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0.000021    2018-03-11
            * Stop using defined-or, breals oldeer perls.

0.000020    2018-03-10
            * Since upgrading Devel::PPPort did not fix the errors,
              switch from using av_top_index / av_tindex to using
              av_shift, which seems to be supported waaay back.

0.000019    2018-03-09
            * Upgrade Devel::PPPort to version 3.36 to solve
              compilation errors on older versions of Perl.

0.000018    2018-03-09
            * Try to sidestep a compilation failure for older Perls
              by switching from av_top_index to av_tindex.
            * Change the code to avoid, as far as I can see,
              anything that might trigger an older C compiler.
              Because it has only been 25 years since C90...

0.000017    2018-03-07
            * Optionally accept names without values, by adding
              an optional parameter to crush_cookie that allows
              the caller to say "please give me names without
              a value, and set them to undef".  The default value
              is zero, so you will not get these valueless names.
            * Rework Buffer implementation,
            * We now accept a cookie with a value that is an arrayref.
              The values in the array get joined with '&', and then
              the whole string is URL-encoded.  When crushing such a
              cookie, the reverse applies.  This was suggested by
              James Raspass (JRaspass in github); thanks!

0.000016    2018-03-07
            * Teach the parser about attributes with no value (like HttpOnly).
              Reported by Nigel Gregoire (nfg in github); thanks!

0.000015    2018-03-07
            * Accept Perl boolean values when setting cookie attributes.
              Thanks to Alex Pankoff (ccntrq in github) for reporting.
            * Fix the tests for no-value attributes.

0.000014    2017-07-25
            * Try to support old versions of Windows without gmtime_s.

0.000013    2017-07-22
            * No changes.

0.000012    2017-07-20
            * Use C99 for solaris, attempting to support the platform.
            * Add missing dependency on Date::Parse for testing.

0.000011    2017-07-18
            * Fix comparison of expiration times.
            * Fix compilation error when memory checking is enabled.
            * Fixed crash when uri encoding pound sign and other
              large characters.

0.000010    2017-07-14
            * Stop using // comments.

0.000009    2017-07-12
            * Use Perl macros to manage memory.

0.000008    2017-07-12
            * Support compilation under Win32 / Win64.

0.000007    2017-02-10
            * Support SameSite attribute.

0.000006    2016-08-15
            * Improve perldoc.

0.000005    2016-01-28
            * Switch all standard cookie field names to
              CamelCase, in accordance to RFC6265. Thanks to
              @SysPete for the error report.

0.000004    2016-01-27
            * Allow for '=' as part of a value. Thanks to
              @SysPete and @veryrusty for the error report
              and confirming what the proper behaviour is.
            * Add some more test cases.

0.000003    2016-01-26
            * Fix some tests that depend on the current time,
              to make them more resistant to clock drift.
            * Get rid of dangling references to Devel::Cookie.

0.000002    2016-01-26
            * Change name to HTTP::XSCookies; "thanks", SawyerX.

0.000001    2016-01-25
            * Initial version.