Revision history for Perl extension HTML::Tidy.

1.60    Wed Sep 13 10:34:35 CDT 2017
No functionality changes.  Fixes failing tests caused by differing
versions of the tidy library.  Thanks, Rufus Cable.

1.58    Sat May 27 00:03:51 CDT 2017
No functionality changes.  This just fixes some tests.  This will probably
be the last release that uses the old tidy/tidyp.  There is a new tidy
that supports HTML 5 and I'm going to start working on making HTML::Tidy
use that.

Failing tests on Windows.  Thanks, Klaus Baldermann. (GH #11, GH #23)

Added more tests.  Thanks, Hunter McMillen.

1.56    Sun Sep 22 16:39:40 CDT 2013
webtidy's version statement now shows the version number of the underlying
tidyp library.

Fixed an undef warning in parse().  Thanks, Vladimir Timofeev.

utf8 was never encoded correctly.  Thanks, Vladimir Timofeev and Alistair

The ->parse() method would sometimes return false even though everything
worked fine.  Thanks, @sebaer.

1.54    Fri Sep 17 00:44:36 CDT 2010
Please note that the bug tracker for HTML::Tidy is now at

Fixed incorrect calls to croak().  Thanks, Steve Grazzini.

Updating all docs referring to libtidyp and Alien::Libtidyp.

1.52    Wed May 12 2010
First release since the major overhaul that relies on libtidyp.

Now relies on Perl 5.8.  I'm not at all interested in supporting
ancient Perl version.

HTML::Tidy now relies on the libtidyp that Andy Lester maintains
on github.

Now includes support for TIDY_INFO messages.

Improve support for Windows platforms.

Fixed a segfault if there are no errors.

Allow for either "tidyp" or "HTML Tidy" as a program name in tests.