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2005-04-11	Christian Gilmore <>

	o Corrected secondary matching bug that errantly overwrote the
	  first match.Added tests. Bug and fix reported by Jacques Supcik
	o Corrected secondary list creation bug that did not put
	  supported languages without locales into the list.
	o Made release 1.04.

2004-05-14	Christian Gilmore <>

	o Updated documentation surrounding use of strict. Change
	  suggested by Mark Fuller <>.
	o Made release 1.03.

2004-02-11	Christian Gilmore <>

	o Now return defaultLanguage from accepts method when input is
	  insufficient. Change suggested by Morbus Iff
	o Made release 1.02.

2003-11-19	Christian Gilmore <>

	o Corrected typo in documented. Reported by Florian
	  Helmberger <>.
	o Made release 1.01.

2003-01-01	Christian Gilmore <>

	o Corrected typo in documentation. Reported by Gordon Rowell
	o Made release 1.00.

2002-10-17	Christian Gilmore <>

	o Added strict conformance option.
	o Made matching case-insensitive.
	o Made release 0.03.

2002-10-02	Christian Gilmore <>

	o Reduced perl version required to 5.6.1.
	o Made release 0.02.

2002-09-26	Christian Gilmore <>

	o Made first public release 0.01.