Revision history for Perl extension HDB.

1.05 2004-12-20
     - Added Object Proxy mechanism to HDB::OBject.
     - Added cache of objects, so only one instance for each object
       in the DB will be created in the memory.
     - Fixed CACHE of HDB::Parser, that was growing to much and wasn't being cleaned.

1.04 2004-11-4
     - Fixed and teste oracle support.

1.03 2004-11-4
     - Just some minor bugs.

1.02 2004-10-30
     - Added filter/unfilter of null bytes when inserting data.
     - Added support for object references at HDB::Object.
     - Added support for automatic serialization (Storable) of non HDB::Object attributes.
     - Added support to serialize or ref of HDB::Object for list attributes (collection).

1.01 2004-09-14
     - Added support for use of DBD::mysqlPP.
     - Added class HDB::Object - Base class for persisten Class::HPLOO objects.

1.0  2004-01-10 16:45:42
      - original version;