Revision history for Hessian::Translator

1.00  Tue Mar 2 2010
        Changing the main class to Hessian::Translator since it is really the
        heart of it all.  While I'm at it, I also need to change the version
        number from the "dotted integer" to the "real number" style.

0.2.0  Sun Oct 25 2009
        Actually implemented handling of 32 bit longs (up till now this had
        just thrown an exception).  This was made possible by a helpful post
        that I stumbled upon in an forum (vielen Dank 'hp', whoever you are).  I
        also had to make a small work around for object serialization that was
        causing objects not to be serialized properly.  The "work around" is
        to instead serialize them as "typed maps". I hope to eventually come
        back to proper objects instead eventually. Who knows when I'll get
        back around to work on this again though. 

0.1.15 Sat Aug 08 2009
        Edited the README so that it is at least relevant.

0.1.15 Wed Apr 22 2009
        Experimenting with a technique to deal with endian problem.

0.1.14 Sun Apr 19 2009
        Trying out a new way to get the proper integer out on 64 bit int

0.1.13 Sun Apr 19 2009
        Want to see if the integer problems I'm having are due to endian-ness
        of different platforms. Maybe having the error from the test display
        the value for the particular platform might help.

0.1.12 Sat Apr 4 2009
        Trying to debug some of the platform dependent problems that seem to
        be coming up.  Most of the CPAN Testers reports I've been getting say
        that a lot of the numerical deserialization methods fail.  Don't know
        if I'll find a fix for this in the near future, so for now I'm just
        going to throw an exception.

0.1.9 Sun Mar 28 2009
        Fixed a problem with untyped arrays in which the "length" bit was
        clashing with the "End of datastructure" symbol (z).

0.1.8 Sat Mar 27 2009
        Revised Hessian version 2 serialization/deserialization to conform to  

0.1.6 Thu Mar 16 2009
        Added logic to check the length to read from the handle against the
        remaining length of the string.  If the remaining string is too short,
        the translator now throws a MessageIncomplete::X.  This is mainly for
        integration into a POE filter. If the message is incomplete then the
        internal buffer should return to some initial position and wait for
        the next call to process_message.  

0.1.5 Thu Mar 12 2009
        Completely rewrote version 2 serialization/deserilization modules to
        conform to

0.1.4 Sun Feb 08 2009
        Throw an exception for any Hessian Fault received from service.
        Serialization for objects

0.1.2 Thu Jan 29 2009
        Bugfix for installation script.

0.1.1 Thu Jan 29 2009
        Bugfix for installation script.

0.1.0 Wed Jan 28 2009
        First CPAN release