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Revision history for Perl extension IMAP::Admin.

0.5  Thu Dec 17 12:29:49 1998
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.18

0.7.0 Thu Mar 03 03:46:18 1999
	- added capabilites checking and enhanced test procedure

0.8.0 Fri Mar 11 whenver 1999
	- changed get_quota and get_acl interfaces to have output
	  that can be given as input to respective sets
	- updated documentation

0.8.1 don't remember
	- doc and bug fixing

0.8.2 Thu Mar 18 16:40:02 1999
	- fix to list command, bug/patch submitted by Alex Perel
	- fix in test bug/patch submitted by Alex Perel

0.8.3 don't remember
	- add quota command as per someone's suggestion and code sample
	  I lost the original message so I apologize for not being
	  able to give proper credit to this person

0.9.0 Sat Oct 16 10:46:16 1999
	- added optional partition argument to the create command 
	  by request from Martti Kuparinen

1.0.0 Mon Nov 22 18:15:18 1999
	- fixed list subroutine, better support for spaces in folder names,
	  bug/patch submitted by Paul Kranenburg
	- fixed to hide the password, apologies to the person who sent
	  this bug/patch 

1.0.1 Don't remember

1.2.0 Thu Mar 02 11:24:13 2000
	- applied quoting fixes from this seems to have
	  gotten rid of the lingering issues with having spaces and other such
	  characters in folder names (thanks also for the cruft fixes :)
	- cleaned up code and documentation
	- added quota test

1.2.1 Thu Mar 02 12:04:13 2000
	- added none option to set_quota to set the quota to none

1.2.2 Sun Mar 12 21:16:38 2000
	- Added a license line for the debian folks, This module is distributed
	  under the Artistic license which is now included in the module
	  package (its the same as the perl license)
	  If you do use this is a product just drop me a line and let me know,
	  curiosity kills my cat.

1.2.5 Thu Jun 22 08:03:04 2000
	- bug fix for delete mailboxes with spaces from
	- above bug fix made me look at other mailbox issues so 
	  getacl is also fixed with regards to mailboxes with spaces

1.3.0 Tue Aug 22 20:39:34 2000
	- typo fix (left out tilde in get_quota_root) thanks to
	  Paul Wiechman and Alain Turbide
	- a previous fix seems to have broken some things with cyrus users
	  so hopefully this fixes my fix

1.3.5 Thu Sep 28 17:09:02 2000
	- added subscribe/unsubscribe at the request of the applications
	  group of Universal Talkware (apparently makes mozilla
          e-mail happier)

1.3.7 Fri Oct 13 00:21:11 2000
	- added rename at the request of Thomas Bolioli
	- added h_delete (hiearchical delete) because I like just
	  being able to specify the mailbox and have all the
	  sub-mailboxes go away as well (be careful with this
	  as it does do a wild card list)
	- added new option to the new function 'Separator', set this
	  to the hiearchical separator your server uses (defaults to period)
	  this is needed by h_delete

1.3.8 Wed Oct 25 11:50:49 2000
	- fixed a 'bug' in list for servers that don't quote mailboxes
	  that have spaces in folder names
	- fixed a bug in test that I introduced in 1.3.7

1.4.0 Thu Oct 26 11:59:56 2000
	- added SSL support via IO::Socket::SSL (optional new function).
	  imap::admin doesn't attempt to load IO::Socket::SSL until you
	  specify that you want to use ssl (so if you don't have it
	  installed on your box it shouldn't make a difference)
	- rearranged code so croaks do not happen for connection issues,
	  instead you get an error from initialize code when you try to
	  do a command. (This is to help all of those people using this
	  in cgi scripts)
	- in supporting ssl I had to switch to sysreads, so now all reads
	  are handled by _read (still doesn't select, but getting closer)
 	- currently it doesn't check for ssl capability (rfc2595 compliance),
	  but maybe in the future

1.4.1 Thu Oct 26 13:35:17 2000
	- bug fix (thanks to Thomas Bolioli) for single quotes in a 
	  mailbox name

1.4.2 Thu Nov  9 22:31:08 2000
	- rearranged new/initialize (no functionality change)
	- added error subroutine to return error condition

1.4.3 Tue Nov 28 07:50:56 2000
	- bug report/fix (thanks to Marc Groot Koerkamp) get_acl had problems
	  with spaces in mailbox names (my forever bug)
	- bug report/fix (again thanks to Marc) delete was calling incorrect read

1.5.0 Thu Aug  2 12:50:21 CDT 2001
  - re-formatted to make vi friendly (I use emacs and vi, but mostly emacs)
    added these lines to my .emacs to keep it friendly
     '(perl-indent-level 2)
     '(perl-continued-statement-offset 2)
     '(perl-continued-brace-offset 0)
     '(indent-tabs-mode nil)
     '(tab-width 2))
    basically sets the indent level to 2 and converts tabs to spaces
    of course this will hose some diffs (unless you ignore whitespace diffs)
  - bug report/fix (thanks to Lupe Christoph) some older perls don't
    support (?{ code }), so get_acl splitting expression was re-vamped.
  - removed use IO::Socket::INET (again some older perls)
  - removed Text::Parsewords dependency (wasn't using it anymore anyway)

1.5.1 Thu Aug  2 14:43:27 CDT 2001
  - bug report/fix (thanks to Paul Kranenburg) in get_quotaroot, removes extraneous line

1.6.0 Sun Nov  4 10:19:44 CST 2001
  - bug report/fix (thanks to Dylan Martin and Alain Turbide) for the 
    botch I made of the get_quotaroot fix I made in 1.5.1
  - bug report () motd's weren't handled, I put some code in that doesn't break
    the current, but is also untested against motd's (feedback anyone?)
  - added CRAM-MD5 support as an authentication method, send it in the new call
    0 off, 1 on, 2 on with LOGIN fallback, this also adds the requirement of
    Digest::MD5, Digest::HMAC, MIME::Base64 if you use this option

1.6.1 Thu Dec 27 08:40:20 CST 2001
  - bug report/fix (thanks to Arkadi Shishlov and Oleg Gawrilof) for CRAM setting being
    uninitialized before use for the default case.
  - added error condition for CRAM capability, cram use wanted without
    fallback, but cram not available

1.6.2 Sun Jan 30 10:33:50 CST 2005
  - bug report from Francesco Gennai, get_quota and get_quotaroot improperly
    handling folders/mailboxes with spaces
    patched both with a regex to handle the data extraction, should work now.

1.6.3 Sun Jan 30 20:53:22 CST 2005
  - arrg, I fixed get_quotaroot incorrectly and didn't test it. It should
    have used the same regex as get_quota instead of what I did. Thanks
    Franscesco for pointing out the error (again).

1.6.4 Wed Feb 16 07:43:28 CST 2005
  - I screwed the pooch on 1.6.3, blatant typo pointed out to me by matrix200
    guess I forgot to run make test before releasing.

1.6.5 apparently a mystery release

1.6.6 Sun Sep 07 10:20:22 CST 2008
  - Thomas Jarosch sent a patch that adds unix socket support for those
    who have their admin restricted to unix socket instead of tcp

1.6.7 Sun Aug 23 14:05:04 CST 2009
  - David Mayo sent a patch that adds partition support for the rename function