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Revision history for Perl extension HTML::FormWizard.

0.1.09	20020212
		-Minor Bug Fix: Chopped last char in some conditions

0.1.08  20020206
		-Major Bug Fix: Didn't compile with -w

0.1.07 	20020205
		- Added the datatype property to the fields
		- Defined standard validations to:
			- Phone numbers;
			- Emails;
			- IPv4 address;
			- Credit Cards;
			- Portuguese and American Postal Codes

0.1.06  20020129
		- Change on documentation (CGI::Apache become CGI)
		- Some string on 0.1.05 were in Portuguese and are now in English.
		- The Error System was changed.
		- Validate System was changed too: in previous release Validate
			functions should set $@ and return 1 on sucess. Now validate
			functions must return the error message or 0 on sucess.
		- FileTemplate included. This modules (HTML::FormWizard::FileTemplate)
			can be used to include a HTML header and a HTML footer to the

0.1.05	20020116
		- orignal version. Powered by VIm.
		- this is a 0.1.05 because, in true this is a instable version, but
			it is already working before some minor changes (so the .05)
		- Have Fun. Any bug please report to