Revision history for Gtk2-Hexgrid

0.01    December 7 2007
       -First version, released on an unsuspecting world.

0.02    December 11 2007
       -default color, tile items (just text for now)

0.03    December 11 2007
       -background images, tile-relativeness

0.04    December 15 2007
       -more complete pod, more complete tests

0.05    December 17 2007
       -fixed some pod
       -functions to get particular groups of tiles
         *corners of the hexgrid
         *all tiles within some distance from a certain tile

0.06    probably april 08-ish
       -fixed some earlier decisions
       -made some tests nicer
       -local image caches per hexgrid (safety)
       -renamed Items to Sprites