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Version 26, August 2015
    - tests again fix no "http:" on cygwin

Version 25, August 2015
    - tests don't attempt filename like "http:" on Mac, MS-DOS, etc
      since on cygwin it depends on the external program also being a
      cygwin build

Version 24, June 2015
    - Netrik allow for no TERM environment variable (RT #105221 and
      Debian #788639)

Version 23, April 2015
    - new wide char handling
    - Lynx new unique_links option
    - Netrik avoid program_full_version() opening start page of ~/.netrikrc

Version 22, June 2013
    - really don't distribute file "http:" this time

Version 21, June 2013
    - don't distribute file "http:" as it won't unpack on CP/M and similar,
      per report by Alexandr Ciornii RT#86008

Version 20, June 2013
    - escape strange filenames like "-" or "%"
    - new HTML::FormatText::Vilistextum
    - use IPC::Run

Version 19, February 2011
    - fix Makefile.PL for perl 5.6 and earlier

Version 18, September 2010
    - test manifest only as an author test

Version 17, March 2010
    - newer File::Temp to avoid mutual misfeatures between it and File::Copy

Version 16, March 2010
    - new "base" option

Version 15, February 2010
    - new home page

Version 14, February 2009
    - new Html2text

Version 13, December 2008
    - new justify option for lynx
    - ignore unrecognised options, for safety
    - fix tests qr//m no good pre perl 5.10

Version 12, December 2008
    - mucho test count fixes
    - cope with older links and lynx without nomargin

Version 11, December 2008
    - the first version