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Rivision history for Perl extension HTML::ExtractContent.

0.12 2015-11-30T08:25:03Z
     - Fix encoding issue.
0.11 2015-03-10T10:28:30Z
     - Performance improvement and modernize the code.
0.10 2010-01-20T02:25:31Z
     - Fixed regular expression for stripping tags.
0.09 2009-11-12T12:14:02Z
     - Fixed MANIFEST.
0.08 2009-08-26T08:00:00Z
     - Fixed regular expressions and elimination of nested list.
0.07 2009-08-26T06:32:53Z
     - Improved tag elimination.
0.06 2009-03-21T18:28:09Z
     - Fixed bug: link list detection was wrong.
0.05 2008-10-24T09:34:46Z
     - Improved scoring algorithm.
     - Fixed typo in the documentation.
0.04 2008-10-13T08:53:29Z
     - Fixed bug: some continued blocks were not detected.
     - Improved message readability in the debug mode.
0.03 2008-10-11T07:07:05Z
     - Fixed bug: the initialization of the loop condition was wrong.
0.02 2008-10-11T05:57:43Z
     - Fixed Makefile.PL.
     - Added README.
0.01 2008-10-10T06:41:47Z
     - original version