Revision history for Perl extension HTML::WWWTheme.

1.00  Fri Aug 13 11:41:58 1999
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.18

	Based on the module used at the Joint Astronomy Centre and
	developed by Chad Hogan.  This module was released under
	the GNU Public License:  See LICENSE and gpl.txt for more

1.02  Thu Sep 16 18:46:52 1999

	-release version, with trivial corrections.
	-all sorts of minor cosmetic stuff, including adding templates,
	 and fixing ambiguities in the documentation.

1.03  Sun Jan 30 22:33:21 2000

	-added support for SetMoreLinksTitle(), which supports the 
	 @MORELINKSTITLE directive in the config files.  Added at the
	 request of Chris Davis at JACH.  
	-integrated some cleanups.

1.04  Mon Jan 31 12:35:11 2000
	-added top and bottom navigation bars at the request of the 

1.05  Mon Feb 14 17:07:12 2000
	-added support for the "printable version" link at the bottom
	 of the page.

1.06  Fri Mar 24 09:51:33 2000

	-added support for setting width of sidebar
	-added support for toggling sidebar extras
        -added support for escaped semi-colons. (ie \; -> ;)