	  your glade file in __DATA__, for example.
	* Gtk/xs/GtkObject.xs: allow Gtk class names in new() to
	  support old buggy code (use perl packages names, instead).
	* Gnome/pkg.defs: a few parent class fixes by Brian Warner.
	* Gnome/xs/Gnome.xs: fixed my silly mistake.
	* GtkGLArea/Makefile.PL: allow also compilation with -lGL
	  (ie true OpenGL or recent mesa packages).

Sun, 23 Jan 2000 16:38:51 +0100 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gnome/xs/AppletWidget.xs: fixed panel support (partially
	  patch from "Peter S. Housel" <>).
	* Gtk/Misctypes.c: fixed a segfault when using a number
	  instead of a nickname for enums and flags.
	  Workaround problem with dead POs at gtkobject destruction.
	* Gtk/ eliminate warning with autoload (thanks to
	  Bodi Zoltan <>).
	* Gtk/xs/GtkItemFactory.xs, Gtk/samples/ patch from
	  David Huggins-Daines <> that adds a per-item
	  callback func.
	* Gnome/xs/GnomeApp.xs, Gnome/xs/Gnome.xs, Gnome/pkg.defs: support 
	  for GnomeUIInfo from David Huggins-Daines (code moved around a bit
	  so it can be used also in GnomeMDI, Bonobo, etc.).
	* tools/ typeize() made more compatible with Gtk and
	  Gnome maketypes.
	* Gtk/gtk-1.2.defs: enable a couple of enums.
	* Applied patch from Brian Warner to workaround bug in Makemaker 
	  and chomp() the result of some x-config calls.
	* Glade/xs/GladeXML.xs, Glade/samples/ fixed custom widget 
	  support (and updated example).
	* Gtk/xs/GtkCtree.xs, GtkClist1-2.xs: additions from a patch 
	* Released version 0.7001.
Sun,  2 Jan 2000 18:02:51 +0100 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/ handle also readwrite flag.
	* Gtk/xs/GtkObject.xs: GTK_OBJECT_INIT doesn't need to be defined
	  anymore (thanks to Marc Lehmann for pointing this out).
	* README: add notes about source incompatibilities.
	* Release version 0.7000.

Thu, 30 Dec 1999 10:28:58 +0100 Paolo Molaro <>

	* GtkHTML/xs/GtkTML.xs: fixed to compile with latest cvs.
	* Gtk/xs/GtkWindow.xs: gtk_window_reposition was added in gtk 1.2.6.
	* INSTALL: remove reference about GtkTTY.
	* MANIFEST: remove GtkTTY: this lib is long dead.

Wed, 29 Dec 1999 19:25:09 +0100 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Makefile.PL: clean up messages.
	* GdkImlib/Makefile.PL: workaround bug in MakeMaker so that
	  GdkImlib.c is not compiled at every step.
	* Glade/xs/GladeXML.xs: support for using a perl func to build
	  custom widgets (should really be fixed in libglade, though).
	* Gtk/GtkTypes.c, Gtk/MiscTypes.c, Gtk/MiscTypes.h, Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs:
	  flag values can now be returned as array refs (instead of hash refs)
	  and is configurable as well as using '-' or '_' in enums and flags.
	* tools/ support for the above stuff and cleaner way to get
	  enum and flag info from gtk+ itself at compile-time: sadly, Gtk+
	  is broken in some ways (a flag type is registered, for example, but
	  the GTK_TYPE_flag_name var is not defined...).
	* INSTALL: install instruction courtesy of Frank Wiles.

Sun, 19 Dec 1999 22:06:27 +0100  Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/MiscTypes.c, Gtk/GtkTypes.c, Gtk/GdkTypes.c: patch
	  from David Huggins-Daines <> to remove
	* Gtk/xs/GtkObject.xs, Gtk/xs/GtkWidget.xs, Gtk/
	  GTK_OBJECT_INIT is no more called with perl_call_method,
	  so we have correct behaviour and we maintain source
	  compatibility: GTK_OBJECT_INIT gets the object as only arg.
	  Implement Gtk::Widget::new with Gtk::Object::new in perl code.

Mon,  6 Dec 1999 01:38:51 +0100 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/xs/GtkLayout.xs: added accessors for bin_window, {x,y}offset, 
	  width, height.
	* Gtk/xs/GtkCombo.xs: added accessor for popwin.
	* tools/, Gtk/MiscTypes.{c,h}, Gtk/GtkTypes.c: improved
	  enum/flags handling: faster startup, reduced memory usage, reduced 
	  code size: still some cleanup and optimizations to do.
	* GtkGLArea/xs/GtkGdkGL.xs: make it compile with cvs GtkGLArea
	  which broke source compatibility.
	* MANIFEST: Bonobo is not ready for public consumption yet.
	* Gtk/xs/GtkObject.xs: fixed creation of objects subclasses
	  of a perl subclass. You need to change the GTK_OBJECT_INIT
	  method of your classes (first argument is classname, second
	  is the object).
	* Gnome/xs/GnomeCanvasItem.xs: fixed support for GdkImlibImages
	  and added support for getting images and points.
	* Gtk/xs/GtkCtree.xs: added some functions.

Sun Dec  5 03:41:17 CET 1999  Marc Lehmann <>

        * Gtk/ move _get_arg_info into the AUTOLOAD eval, to get
        useful error reports.

Wed Dec  1 20:42:00 CET 1999  Marc Lehmann <>

        * MANIFEST: added some necessary but missing files (Gtk/*) and
        * Gtk/GtkTypes.c: Do not coredump when an sv is not a reference.
        (should output an error message, though, rather than keeping quiet).

Mon, 29 Nov 1999 13:42:33 +0100 Paolo Molaro <>

	* GtkHTML/*: added GtkHTML binding.
	* Gtk/gtk-1.2.defs: export some enums and flags.
	* really fix GLArea.

Sun, 14 Nov 1999 19:12:33 +0100 Paolo Molaro <>
	* GtkGLArea/, GtkGLArea/ fix GtkGLArea
	* */Makefile.PL: create the documentation for the submodules and
	  implement the clean targets.
	* tools/, take an arg to set tag for documentation.
	* Glade/Makefile.PL: enable gnome support if libglade --libs gnome succedes.
	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: added a couple of missing gtk_rc_* funcs.

Fri, 12 Nov 1999 13:48:18 +0100 Paolo Molaro <>
	* Gtk/gtk-1.2.pkg: workaround bug in gtk to make GtkInvisible
	* Gtk/xs/GtkList.xs: added missing bindings.
	* Gtk/xs/Gtk-1.2.xs: added missing bindings for FontSelection
	  set_filter stuff.
	* Gtk/gtk-1.2.defs: added GtkFontType GtkFontFilterType.
	* Gnome/xs/Gnome.xs: added fixups for GnomeDruidPage and 
	  GnomeIconList signals...
	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: fixed Gtk->quit_add().
	* GtkXmHTML/xs/GtkXmHTML.xs: add set_image_procs function.
	* Gnome/samples/ test the image_proc fot the GtkXmHTML
	  widget and make it work with relative urls...
	* Gtk/xs/GtkCList-1.2.xs: added set_compare_func wrapper.
	* Gtk/xs/GtkCTree-1.1.1.xs: lotsa functions binded.

Mon Nov  8 20:23:38 CET 1999 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/gtk-0.99.typemap: added gstring type for returned
	  strings that need to be g_free()ed.
	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: faster signal marshaling (this also helped
	  spotting a couple of bugs in the previuos implementation).
	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs, Gtk/xs/Gtk-1.2.xs: binding and fixups for
	  dnd related functions and signals.
	* Gtk/samples/ test dnd stuff.
	* Gtk/gtk-0.99.defs: enable GdkFillRule enum definition.
	* Gtk/gtk-1.2.defs: added GtkCornerType enum.
	* Gtk/xs/*.xs: over 100 more functions bound: too many to
	  list here.

Sat Nov  6 15:11:01 CET 1999  Paolo Molaro <>

	* now runs samples with uninstalled sub-modules.
	* Makefile.PL: disable auto-detection of submodules:
	  compile them separately!
	* Bonobo/*: first bonobo support: you need a modified
	  CORBA::ORBit to compile it though (and anyway it doesn't work, 
	* */samples/*.pl: some changes to make make test work.

Sat Nov  6 12:16:56 CET 1999  Paolo Molaro <>

	* GtkGLArea/ added missing file.
	* Gnome/Makefile.PL, Gnome/xs/ZvtTerm.xs: integrate
	  Zvt in Gnome
	* *.cvsignore: shut up cvs.
	* GdkImlib/GdkImlibTypes.h: guard against multiple inclusions.
	* Gnome/xs/GnomeDruidPageStandard.xs: add vbox accessor
	  (mentioned by Dermot Musgrove).

Fri, 29 Oct 1999 12:27:38 +0200 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Lotsa changes to support separate compilation and
	  loading of sub-modules: the test framework needs to be
	  changed a bit to add -Mblib etc.
	  Seems to work, please test it compiling first the base Gtk
	  with perl Makefile.PL --without-gnome --without-gdkimlib
	  and then the required submodules.
	  The Gnome module requires also the GdkImlib module.
	  Zvt, AppletWidget, GtkGLArea not yet ported to the new
	  building mode.
	  Still cleanups to be done here and there (and build a correct
	  clean target in makefiles).

Tue, 26 Oct 1999 15:12:02 +0200 Paolo Molaro <>

	* GtkXmHTML/xs/GtkXmHTML.xs, GtkXmHTML/GXHTypes.c: make
	  activate and anchor_track signals work.
	* Gnome/xs/Gnome.xs: allow params for gnome programs.

Mon Oct 25 01:42:01 CEST 1999 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/GdkTypes.c: fix to switch by Sven Verdoolaege 
	* Gtk/xs/GtkObject.xs, Gtk/samples/ new (and correct)
	  way to add signals to perl-created classes.
	* Gnome/xs/GnomeDruid*.xs: added GnomeDruid support.
	* Glade/, Glade/xs/GladeXML.xs: fix typo reported
	  by Brian Warner <>. Other fixes and cleanups.
	* GdkImlib/xs/GdkImlib.xs: fixed gdk_imlib_get_cache_info.
	  Added set/get border funcs and best_color_match.
	* Gtk/xs/GtkCtree.xs: applied patch from Jeremy Boulton 
	  <> to add get_text() and others.
	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: added a few fixups fot GtkCtree signals.

Thu, 30 Sep 1999 17:01:35 +0200 Paolo Molaro <>

	* tools/ look for headers only in Gtk/ for now.
	* Gtk/gtk-1.2.defs: add GtkArgFlags flags.
	* Gtk/xs/GtkObject.xs: export more arg info.
	* Gtk/ get/set only if arg is readable/writable.
	* Gtk/xs/GtkCList.xs: fix find_row_from_data.
	* Gnome/xs/GnomeIconList.xs: allow undefined adjustments.
	* Gnome/xs/GnomeStock.xs: added gnome_stock_pixmap_widget().
	* Gtk/xs/GtkColorSelectionDialog.xs: fix accessors for buttons
	  (by Dermot Musgrove).
	* Gtk/xs/GtkCList.xs: added get/set cell/row style functions.

Tue, 21 Sep 1999 12:59:06 +0200 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gnome/pkg.defs: remove GtkPlug/Socket/Layout.
	* Gtk/gtk-1.2.defs: add GtkPlug/Socket/Layout.
	* Gtk/xs/GtkPixmap.xs: add gtk_pixmap_set_build_insensitive().

Mon, 20 Sep 1999 13:59:30 +0200 Paolo Molaro <>

	* GdkImlib/xs/GdkImlib.xs: properly DESTROY GdkImlibImages.
	* Gtk/ corrected automagic creation of settors/accessors
	  for args.
	* Gtk/xs/GtkObject.xs: added _get_arg_info: return information
	  on an GtkArg.
	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: added gdk_window_set_transient_for(),
	  gdk_window_set_role(), gdk_window_set_geometry_hints().
	* Gtk/xs/GtkWindow.xs: added gtk_window_set_transient_for().
	* Gnome/xs/GnomeIconList.xs: implemented.
	* Gtk/xs/Gtk-1.2.xs: added to hold 1.2 specific changes
	  (gdk_window_set_geometry_hints() and gtk_window_set_geometry_hints()).
	* Gnome/xs/GnomePropertyBox.xs: added notebook accessor and
	* Gtk/xs/GtkLayout.xs: permit undefined adjustments.
	* Gtk/xs/GtkInvisible.xs: added.
	* GdkImlib/GdkImlibTypes.h: export gdkimlib type functions.
	* GdkImlib/ add the GdkImlibTypes.h header.
	* Gtk/gtk-0.99.typemap: applied patch from Owen Taylor to fix mem leak.
	* Gnome/xs/GnomeIconSelection.xs: added.

Sat, 11 Sep 1999 19:20:11 +0200 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gnome/xs/GnomeApp.xs: added wrappers for:
	  gnome_app_set_statusbar_custom(), gnome_app_add_toolbar(),
	  gnome_app_add_docked(), gnome_app_add_dock_item(),
	  gnome_app_get_dock(), gnome_app_get_dock_item_by_name(),
	* Gtk/xs/GtkCalendar.xs: added.
	* Gnome/xs/GnomeAppBar.xs: corrected #define.
	* Gnome/xs/GnomeDockItem.xs: corrected bugs and enabled.
	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: added gdk_pixmap_colormap_create_from_xpm{_d}.
	* Gnome/xs/GnomeStock.xs: added.
	* Gnome/pkg.defs: removed GtkCalendar* enums (now in Gtk).
	  GnomeDockItemBehavior are flags now.
	  Corrected casts for some widgets.
	* Gnome/xs/GnomeSpell.xs: added.
	* Gnome/samples/ test spell-checker.
	* Gnome/xs/GnomeMDI*.xs: added support for GnomeMDI.
	* Gnome/xs/Gnome.xs: added gnome_preferences_* functions.
	* Gtk/ added signal_connect_object{_after}.
	* Glade/ enable connect_object stuff.
	* Gnome/xs/GnomeCanvasItem.xs: added affine trasformation and
	  other misc functions for the aa canvas.
	* Makefile.PL, Gnome/ corrected version define generation.

Sun Sep  5 03:59:34 1999 Timur Bakeyev <>

	* Makefile.PL: Add PERL_POLLUTE to the list of defines in case of
	Perl 5.005 and above. Problem that sv_undef now is PL_sv_undef to
	protect name space from pollution. There is no clean solution in
	this situation - should be cleaned when 5.004 becomes obsolete.
	* tools/ Fix several warnings about undefined variables.

Sun Aug 29 22:43:34 EEST 1999 Tuomas J. Lukka <>

	* Gnome/xs/GnomeCanvas.xs: added set_close_enough

Wed, 18 Aug 1999 22:52:43 PDT Kenneth Albanowski <>

	* Point release Gtk-Perl-0.6123.tar.gz

Tue, 17 Aug 1999 09:58:46 +0200 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gnome/xs/GnomeEntry.xs: added gnome_entry_set_max_saved().
	* Gnome/xs/GnomeFileEntry.xs: added gnome_file_entry_set_modal(),
	  gnome_file_entry_set_directory(), gnome_file_entry_set_default_path(),
	* Gnome/xs/GnomePixmapEntry.xs: duh, I though I had implemented this
	  already. done now.
	* Gtk/gtk-1.2.defs: update GdkFunction enumeration.
Mon, 16 Aug 1999 17:22:36 +0200 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Glade/xs/GladeXML.xs, Glade/ updates for new version of
	  libglade (tested with 0.2).
	* Gtk/xs/GtkMenuBar.xs: added gtk_menu_bar_set_shadow_type.

Sun, 15 Aug 1999 02:15:22 PDT Kenneth Albanowski <>

	* Makefile.PL: Move to build/ directory, and clean up
	  it and the pods.
	* Gnome/xs/GnomeDialog.xs: Clean up a few warnings
	* Gnome/samples/ get html sample to run.

Fri, 30 Jul 1999 19:14:58 +0200 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gnome/xs/GnomeNumberEntry.xs: fixed wrong cast and wrong
	  preprocessor directive (reported by Dermot Musgrove).
	* Gnome/xs/Gnome.xs: got rid of annoying printf.
	* Gnome/xs/*.xs: added GnomeFontPicker, GnomeHRef,
	  GnomeIconEntry, GnomePixmapEntry, GnomePaperSelector,
	  GnomeDock, GnomeDockItem, GnomeDockBand, GnomeDockLayout,
	  GtkPixmapMenuItem, GnomeAnimator implemeentations.
	* Gnome/ #define GNOME_HVER.
	* Gnome/pkg.defs: added some enumerations.

Fri, 23 Jul 1999 13:07:07 +0200 Paolo Molaro <>

	* tools/ fixes and additions.
	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: more documentation. Fixes to the print,
	  error and warning functions (for text with %s in them).

Thu, 22 Jul 1999 15:55:55 +0200 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Makefile.PL, tools/, tools/
	  more reference documentation work.

Thu, 22 Jul 1999 13:48:39 +0200 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: fix some Gtk::Gdk::Region and Gtk::Gdk::Cursor
	  function prefixes (source code incompatible, but rarely used 
	  Removed code dependente on typemap additions (see Gtk-1.1.xs).
	* Gtk/xs/Gtk-1.1.xs: new file to hold gtk+ 1.1 features
	  involving typemap changes (should fix compilation problems with
	  Gtk+ 1.0)..
	* Gtk/xs/GtkViewport.xs: allow undef for the adjustments in the
	* Gtk/xs/ScrolledWindow.xs: add accessors for the adjustments.

Wed, 21 Jul 1999 21:21:57 +0200 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/xs/.cvsignore: update.
	* Gtk/gtk-1.2.typemap: missing from an earlier commit.
	* Gtk/xs/GtkTearoffMenuItem.xs: added support for the widget.
Wed, 21 Jul 1999 21:21:57 +0200 Paolo Molaro <>

	* tools/ script to generate the reference manual.
	  I'm not satisfied with the pod -> text/html output so
	  maybe it's better to switch to something sgml-based,
	  but this is a start...
	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: beginning of documentation.

Sun,  4 Jul 1999 14:37:01 +0200 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/xs/GtkItemFactory.xs: completed support.
	* Gtk/samples/ test Gtk::ItemFactory.
	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: fix leak in idle_add, added aliases
	  for Gtk::init_check and Gtk::Gdk::init_check.
	  Added gdk_error_trap_push() and gdk_error_trap_pop().
	* Gtk/xs/GtkObject.xs: added signal_handler_pending_by_id().
	* Gtk/xs/GtkHandleBox.xs: added gtk_handle_box_set_snap_edge(),
	  gtk_handle_box_set_handle_position() and
	* Gtk/xs/GtkMenu.xs: added gtk_menu_set_tearoff_state() and
	* test init_check.

1999-07-12 12:15:10 EDT Peter Teichman  <>

	* Gnome/xs/AppletWidget.xs: made --with-gnome-panel work with
	current panels

Sat, 3 Jul 1999 11:18:31 +0200 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Makefile.PL: create Gtk::Keysyms for the mapping between
	  keysyms and keyvalues
	* Gtk/GtkLabel.xs: correct typo in gtk version check.
	  Added gtk_label_parse_uline().
	* GdkImlib/xs/GdkImlib.xs: added some missing functions:
	  gdk_imlib_crop_image and gdk_imlib_crop_and_clone_image
	  from etienne grossmann <>,
	  gdk_imlib_load_alpha, gdk_imlib_create_image_from_drawable,
	  gdk_imlib_inlined_png_to_image, gdk_imlib_set_cache_info,
	  gdk_imlib_save_image by me (not tested though).
	* Gtk/gtk-1.1.6.defs: add GTK_POLICY_NEVER to GtkPolicyType
	  and GtkToolbarSpaceStyle.
	* Gtk/samples/ test Gtk::Keysyms.
	* Gtk/samples/ test new toolbar features.
	* Gtk/xs/GtkToolbar.xs: add gtk_toolbar_set_button_relief
	  and gtk_toolbar_get_button_relief.
	* Gtk/xs/GtkToolbar-1.1.6.xs: gtk_toolbar_set_space_style.

Thu Jun 17 02:16:22 EEST 1999 Tuomas J. Lukka <>
	* GtkText: allow null for foreground color in insert

Fri Jun 11 18:28:21 CEST 1999 Marc Lehmann <>
	* GtkXmHTML/GXHTypes.c: portability fix for 5.005.

Tue May 25 21:53:49 CEST 1999
	* Gnome/xs/Gnome.xs: add missing dTHR.

Fri Apr 30 15:00:00 GMT 1999   Tuomas J. Lukka <>
	* GtkLabel: add some methods

Sun Apr 25 23:00:00 GMT 1999   Tuomas J. Lukka <>
	* CTree::move : allow nulls just as in insert_node

Thu Apr 22 18:00:00 GMT 1999   Tuomas J. Lukka <>
	* CTree::insert_node, allow NULLs for the closed pix/bitmaps
  	  as well.
	* add GnomeCanvasWidget
Tue Apr 27 02:55:08 CEST 1999 Marc Lehmann <>

	* add some missing clist functions that I needed.

Tue, 20 Apr 1999 13:54:29 +0200 Paolo Molaro <>

	* Gtk/xs/Gtk.xs: added gtk_events_pending.

Mon Apr 19 18:41:06 EDT 1999   Kenneth Albanowski <>
	* Point release Gtk-Perl-0.5121.tar.gz

Mon Apr 19 17:16:36 EDT 1999   Kenneth Albanowski <>
	* Added Ben Kohn's patches for threading support.
	* Turned Gnome::CanvasItem::Set() back on.

Sun Apr  4 14:28:46 EST 1999   Tuomas J. Lukka <>
	* Change canvas demo to use canvas_item_move instead of
	  set(x,y). This seems to work, interestingly. It shouldn't
	  make a difference.

Sat Apr  3 20:53:16 EST 1999  Kenneth Albanowski <>
	* Replaced Tuomas's Rgb code with my own.

Sat Apr  3 13:47:35 EST 1999  Kenneth Albanowski <>
	* Made 1.2 defs work (not crosschecked against 1.3 defs).
	* PERLIO #redefs to work around messy collision between
	  Perl defines, the Gtk headers, and gcc's "attribute"
	  mechanism. (This is not a good long-term solution.
	  Better solution might be to move gtk includes before
	  Perl includes.)
	* Changed type helper code to allow for Free function.
	* Gnome/xs/GnomeCanvasItem.xs hack for "points" argument
	  type changed to use type helpers.
	* Got Gtk/samples/ slightly more running.
	  (Still needs to translate new type names into old names for
	  older Gtk versions.)
	* ppport.h upgraded to version 1.0007.

Thu Apr  1 09:17:38 EST 1999  Tuomas J. Lukka <>
	* GdkRGB
	* Fix 1.2 defs not being taken (someone should check
 	  if this works on 1.2 still - the defs contained some
	  veeery strange bits which I fixed in 1.3.defs
	* add .cvsignore entry for the 1.2 CList

Thu Mar 25 13:34:15 EST 1999  Tuomas J. Lukka <>
	* Again

Thu Mar 25 13:34:15 EST 1999  Tuomas J. Lukka <>
	* update

Thu Mar 25 10:27:37 EST 1999 Tuomas J. Lukka <>
	* Add Gnome/samples/ and make GnomeCanvasItem.xs
 	  work again

Sun Mar 21 22:18:39 EST 1999
	* Patches to ppport.h to work with Perl 5.004_05.
	* Gtk::_exit added, to make fork() easier to use.
	* Gtk::signal_unblock fixed.

Wed Mar 10 19:12:10 EST 1999
	* Quick-and-dirty 0.5120 release (only on CPAN).
	* Coverted Pollution.h over to ppport.h (from Devel::PPPort).
	  Gtk/Pollution.h is now obsolete. (Report bugs in ppport.h
	* ColorSelectButton fixed to use an init method.
Tue, 9 Mar 1999 12:55:49 +0100 Paolo Molaro <>
	* Saner library dependency handling: modules should use the
	proper module-config --libs stuff. Makefile.PL does the
	required reordering to keep order right and link lines
	* Added $gdkwindow->XWINDOW() to get X window ID.
	* Added Gtk/samples/ a slide-show maker
	(with an example embedded in).

Sun Mar  7 22:53:55 EST 1999 Mandrake <>
	* 1.3 gtk accepted from cvs now.
	* zvt should work again.
	* Makefile.PL will detect gnome 1.0 now, also

Sun Feb 28 09:00:00 CST 1999 Seth Burgess <>
	* edited Gtk/ to accept gtk+ 1.2.x 

Sun Feb 21 13:28:09 EST 1999 Mandrake <>
	* fixed Gnome/ to no longer require applet-lib.h
	* fixed GdkImlib/ to use dynamic gdk_imlib libraries.
	  (SHOULD use imlib-config --libs-gdk, but I didn't do that yet)

Tue, 9 Feb 1999 15:45:58 +0100 Paolo Molaro <>

	* GtkEditable.xs: added missing functions (get_position,
	set_position, set_editable).

Fri Feb  5 17:07:06 EST 1999 Kenneth Albanowski <>

	* Added new names of all common deprecated functions described in
	  gtkcompat.h (as of Gtk+-1.1.14). I might have some of the version
	  timing off by one (which would break that code for onr particular
	* Repaired test to use set_active, with a boolean.
	  (Yes, boolean takes 1/0.)
	* Not implemented: It might be nice to let Gtk::CList::set_reorderable
	  work even on older vesions, by invoking gtk_ctree_set_reorderable, if
	  any old if the argument really is a ctree.

Fri Feb  5 16:56:50 EST 1999 Kenneth Albanowski <>

	* Fixed Button parent, and added missing child accessor.

Fri Feb  5 16:53:54 EST 1999 Kenneth Albanowski <>

	* GtkGLArea/, GtkGLArea/, GtkGLArea/samples/,
	  GtkGLArea/xs/GtkGLArea.xs: Half-finished attempt at Glut
	  implementation in Perl. Half-functional, half-tested, etc.

Wed Feb  3 10:34:42 EST 1999 Tuomas J. Lukka <>

	* Fix the previous patch (oops)

Wed Feb  3 01:33:38 EST 1999 Tuomas J. Lukka <>

	* add patch to GtkWindow.xs from Marin Purgar - PMC <>

Tue Feb  2 11:49:07 EST 1999 Tuomas J. Lukka <>

	* fixing Gtk/samples/ CTree to work

Tue Feb  2 09:31:33 EST 1999 Tuomas J. Lukka <>

	* Oops - fixed the previous change - I had wrong Gtk version installed

Mon Feb  1 23:05:14 EST 1999 Tuomas J. Lukka <>

	* CheckMenuItem change for newest gtk+

Mon Jan 25 11:42:21 EST 1999 Mandrake <>

	Made --with-gnome-panel work again (even under make test)

Sun Jan 24 18:30:25 EST 1999 Mandrake <>

	Made gtkxmhtml module work again (even under make test)

Sun Jan 24 17:00:35 EST 1999 Mandrake <>

	* Makefile.PL: gnome-config doesn't output the -I for --include-dir
	so we'll put it there.

Sun Jan 24 16:16:07 EST 1999 Mandrake <>

	* Gnome/samples/ : updated to new format.

Sun Jan 24 16:08:32 EST 1999 Mandrake <>

	* s/gtk_check_menu_item_set_state/gtk_check_menu_item_set_active/
	in GtkCheckMenuItem.xs
	* Gnome/xs/ZvtTerm.xs - made this actually work :)

	also various fixes to make make test work again.

Thu Jan 21 20:58:09 PST 1999 Manish Singh <>

	* GtkCList-1.2.xs: added gtk_clist_set_shadow_type

	* GtkCList.xs: deprecated gtk_clist_set_border

	* GtkContainer.xs: deprecated gtk_continer_{need,block,unblock}_resize

	* GtkPreview.xs: deprecated gtk_preview_put_row

Wed Jan 20 12:33:27 EST 1999 Mandrake <>
	* gnome_dialog_run_and_destroy, gnome_dialog_set_modal,
	gnome_dialog_run_modal, gnome_dialog_run_and_hide,
	gnome_canvas_set_size seem depricated (causes make test
	to fail) - removed from Gnome/xs/GnomeDialog.xs and 
	Gnome/xs/GnomeCanvas.xs (#if 0'd out, not deleted)
	make test should work now (in all forms)

Wed Jan 20 11:49:59 EST 1999 Mandrake <>
	* fixed the NEW_GNOME declarations in Makefile.PL

01-16-99 Tuomas J. Lukka <> 
	* Add Gnome::Canvas::new_aa

01-15-99 Kenneth J. Albanowski <>
	* This marks the 0.5000 point release of the Perl/Gtk module.
	* Fixed gdkimlib example to point to a real image.
	* Makefile.PL punctuation.

01-13-99 Tuomas J. Lukka <> 
	* Makefile.PL fix - get gnome libs correctly

01-13-99 Kenneth Albanowski <>
	* Merged my changes for lazy loading, and Perl 5.003/5.005 support.
	* Miscellaneous repairs for error trapping, etc.
	* GtkGLArea usable (with separate OpenGL module).
	* Fixed Tuomas' ChangeLog entries to be in the right year. :-)
01-12-99 Tuomas J. Lukka <> 
	* Small change to let Makefile.PL check for gdkimlib and
	gnome automatically and take them automatically if they exist.
	For the sake of tired sysadmins who have gnome and from whom
	someone requests gnome-perl ;)

Tue Jan 12 14:06:51 EST 1999 Mandrake <>
	* removed a bunch of auto-generated files from cvs, and added 
	.cvsignores appropriately (sorry about Gnome/ - don't know
	how that got committed like that)

01-12-99 Tuomas J. Lukka <> 
	* Got back some of earlier changes for new gnome compatibility

01-11-99 Tuomas J. Lukka <>

	* fixed Gnome/ syntax

Mon Jan 11 15:34:55 EST 1999 Mandrake <>

	Applied patch from Franklin Belew <>
	* Makefile.PL, Gnome/ now uses gnome-config and sets NEW_GNOME
	environment variable if appropriate (should cause systems that 
	previously would not build the Gnome module to build again)

12-29-98 Kenneth Albanowski <>

	Major rearrangement, to stick Gtk & Gnome back together into a single
	build environment. Many more Gtk+ versions should be properly supported
	now, roughly from 0.99.10 to 1.1.9. Gnome, XmHTML, GdkImlib, and Zvt
	have been tested. Gnome-panel and Gtk-tty have not. Some Gnome
	functionality has been reverted to match the 0.30 release -- define
	NEW_GNOME to get the new stuff back.
	ColorSelectButton (and other Perl widgets) is broken at the moment, due
	to an init problem I've not solved yet. Look at NOTES for more
	information on this and other things.
	0.5000 point release expected soon.

12-26-98 Tuomas J. Lukka  <>

	* Made gnome work -- removed deprecated ColorSelector

12-26-98 Tuomas J. Lukka  <>

	* Gnome should now work from other directories than default.

12-23-98 Tuomas J. Lukka  <>

	* Integrated more of 0.4, specifically genext stuff

Tue Dec 22 13:16:26 EST 1998 Mandrake <>

	* took out references to argp (they weren't necessary anyways)
	- also I see in the ChangeLog that Tuomas J. Lukka  <>
	is the one who made it use the gnome and imlib stuff by default.
	I'm going to write some tester functions to check to see if you
	have this stuff before it compiles it.  I want it buildable on
	a gtk-only system, too, without any mods.

Mon Dec 21 20:23:20 EST 1998 Mandrake <>

	* we compile again.  there are still some problems where it's
	force-requiring gnome when I didn't tell it to specifically use
	gnome (it should also compile with JUST Gtk+) but I'll work on
	that later.  I needed gnome-perl to work again :)

1998-12-14  Federico Mena Quintero  <>

	* GnomeCanvas.xs: Removed gnome_canvas_set_size().

12-4-98  Tuomas J. Lukka  <>

	* Various patches from Marin Purgar <>

Wed Dec  2 21:54:03 PST 1998 Manish Singh <>

	* sync with GTK+ 1.1.6.

Tue Nov 24 20:50:33 PST 1998 Manish Singh <>

	* config/pkg-gtk-1.1.defs: GTK+ 1.1.5 redefs

Mon Nov 23 05:47:53 PST 1998 Manish Singh <>

	* sync for GTK+ 1.1.5. I #if 0'd some stuff out, added
	add_with_viewport to GtkScrolledWindow, set_snap_to_ticks for
	GtkSpinButton, and made use em.

11-21-98  Tuomas J. Lukka  <>
	* CTree small functions continued
	* Table small functions
	* GtkContainer::check_resize

11-21-98  Tuomas J. Lukka  <>
	* Small patch from Marin Purgar <>

11-21-98  Tuomas J. Lukka  <>
	* CList column function additions

11-20-98  Tuomas J. Lukka  <>
	* Import more stuff (CTree)  from newer versions
	* get new defs file including CTree &c.

11-18-98  Tuomas J. Lukka  <>
	* Add GtkLayout.c to .cvsignore
	* Add Gnome::Pixmap::file

11-17-98  Tuomas J. Lukka  <>
	* Add method vbox to GnomeDialog.xs
	* Fix stock button error message

11-17-98  Tuomas J. Lukka  <>
	* Add test scripts from Gnome-0.3000
	* Add support for stock buttons and menuitems
	* Add gnome-test/ to test the stock buttons and dialogs.

11-17-98  Tuomas J. Lukka <>
	* Gtk::Gnome:: -> Gnome:: everywhere (as perl Kenneth Albanowski's version 0.4)

		  perl -p -i.bak 's/Gtk::Gnome/Gnome/g' *

	  will work wonders, unless you have binary files.

	  I'm going to continue getting the CVS version up to 0.3000 and 0.4 level in 
	  Kenneth Albanowski's distributions.

	* Make --with-gnome and --with-gdkimlib the default when compiling

11-17-98  Tuomas J. Lukka <>
	* retrofit a GnomeAbout.xs fix from Gnome-0.3000
	* retrofit BEGIN{} in

11-17-98  Tuomas J. Lukka <>
	* take gnome-config, not gtk-config

Tue Nov 10 11:10:53 EST 1998 Mandrake <>
	* new --all option
	* everything should compile again. (we hope)
	* applied patch from Göran Thyni <>

Mon Oct 12 21:48:50 CDT 1998 Frank Belew <>

	* removed all references to gtktty
	* fixed to use gnome-config
	* fixed
	* removed stuff from Makefile.PL and fixed typo

Mon Oct 12 19:48:17 PDT 1998 Manish Singh <>

	* Makefile.PL: recognize GTK_CONFIG in %ENV

Sat Sep 19 20:28:50 EDT 1998 Mandrake <>

	attempting to update gnome-perl in cvs to something a little more
	recent.  Incidentally - it was not raster that did the gnome-perl
	work :)  Amazing how raster gets credit for everything *grin*

0.3			Sun Aug 16, 1998	Kenneth Albanowski

	Uses gtk+-1.0.5 or gtk+-1.1.1 (with glib-1.1.2).
	Duplication of Rasterman's gnome-perl work for Gtk-1.1.1 support.  This
	was not done by directly merging his code, so I may have left some
	things out, and I've not tested the result with every possible package.
	Integrated some of PMC's patches.
	Configuration mechanism cleaned up quite a bit, so that separate
	packages are quite modular, to the point that gtk-1.0 and gtk-1.1 are
	treated as separate packages on top of the base "gtk" package.
	Version number sequence changed, yet again. Sigh.
0.2_04		Sat Aug  1, 1998	Kenneth Albanowski

	Uses gtk+-1.0.5.
	Added Marin Purgar's <> patches and improvements.
	Added support for scrolling (buggy, though), mainloop, etc.
	Added Brian Warner's patch for notebook test.
0.2_03		Sun Jun  7, 1998	Kenneth Albanowski

	Uses gtk+-1.0.4.
	Started to add support for sensible struct types, as opposed to boxed
	types. (Basic idea is pass-by-value as opposed to pass-by-refernce.)
	Version numbering changed to trip up less code. (Hopefully.)
	Added some colormap & color support.
	Added program to demonstrate very crude use of PDL with
	previews.  (Thanks to Marc Lehmann for the idea.)
	Modified GtkColorSelectButton widget to prepend all internal variables
	with underscore.

0.2.2		Wed May 27, 1998	Kenneth Albanowski

	Uses gtk+-1.0.3 (may also work with 1.0.1 & 1.0.2)

	Added Gtk::Object->new_from_pointer and $GtkObject->_return_pointer
	methods that allow raw GtkObject* values (expressed as integers),
	including GtkWidget* and other descendant types, to be converted
	into the equivalent Perl types, and vice versa.
	$Gtk::VERSION now provided.
	Partial color_context support added to Gtk, and sample6 (test of Gtktty)
	now allocates colors properly.
	Added preliminary GtkPacker support. (Disabled, edit end of
	to renenable.'s options are buggy, in a suspicious
	Added basic support for a few of the newer Gnome widgets.

0.2.1		Thu May  7, 1998	Kenneth Albanowski

	Included a variation of a module contributed by Dov Grobgeld
	<dov@Orbotech.Co.IL>,, which demonstrates a
	functional Gtk widget created in Perl.
	Some fixes to widget creation were needed to get that running.
	Fixed some memory leaks, affecting, among other things, input handlers.
	Added AUTOLOAD facility to Gtk::Object, allowing Gtk variables to be
	reffered to via gettor/settor methods. Thus:
		$object = new Gtk::Widget "Button", -width => 30;
		print $object->get('width'); # 30
		print $object->width; # 30, same as above
		$object->set('width' => 40);
		$object->width(40); # same as above

	One incompatible change: constants for enums and flags now use
	underscores instead of hyphens. (This looks a bit more ugly, but is more
	flexible, as an underscore is a legal character in a Perl symbol.)

0.2.0		Thu May  7, 1998	Kenneth Albanowski

	Uses gtk-1.0.1

0.1.16		Fri Apr 10, 1998	Kenneth Albanowski

	Uses gtk-0.99.10:
		Memory management overhauled, should be much better. Gtk_objects
		shouldn't leak in any common cases. (They'll be cleaned up soon
		after all Perl and Gtk references vanish. Note that as soon as Perl
		sees any gtk_object, it'll forge a connection that lasts until the
		object is completely unreferenced. It is therefore safe to refer to
		the Perl side from Gtk/C code, or store data in the Perl side.
		This requires some GC magic, which is reliable & safe, but is
		slightly time-consuming. Be aware that idle & timer tasks are being
		used by perl to implement this garbage collection.)
		Support added for most Gnome widgets, including GtkTty widget set
		(including GtkLed), and the Gnome UI widget set. Please read
		Makefile.PL for the list of available flags. (You may need to patch
		up libraries or headers to build properly.)
		The Gnome support currently places the gnome-* widgets into the
		Gnome::* namespace, and only includes widget support -- no
		other Gnome functions are bound.

		More of Paolo Molaro's <> patches applied.

0.1.16		Fri Apr  3, 1998	Kenneth Albanowski

	Uses gtk-0.99.8:

		Primarily fixes substantial bug with boot_ invocation.

0.1.14		Sun Feb 22, 1998	Kenneth Albanowski

	Uses gtk-0.99.3:
		Adaptions to gtk-0.99.3, nothing major.

0.1.13		Tue Jan 13, 1998	Kenneth Albanowski

	Uses gtk-0.99.2:
		Reorganized code to break each modules into separate .xs files. 
		Should not break when a widget isn't present, if the .h file is
		removed along with the library.

0.1.12		Sun Dec 14, 1997	Kenneth Albanowski

	Uses gtk-971109:
		Adds missing file.
		Adds widget creation (the ability to create new Gtk widgets from
		Perl). This is still mostly busted, look in for a possibly
		comprehensible example. (Signals are completely busted.)

0.1.11		Wed Nov 19, 1997	Kenneth Albanowski

	Uses gtk-971025:
		Adds gtk_selection handling (Owen Taylor, thanks!) to and
		Adds Gtk::Atom module to allow tied-hash access to atoms via