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Version 23, August 2019
    - new email

Version 22, June 2011
    - tests Lasso allow for pointer already grabbed

Version 21, May 2011
    - Lasso use GdkBits draw_rectangle_corners()

Version 20, December 2010
    - CrossHair new "add-widget" property

Version 19, December 2010
    - Lasso fix copy cursor object in case caller frees

Version 18, December 2010
    - CrossHair fix copy out 'widgets' arrayref as it belongs to the caller

Version 17, December 2010
    - tests more diagnostics

Version 16, November 2010
    - CrossHair properties foreground-name, foreground-gdk
    - Lasso properties foreground-name,foreground-gdk,cursor-name,cursor-object

Version 15, November 2010
    - fix for default foreground colour

Version 14, August 2010
    - Lasso no swap corners before Gtk 2.8
    - tests CrossHair allow for no warp_pointer() before Gtk 2.8

Version 13, August 2010
    - tests allow for perl 5.8.x not working on widgets

Version 12, August 2010
    - use WidgetEvents for make cleanups

Version 11, August 2010
    - CrossHair fix for adding a widget while active
    - CrossHair new line-width property, and hide the cursor as
      originally intended
    - Lasso docs fix, foreground Gtk2::Gdk::Color object gives R/G/B
      not pixel

Version 10, May 2010
    - CrossHair when setting 'widgets' notify the 'widget' property too

Version 9, May 2010
    - CrossHair undraw when removing a widget while active
    - CrossHair refaddr() for widget indexing, just in case numize overload

Version 8, December 2009
    - depend on Gtk2::Ex::SyncCall 12 for gtk XID workaround

Version 7,  September 2009
    - CrossHair allow widgets in different toplevels of same screen

Version 6,  April 2009
    - fix for cursor setting on lasso
    - fix for gc freeing in crosshair

Version 5,  December 2008
    - oops, don't use the EVENT_PROPAGATE constants yet

Version 4,  December 2008
    - use SyncCall for smoothness
    - fix an obscure expose propagation during lasso

Version 3,  September 2008
    - Goo::Canvas background is style "base", not "bg",
      reported by zentara
    - notice style background colour changes

Version 2,  September 2008
    - cope with resize of widgets while xoring active
    - draw into subwindows for Gnome2::Canvas and Goo::Canvas,
      reported by zentara

Version 1,  June 2008
    - the first version