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Revision history for Hypatia-Chart-Clicker

0.026     2012-12-22 14:27:50 CST6CDT

- Changed Hypatia prereq to 0.029.
- Fixed bugs in the unit tests pie.t and pie_columns.t that were created by tweaks to Hypatia.

0.025     2012-12-22 14:19:31 CST6CDT

- Added a type library.
- Added options via Hypatia::Chart::Clicker::Options and Hypatia::Chart::Clicker::Options::Axis

0.023     2012-10-02 17:19:22 America/Chicago

- Fixed a bug in the test setup_guess_columns.t that caused failures for users who don't have DBD::SQLite installed.

0.022     2012-10-01 21:06:11 America/Chicago

- Added a pre-requisite of Hypatia version 0.026 (to ensure that the tests work with the new version of Hypatia::DBI::Test::SQLite).

0.021     2012-10-01 19:07:58 America/Chicago

- Moved some methods from Hypatia::Chart::Clicker to Hypatia::Base in order to facilitate polymorphism with Hypatia::GraphViz2
- Fixed a bug in the test bubble_fail.t

0.02      2012-09-26 04:10:08 America/Chicago

- Added a ton of unit tests and the ability to make (reasonably intelligent) guesses at what columns should be which type, depending on the graph type you want. Take a look at the documentation for details.