Revision history for Perl extension HTML::Perlinfo 

1.73 version bump because of a wrong upload on PAUSE

1.72 Reverted back to The alternatives were too troublesome. Added some new core directories.

1.71 Fixed test file and pod 

1.70 Replaced with HTML-Entities and CGI-Deurl.  

1.69 Changes
     -Created a new method 'print_htmlstart' to handle the doctype declaration
     -Created a new constructor option 'htmlstart' for this method (default is true)
     -Modified the HTML and CSS in print_htmlhead, by adding a new id 'perlinfo'.
     -Modified info_apache to check for print_httpd() 
     -Fixed get_files_in sub to check if file_path is defined

1.68 Fixed makefile to include "perlinfo", thanks to Kurt Jaeger

1.67 distzilla messed up the release, releasing again!

1.66 Fixed distfile, included dist.ini

1.65 Fixed subroutine redefine errors (perlinfo script) #1 with patch from Baldur Kristinsson

1.64 Added git repo and bumped version number in

1.63 Fixes for bugs 87048, 86552, 78637: Use of qw(...) as parentheses is deprecated error.

1.61 No Changes
     I am trying to avoid the world writables policy on pause.
     The last version was fine, but I am trying to lose the 
     'withoutworldwritables' ext. 
1.60 Changes
      -Improved the version extraction method for modules. 
       HTML::Perlinfo will show its version now in INFO_MODULES     

1.59 Changes
      -HTML::Perlinfo now validates as XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
      -Updated the perlinfo utility with INFO_GENERAL
      -Added 5 new tests.
      -Bug fixes:
	-The module description was not escaping POD tags, so some abstracts were garbled. 
	Fixed now. 

1.58 Changes
      -Changed title from 'Loaded Files' to 'Loaded Modules' for INFO_LOADED.
      -Minor POD update.
      -Bug fixes:
	INFO_GENERAL wasn't listed as an option in the perlinfo routine.

1.57 Changes
     -Removed INFO_CREDITS. This option would always have been out of 
date as soon as a new Perl release. Plus, the JavaScript link on 
INFO_ALL was causing errors for certain security levels of IE. Besides, 
it is not very useful. Perhaps the option will return in a future release. 
     -Removed CGI::Carp 'fatalsToBrowser'. Having this there seemed 
like a good idea, until I realized that its inclusion, forced its usage
 for users of HTML::Perlinfo. Since I don't like forcing anything on anyone,
 it has been removed.
     -Removed the test program (HTML::Perlinfo.t). I couldn't solve all of 
the persistent errors and I realized that it really makes no sense to include
 tests for this module. I can use 'perlinfo' to see if the pages are rendered properly.  

1.56 Changes
       Bug fixes:
	-Fixed some errors in HTML::Perlinfo::Modules

1.55 Changes
	Bug fixes:
	-HTML::Perlinfo now runs under taint mode.
 	-Removed 3 problematic tests from HTML::Perlinfo.t.

1.54 Changes
	-HTML::Perlinfo::Loaded & HTML::Perlinfo no longer show in INFO_LOADED
	-Added strict to HTML::Perlinfo::Modules. 
	-Improved POD in HTML::Perlinfo & HTML::Perlinfo::Loaded
	Bug fix:
	-INFO_LOADED wasn't showing all the modules used. Fixed now. 

1.53 Changes
	-Added HTML::Perlinfo::Loaded module
	-Added INFO_LOADED option to perlinfo
	-Added 'files_in' option to HTML::Perlinfo::Modules
	-Finally got around to cleaning up Now 100% fat free, no sodium. 
	-Changed internal function print_htmlhead to print/return html
	-Updated lots of POD

1.52 Changes
	-This version fixes a security vulnerability in HTML::Perlinfo::Modules that could lead to denial-of-service attacks
        -The vulnerability was discovered by Moritz Lenz.
	HTML::Perlinfo::Modules Changes: 
        -HTML::Perlinfo::Modules no longer accepts regular expressions as arguments for the show_only, link, and color parameters.    
	-POD updated
	-Default title changed to 'Environment' from 'Environment Variables'
	-Individual cookies are now listed from HTTP_COOKIE
	-GET and POST values are also listed
	INFO_APACHE changes:
	-Apache titles will not appear if Apache is not detected
	Bug fixes:
	-POST values are now shown in INFO_VARIABLES

1.51 Changes
	INFO_APACHE changes:
	-Removed App::Info. INFO_APACHE now relies 100% on environment variables.
	-Due to this change, less Apache information is displayed. 
	-Modified Makefile.PL, since App::Info is no longer optional.
	-Improved error checking for perlinfo utility. 
	-Removed underscores in INFO_VARIABLES. 
	-Improved POD in, added bug notice.

1.50 Changes:
	-Added perlinfo commandline utility. 
	Bug fixes:
	-Added missing section title to info_modules
	-HTML::Perlinfo:Modules: italicized the word 'unknown' for unknown module versions 

1.49 Changes:
	-Makefile.PL changes: added use 5.006 and made App::Info optional
	-Removed the following modules: Module::CoreList, IO::Socket, File::Which, CGI
	-Added File::Which code to, modified to make App::Info optional, 
         and now HTML::Perlinfo no longer requires non-core modules
	-Removed all images (ORA and mod_perl) and associated code. Simplicity is better than flash.
	Bug fixes: 
	-Fixed bug in that caused warnings of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string

1.48 Changes:
	Removed false disclaimer: "This is the last release ..."

1.47 Changes:
        *This is the last release of this module in this namespace.*
        Bug fixes:
        - Fixed Carp::croak to report error in the right place
        - Changed Perl path value in INFO_GENERAL to $^X. Previously it was searching the path.   

1.46 Changes:
        - Fixed some annoying POD formatting errors

1.45 Changes:
	- Updated pod
	- The description column appears in the perlinfo core module section
	- The info_modules method/option shows the description, instead of the path 
	- Updated lots of pod
	- Added 'desc' column
	- Made the search_dir function better report @INC errors
	- Rewrote some internal code
	- Moved the check_my_args function to, renamed it check_module_args

1.44 Changes:
	- Added titles to the perlinfo methods
	- Improved pod
	- Added columns parameter. This allowed me to rewrite a lot of internal code.
	- Changed color parameter to exclude color section without 3rd element in array ref
        - Improved pod
        Bug fixes:
        - Fixed a bug that excluded links of the config keys in the INFO_CONFIG section

1.43 Bug fix that breaks old versions:
	The previous version did not print the content-type header for HTML::Perlinfo::Modules. Upon
	reflection, automatically printing the header is a bad idea anyway. So the perlinfo library 
	no longer prints the content-type header. I added this feature a long time ago. But it causes 
	more problems than anything else. Users must now print the header themselves.

	Other changes:
	- Added better titles to the perlinfo pages
	- HTML::Perlinfo::Common:
		* Changed the image locations per image hosting policy. 
	- HTML::Perlinfo::Modules:
		* print_modules now returns undef when no modules are found.
		* Improved error reporting for the internal search_dir function
	- HTML.pod:
		* Added documentation for the print_htmlhead method.

1.42 Bug fixes:
	- HTML::Perlinfo::Modules:
		* Major bug fix: print_modules was printing pages with full_page set to 0. 
		  So added full_page option to print_modules. This option was mistakenly left out. 

1.41 Changes:
	- POD fixes and removal of 'use lib' from

1.40 Changes:
	- Major reorganization of code. 
        	* Added to handle info methods
        	* CSS methods removed. They can only be changed in the constructor now.
		* Transplanted pod from HTML::Perlinfo::HTML into HTML::Perlinfo::HTML.pod. 
		* Renamed to
		* Various pod updates to HTML::Perlinfo::Modules and HTML.pod
		* Removed info_modules test and created separate test for HTML::Perlinfo::Modules
		* Turned HTML::Perlinfo::Apache into an internal module 
		* Various improvements to Apache detection
    		* mod_perl version is now listed in info_all and info_apache
		* Removed no_links method and added universal links parameter
    		* Added header and full_page attributes
	- HTML::Perlinfo::Modules: 
        	* Renamed named parameters 'show' and 'sort' to 'from' and 'sort_by' respectively.
        	* The form parameter only accepts a directory or an array ref
        	* Created the show_only, show_inc, show_dir, and section parameters
        	* Improved the directory listing in the search summary
	Bug fixes:
		* Default links to the local file system have been removed. The links attribute can now turn them on. 

1.25 Changes:
	- Added HTML::Perlinfo::Modules version 1.0. This is the most significant change. 
	- Moved the HTML docs to HTML::Perlinfo::HTML.
	- Made HTML::Perlinfo::Credits and HTML::Perlinfo::HTML internal modules
	- Removed Data-Dumper  
	- Updated docs

     Bug fixes:
	- Fixed Apache version reporting
	- Fixed failure to show more than 2 duplicate modules 

    - Cleaned up some code that caused a few warnings in and 
	- Moved links to a new links sub. Added no_links method.
	- Added title method. Cleaned up some css code
	- Added variable extraction for Apache version
	- Made module version detection to be more silent with problems
	- Simplified module directories listing
	- Removed a potentially problematic test
	- Updated pod and added security section

1.00  Thu Aug 18 12:58:36 2005
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-A -X -n HTML::Perlinfo