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Revision history for HTTP-Validate

0.982	2018-12-19

	- The BOOLEAN_VALUE validator now accepts any reference with 'boolean' in its class name.
	  This allows validation to work properly on data produced by JSON decoders.

0.981   2016-09-03

	- Fixed a bug in processing of 'at_most_one' and 'together' rules that refer to
	  parameters with aliases.  The aliases were not being checked for.

0.98	2016-07-29

	- Fixed a bug that was mis-placing documentation strings that were specified immediately
          after an 'allow' or 'require' rule.
        - Fixed a bug that was making MATCH_VALUE sometimes use the wrong regular expression
          if called more than once in a program.
        - MATCH_VALUE now does not modify regular expressions that are specified with qr,
          just those that are given as strings.
        - The method 'keys' now reports parameter keys in the exact order in which they
          were recognized.  This will be determined by the order in which the parameter
          rules are checked.
        - The substituted parameter names and values in error and warning messages are now
          returned in sorted order, for consistency.
        - The test suite has been rewritten somewhat and new tests have been added to cover
          all functionality.
        - Updated the documentation to match recently added functionality.

0.472   2016-06-20

	- Added attribute 'undocumented', which causes a parameter to be left out
	  of documentation strings.  This is the same as starting the documentation
          string with '!'.
        - ENUM_VALUE now checks for the value '#' in its argument list.  If found, then
          subsequent values will not be reported in the standard error message as acceptable
          values.  This allows for "undocumented" values to be accepted.

0.471   2015-06-21

	- Fixed hash order dependency that was causing a spurious test failure.
	- You can now define custom error messages, to replace the default ones.

0.47    2015-06-09

	- Rules of type 'together' and 'at_most_one' can now reference parameters
	  defined in other rulesets.

0.46    2015-05-10

        - New attribute 'bad_value' for parameter rules.  If the value given for a
          parameter is bad (or all values are bad for a multiple-valued parameter)
          this value is returned as the parameter value.  If the value is 'ERROR',
	  then an error is reported instead.
	- New method 'specified' in HTTP::Validate::Result, returns true if the
	  parameter was specified in the request with a non-empty value.
	- The method 'keys' in HTTP::Validate::Result now returns all parameter
	  names for which a non-empty value was specified, even if the value was bad.
	  The result of calling 'value' on such parameter names will be undef, unless
 	  the 'bad_value' attribute was used.

0.45    2014-09-20
        - Many fixes to the documentation
        - A few code changes so that this distribution works properly under perl 5.8.1

0.44    2014-09-18
      	- New method 'list_params', which returns all parameter names accepted
          by the given ruleset.
        - Method 'document_params' now returns undef if the specified ruleset
          was never defined, instead of dieing.
        - Validator 'EMPTY_VALUE' has been eliminated
        - Validator 'FLAG_VALUE' now accepts boolean values
        - New rule attribute 'clean', which specifies the function that should
          be applied to parameter values in order to clean them.
        - New validation setting 'ignore_unrecognized', which causes warnings
          of errors when unrecognized parameters are given.
0.42    2014-06-16
        - Fixed a bug which was causing crashes with constraint rules.