Revision history for Perl extension HTTP::MobileAgent

0.36 Tue Jul 24 12:38:16 2012
     * Fixed mismatch between some models and ua
       (Thanks to matuu).
     * Added new x-up-devcap-multimedia(StandAloneGPS) in
       (Thanks to tokuhirom).
     * Added CA01C F02D F04D F06D F07C F08A3 F09A3 F09C F10C F11C L10C
       N02D N03D N05C N06A3 N07A3 N08A3 N09A3 P03D P04C P05C P06C P07A3
       P08A3 P09A3 SH03D SH05A3 SH05D SH06A3 SH07A3 SH10C SH11C
       in DoCoMoDisplayMap and DoCoMo.xml (auto-generated)
     * Removed D209I D210I D211I D251I D251IS D252I D253I D253IWM D501I
       D502I D503I D503IS D504I D505I D505IS D506I ER209I F08A F09A F209I
       F210I F211I F212I F251I F501I F502I F502IT F503I F503IS F504I F504IS
       F505I F505IGPS F506I F661I F671I F671IS F672I KO209I KO210I N06A N07A
       N08A N09A N209I N210I N211I N211IS N251I N251IS N252I N253I N501I
       N502I N502IT N503I N503IS N504I N504IS N505I N505IS N506I N506IS
       N506ISII N821I NM502I P07A P08A P09A P209I P209IS P210I P211I P211IS
       P213I P251IS P252I P252IS P253I P253IS P501I P502I P503I P503IS
       P504I P504IS P505I P505IS P506IC P506ICII P651PS P821I R209I R211I
       R691I R692I SH05A SH06A SH07A SH251I SH251IS SH252I SH505I SH505IS
       SH506IC SH821I SO210I SO211I SO212I SO213I SO213IS SO213IWR SO502I
       SO502IWM SO503I SO503IS SO504I SO505I SO505IS SO506I SO506IC SO506IS
       from DoCoMoDisplayMap and DoCoMo.xml (auto-generated)

0.35 Tue Jan 10 20:50:36 2012
    * Updated $HTMLVerMap and $GPSModelsRe in

0.33 Tue Apr 26 18:18:49 2011
    * Fixed condition of is_win() for new some ezweb terminals
      (ex. KC41, KC42, KC43) in
    - Added F08C SH08C SH09C in DoCoMoDisplayMap (auto-generated)
    - Added F08C SH08C SH09C in DoCoMoMap.xml (auto-generated)

0.32 Thu Feb 24 12:17:49 2011
    * Added _make_display(), user_id(), gps_compliant() in
      (Thanks to tokuhirom)
    - Added F05C SH06C in DoCoMoDisplayMap (auto-generated)
    - Added F05C SH06C in DoCoMoMap.xml (auto-generated)

0.31 Fri Feb  4 14:20:07 2011
    * Work with PSGI env hash (lestrrat)

0.30 Fri Jan 28 12:23:52 2011
    * Fixed regexp to match with Googlebot-Mobile/2.1
      in to ziguzagu).
    * Changed $GPSModelsRe to disable SH905iTV in to hirafoo).
    * Fixed gps_compliant() how to get 'x-up-devcap-multimedia'
      in to nekokak).
    - Added F01C F02C F03C F04C L01C L03C N01C N02C N03C P01C P02C
      P03C SH01C SH02C SH04C SH05C in DoCoMoDisplayMap (auto-generated)
    - Added F01C F02C F03C F04C L01C L03C N01C N02C N03C P01C P02C
      P03C SH01C SH02C SH04C SH05C in DoCoMoMap.xml (auto-generated)

0.29 Tue Sep  7 05:42:45 2010
    * Added gps_compliant() in
      for HTTP::MobileAgent::Plugin::Locator compatibility.
    * Removed $GPSModels in
    * Updated $HTMLVerMap and $GPSModelsRe in
    * Added diff in makexmldocomomap.
    - Added F01B F02B F03B F04B F06B F07B F08B F09B F10A F10B L01B N01B
      N02B N03B N04B N05B N06B N07A N07B N08A N08B N09A P01B P02B P03B
      P04B P05B P06B P07B P08A P09A SH01B SH02B SH03B SH04B SH05B SH06A
      SH06B SH07A SH07B SH08A SH08B SH09B in DoCoMoDisplayMap (auto-generated)
    - Added F01B F02B F03B F04B F06B F07B F08B F09B F10A F10B L01B N01B
      N02B N03B N04B N05B N06B N07A N07B N08A N08B N09A P01B P02B P03B
      P04B P05B P06B P07B P08A P09A SH01B SH02B SH03B SH04B SH05B SH06A
      SH06B SH07A SH07B SH08A SH08B SH09B in DoCoMoMap.xml (auto-generated)

0.28 Tue Jul  7 16:02:33 2009
    * Using HTTP::Headers::Fast (Thanks to Tokuhiro MATSUNO)
    * Added gps_compliant() method in
    * Added browser_version() method in
    * $GPSModels and is_gps() method was obsolete
      but leaved for backward compatibility in
    * Fixed user_id() problem in (Thanks to masutaro)
    * Updated $HTMLVerMap.
    - Added NM705I NM706I SH01A SH02A SH03A SH04A SH706I SH706IW SH905ITV
      SH906I SH906ITV F01A F03A F06A F905IBIZ F906I SO905ICS SO906I SH05A
      F09A D705IMYU F07A L705I L705IX L706IE F884IES D705I N01A N02A N03A
      N04A N05A N705I N705IMYU N706I N706IE N706III N905IBIZ N906I N906IL
      N906IMYU SH705I SH705III SH706IE SO705I SO706I P01A P02A P03A P04A
      P05A P06A P10A P705I P705ICL P705IMYU P706IE P706IMYU P905ITV P906I
      F02A F04A F705I F706I F884I N06A F08A P07A F883IESS F883IS L852I F05A F801I
      in DoCoMoMap.xml (auto-generated)
    - Added F01A F02A F03A F04A F05A F06A F07A F08A F09A F706I
      F883IESS F883IS F884I F884IES F906I L706IE L852I
      N01A N02A N03A N04A N05A N06A N706I N706IE N706III N906I N906IL N906IMYU
      NM706I P01A P02A P03A P04A P05A P06A P07A P10A P706IE P706IMYU P906I
      SH01A SH02A SH03A SH04A SH05A SH706I SH706IE SH706IW SH906I SH906ITV
      SO706I SO906I in DoCoMoDisplayMap (auto-generated)

0.27 Fri Apr 11 13:34:23 2008
    * Supported user_id to get guid in DoCoMo
    * Using WWW::MobileCarrierJP when get terminal display information
      (Thanks to Tokuhiro MATSUNO)

0.26_01 Thu Aug  9 17:08:05 2007
    * Supported funny mobile search crawler.
      eg. J-Phone/5.0/J-SH03
          Nokia6820/2.0 (4.83) Profile/MIDP-1.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.0
      (Thanks to Akira Kamikura and Tokuhiro MATSUNO)
    - Added L600I L601I M702IS M702IG L602I F902IS SO902IWP+
      N902IX N902IL N702IS P702ID D702IF F882IES N601I D800IDS
      P703I F883I P704I SH903I P903I N903I D903I F903I SO903I
      D903ITV F903IX P903ITV SH903ITV F903IBSC P903IX SO903ITV
      N703ID F703I P703I D703I SH703I N703I SO703I SH904I N904I
      F904I D904I P904I SO704I F704I N704I SH704I D704I F883IES
      in DoCoMoMap.xml (auto-generated)
    - Added D903ITV SO903ITV F704I SO703I L602I D800IDS D703I D702IF
      SH904I P702ID P703I L601I M702IS F903IBSC N904I D903I F703I
      P704I SH704I N702IS F904I F883I P903I N703ID M702IG N601I SO903I
      P904I SH703I F903I N902IL N704I P903IX N703I N903I D904I
      P903ITV SO704I SH903I SH903ITV F903IX N902IX F882IES D704I F883IES
      in DoCoMoDisplayMap (auto-generated)

0.26 Thu Aug 17 17:40:26 2006
    * Added 'SoftBank' user agent support in Vodafone
    * Added is_softbank utility method in Vodafone
    * Added type method in Vodafone
      (Thanks to Akinori MUSHA)
    * Added xhtml_compliant method in DoCoMo
      (Thanks to Atsushi Kobayashi)
    * Fixed problem that make(xml)?docomomap programs
      had invalid url.
      (Thanks to Masahiro Chiba)
    * Changed DOCOMO_MAP XML layout for DoCoMoDisplayMap
      because there is XML invalid model in DoCoMo (SO902iWP+)
      but old XML layout was supported too.
    - Added D702I, D702IBCL, D851IWM, D902IS, F702ID, F881IES,
      F902IS, L600I, N506ISII, N600I, N701IECO, N702ID, N902IS,
      NM850IG, P506ICII, P702I, P901ITV, P902IS, SA702I, SA800I,
      SH702ID, SH702IS, SH902IS, SH902ISL, SO702I, SO902I, SO902IWP+
      in DoCoMoDisplayMap (auto-generated)

0.25 Wed Feb  8 23:14:05 JST 2006
    * Fixed problem that make(xml)?docomomap programs couldn't parse
      current web page exactly.
      (Thanks to Tokuhiro MATSUNO)
    - Added D701i, D701iWM, D901iS, D902i, F700iS, F901iS, F902i,
      N701i, N901iS, N902i, P701iD, P851i, P901iS, P902i, SA700iS,
      SH700iS, SH851i, SH901iS, SH902i, SO213iWR, SO506iS
      in DoCoMoDisplayMap (auto-generated)
    * Added WX310K,WS300K,WX310SA (Air H" Phone)
    * name returns 'DDIPOCKET' or 'WILLCOM' in Air H" Phone

0.24 Mon Oct 31 16:37:29 JST 2005
    * Added is_win method in EZweb
    - Fixed the method parse Vodafone 3GC models

0.23_03 Mon Jun 20 13:09:10 JST 2005
    - Added A5511T (au)

0.23_02 Mon May 16 12:28:19 JST 2005
    - Fixed _parse_3gc() and _parse_motorola_3gc() in HTTP/MobileAgent/
      (Thanks to SATOH Fumiyasu)

0.23_01 Thu Mar 10 02:10:42 JST 2005
    - Developer Release
    * Added is_type_3gc method in Vodafone
    * Added AH-K3001V (Air H" Phone)
    - Added HTML 4.0 & 5.0 support models in html_version 
    * Fixed problem that make(xml)?docomomap programs couldn't parse
      current web page exactly.

0.22 Fri Jun 11 14:42:55 JST 2004
    * Fixed bug model returns '' in EZweb

0.21 Tue Jun  1 01:53:41 JST 2004
    - Added documentation for status() method in DoCoMo.
    - Added D506i,F506i,F900i,N900i,P900i,SH900i
    * Added is_vodafone utility method
    * Added is_tuka utility method
    * Added carrier,carrier_longname utility method
    * Added is_type_c,is_type_p,is_type_w method in Vodafone
    * Added is sub class of
    - model returns device_id in EZweb
    - model and device_id return '' in NonMobile

0.20  Sun Oct 26 07:34:53 JST 2003
    * if the environment variable DOCOMO_MAP exists,
      the specified XML data will be used
      for $HTTP::MobileAgent::DoCoMoDisplayMap::DisplayMap.

0.19  Wed Oct 8 14:01:55 JST 2003
    - Added D252i, SH252i, P252i, D505iS, N505iS, P505iS

0.18  Mon Sep  1 23:43:08 JST 2003
    - Added SH505i2 (huh?), N2102V

0.17  Wed Aug  6 21:12:01 JST 2003
    - Added P505i, N2102V (auto-generated)    

0.16  Wed Jul  9 16:33:27 JST 2003
    - Added F505i & F2102V (auto-generated) 

0.15  Wed Jul  9 01:31:17 JST 2003
    - Added TB (status) support for FOMA

0.14  Tue Jul  1 21:25:25 JST 2003
    - Added N505i (auto-generated)

0.13  Mon Jun 30 00:36:38 JST 2003
    - make DoCoMoDisplayMap case-insensitive
      to fix P209is gotcha
      (Thanks to Satoshi Tanimoto)

0.12  Wed, 18 Jun 2003 22:23:54 +0900
    - Added N2701, SO505i and SH505i (auto-generated)
    - Added i-mode HTML4.0 FOMA

0.11  Wed May 21 20:54:34 JST 2003
    * Added is_gps() method in DoCoMo
    - Reference for PHP port in POD
    - Added D505i (auto-generated)

0.10  Tue May  6 18:10:43 JST 2003
    * Added DoCoMo 505i & i-mode HTML 5.0 support
    - Added F661i (HTML 4.0)

0.09  Wed Apr  2 19:16:20 JST 2003
    * Added Air H" Phone support (
    - Added P2102V, N211iS, P211iS (auto-generated)
    - Added FOMA HTML 4.0 support in html_version 

0.08  Thu Feb 20 18:28:44 JST 2003
    - Added is_non_mobile() method

0.07  Mon Jan 27 12:04:33 JST 2003
    - Added N504iS, D251iS, P251iS, F2051, N2051, F504iS (auto-generated)

0.06  Wed Dec  4 19:49:16 JST 2002
    * Added is_wap1, is_wap2 utility method

0.05  Mon Nov 18 19:39:40 JST 2002
    * Fixed bug in pattern match value check (caused bug in mod_perl environment)

0.04  Thu Nov 14 00:47:47 JST 2002
    * Restored is_docomo, is_j_phone, is_ezweb API for handiness
    - Added F212i, SO212i, P504iS, SH251iS in DoCoMoDisplayMap (auto-generated)

0.03  Tue Oct 29 23:53:01 JST 2002
    * Added HTTP::MobileAgent::Display to support various display information

0.02  Mon Sep 23 09:00:40 JST 2002
    * Removed is_* API. Use $agent->name for dispatch
    - warn_no_match() doesn't bless to NonMobile 

0.01  Fri Sep 20 23:01:05 2002
    - original version