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Revision history for Hypatia

0.029     2012-12-22 14:15:04 CST6CDT

- Fixed a silly bug in H:D:T:S that broke Hypatia::Chart::Clicker.

0.028     2012-12-22 13:00:36 CST6CDT

- Added tables to Hypatia::DBI::Test::SQLite for use in unit tests.

- Fixed a bug in Hypatia::DBI::Test::SQLite (changed the inserts from a fully dynamic string to a prepared statement).

- Hypatia::Base now correctly allows the overriding of a query statement in the _get_data() method.

0.027     2012-10-21 00:28:07 America/Chicago

- Added a type library

- Refactored Hypatia::DBI::Test::SQLite, making the JSON a bit more compact.

- Updated some of the Pod.

0.026     2012-10-01 19:07:34 America/Chicago

- Moved some methods from Hypatia::Chart::Clicker to Hypatia::Base in order to facilitate polymorphism with Hypatia::GraphViz2

- After reading through the DBD::SQLite docs, I found out that a database filename of the empty string causes a temp file to be used.
I added this functionality to Hypatia::DBI::Test::SQLite.

0.025     2012-09-26 04:09:46 America/Chicago

- Added an abstract column guessing method (meant to be called internally) and a couple of unit tests.

0.021     2012-09-13 15:57:43 America/Chicago

 - Fixed a bug that prevents the no_connect.t test of Hypatia::Chart::Clicker from passing.