2.206 25 July 2023

      * 2.206
        Tue, 25 Jul 2023 16:37:44 +0100

      * Merge branch 'master' of
        Sat, 22 Jul 2023 20:22:41 +0100

      * Merge pull request #50 from haarg/fix-version-check
        Sat, 22 Jul 2023 19:13:38 +0100

      * fix version checks to use correct method
        Fri, 21 Jul 2023 18:36:29 +0200

      * drop rt.cpan from SUPPORT section
        Tue, 18 Jul 2023 09:19:52 +0100

  2.205 16 July 2023

      * 2.205
        Sun, 16 Jul 2023 20:26:06 +0100

      * add perl 5.38
        Thu, 13 Jul 2023 11:13:24 +0100

      * add on workflow_dispatch
        Fri, 9 Jun 2023 16:25:09 +0100

      * Add some OO examples
        Fri, 9 Jun 2023 16:18:54 +0100

  2.204 8 February 2022

      * Update

      * Allow Z_NULL

  2.201 25 June 2022

      * Disable zib header tests
        Sat Jun 25 09:10:59 2022 +0100

      * Version 2.201
        Sat Jun 25 09:00:42 2022 +0100

      * doc update
        Thu Jun 23 23:00:31 2022 +0100

      * Changes for zlib-ng
        Thu Jun 23 22:43:50 2022 +0100

      * Add perl 5.36
        Sun Jun 5 13:34:18 2022 +0100

      * force streaming zip file when writing to stdout
        Sun Apr 24 19:43:19 2022 +0100

      * read zip timestamp in localtime
        Sun Apr 24 13:11:58 2022 +0100

      * streamzip: tighten up version tests for failing windows tests
        Sun Apr 24 12:49:57 2022 +0100

      * streamzip: update year
        Sun Apr 24 12:11:35 2022 +0100

      * Use Time::Local instead of  POSIX::mktime
        Tue Apr 19 11:31:43 2022 +0100

  2.106 12 April 2022

      * bin/zipdetails
        sync 2.104 from
        Tue Apr 12 15:39:59 2022 +0100

  2.105 9 April 2022

      * remove WeakDecrypt

  2.104 9 April 2022

      * Sync zipdetails 2.100 from

      * Update date in README

      * WeakDecrypt should not be listed in MANIFEST

      * Update versions to 2.104

  2.103 3 April 2022

      * Update version to 2.103

      * Fix for inflateSyncs retrurn code change

      * Add constant for ZIP_CM_AES

      * Point links to rfcs to

      * Rename test file to fix manifest warning

      * Add perl 5.34

      * Fix for Calling nextStream on an IO::Uncompress::Zip object in Transparent mode dies when input is uncompressed

      * IO::Compress: Generalize for EBCDIC

      * IO::Compress: Fix misspelling in 112utf8-zip.t

      * Revert "Always have full zip64 entry in central directory"

      * Always have full zip64 entry in central directory

      * update cpanm path on MacOS

  2.102 28 February 2021

      * Add IO_COMPRESS_SKIP_STDIN_TESTS to skip tests on Windows

  2.101 20 February 2021

      * fix version numbers in meta files

  2.100 7 January 2021

      * bin/zipdetails version 2.02
        7556eba2e174e77d8cdd914b27be1b63e0830d29 update to version 2.02
        237e9e52f26b7de92398513aa79e8153e65184e6 more fixes for defalte bitmask
        b03cddfa5c73984eb802fed1c7ad19f43b6522cc fix bitmask for deflate compression level

      * trim whitespace

      * some POD updates for zstd

      * Fix warnings once in multiple locations

      * Avoid duplicate use statements

      * Avoid using indirect calls

  2.096 31 July 2020

      * Add Zip support for Zstd

      * Add support for Zip/Unzip with XZ compression

  2.095 19 July 2020

      * Add Support for Zstandard in AnyUncompress

  2.094 13 July 2020

      * bin/zipdetails version 2

        7acb49ff4ca67051deaffd7f988556dae0dd884b small update
        f5988eebc21a4d0b96e0b094e6e9bf8d3dcb1763 Better error messages for missing Zip64 records
        d224dcc321dd1ff120345ac3a19286ecdc79776f Add note about warning output
        4caa0e5117c4c214f457d90f9a87d00772a79622 Add --version option
        6c045c859d2b6bab0398833f207d7f9b803bbbab Version 2
        df97743ffa1da816936e8ef504c9d561d66bb0ed Beef up some error cases
        073129c4f44ebd3cc2c5381ffa824fc09b474c29 Rename a couple of unused signatures
        72568c7d9edfd3e2fb6647dce6ea511e9caa186c update comment
        1088199809cabb9c565ac23f065988683aacd323 Merge branch 'master' of
        ad987ab95e3f3fa02fcf526736ad2da78d327460 Merge pull request #10 from fabiensanglard/master
        ac76d1b3d3f23077b1700778226edd68c50d81a8 fix typo
        5950d7e724479f0eceffe68ae515ac117ff6a5ef Don't output "Extra Payload" if length is zero
        dbd3160decd9b761dbad7aaae2ec46c0173125ef Merge pull request #12 from fabiensanglard/extra
        7ae4a98124c9195ca5286e3ac7d2cbe37fa2b644 Recover from bad extra subfield
        3e12e62916da31c003a7273293bc32bb9a31f85f Fix typo
        f3a0a4717433d32743f17d40adc30e11bea60868 Fix wrong START offset
        6f078dca715473276556afb0b8582bb69efa7230 Typo for Implode string "Shannon-Fano Trees"
        4e25fed1a8e29518fa38f0610a5ca33ca41e9d89 some small documentation updates.
        1be04bf4bd5fb023ad276ecabdbc170823bac465 Add decoder for 'Open Packaging Growth Hint'
        2da58735bdbd1149863014dd08a7cea0334f52d5 update compression method 16
        82a9612676ae192747b8bcbf586b09408c3b72ce Add extra fields 0x20-0x23 from APPNOTE 6.3.5
        bc5e2ffbc560b236bc3be0f977ce744f2a2afbfb remove trailing whitespace
        3f70119190671b00eb432e36904aa9dbb2fb8f69 minor documentation changes

  2.093 7 December 2019

      * No changes

  2.092 4 December 2019

      * No changes

  2.091 23 November 2019

      * 000prereq.t: Drop LZMA Module as optional

      * 011streamzip.t: Fixes for 5.6

  2.090 9 November 2019

      * MANIFEST error for streamzip

  2.089 3 November 2019

      * bin/streamzip
        Add streamzip to EXE_FILES

  2.088 31 October 2019

      * t/105oneshot-zip-only.t
        Fix reset of CompSize

      * Add Support Details

      * Update site for Bzip2 to sourceware

      * Fix number of tests

      * Add streamzip script to bin

      * zipdetails

        * Update zipdetails to version 1.11

        * Zip64 extra field typo

      * t/105oneshot-zip-only.t
        test with deflated directory

      * t/105oneshot-zip-only.t
        Add test for encrypted Zip files

      * Documentation Updates

      * Mention xz, lzma etc

  2.087 10 August 2019

      * IO::Uncompress::Unzip
        nextStream not updating filehandle correctly

      * Added travis & appveyor files for CI in GitHub

  2.086 31 March 2019

      * IO::Compress::Zip & IO::Uncompress::Unzip
        Added support for Language Encoding Flag via the EFS option.
        Starting point was pull request

      * zipdetails - some support for MVS (Z390) zip files

      * IO::Uncompress::Base
        Issue with trailing data after zip archive
        #128626 for IO-Compress: mainframe zip archive

      * t/cz-14gzopen.t
        cperl error found in
        Perl has this: "Not enough arguments for Compress::Zlib::gzopen"
        cperl uses this: "Not enough arguments for subroutine entry Compress::Zlib::gzopen"

      * Handlers being called when optional modules are not installed
        #128538:  $SIG{__DIE__}

      *  #128194: Beef up diag when system returns error

      * Moved source to github

      * Add META_MERGE to Makefile.PL

      * Added meta-json.t & meta-yaml.t

  2.084 5 January 2019

        Added support for IO::Uncompress::Zstd and IO::Uncompress::UnLzip

  2.083 30 December 2018

      * IO::Compress::*
      * IO::Uncompress::*
        The BinModeIn and BinModeOut options in are now no-ops.
        ALL files will be read/written in binmode.

      * IO::Uncompress::Unzip
        Fixed issue with unziping a member from a streamed zip file.
        Issue triggered by a libreoffice document.
        Test added to 105oneshot-zip-only.t
        Thanks to Fabrizio Pivari for the bug report.

      * Added U64::isZero

      * bin/zipdetails
        Added 'Data Stream Alignment' (tag 0xa11e) to extra fields.
        Field sourced from

        #125140: Tiny POD error in Compress::Zlib

  2.081 4 April 2018

      * previous release used $^W instead of use warnings. Fixed.

  2.080 2 April 2018

      * bin/zipdetails
        #124003: zipdetails SYNOPSIS section got a typo: zipdetaile-> zipdetails

        Changes for Archive::Zip::SimpleUnzip

      * bin/zipdetails
        Fix issues with zip64 archives.

      * bin/zipdetails
        Cope with zip archives where there is padding data after the compressed payload.
        Example is Microsoft appx file.

      * File::GlobMapper
        #120580: File::GlobMapper::$VERSION needs increment; trailing whitespace

      * t/cz-03zlib-v1.t
        valgrind errors fixed in Compress::Raw::Zlib 2.0.75 for issue #121074
        #121076: uninitialized errors from valgrind

  2.074 19 Feb 2017

      * Fix bad 2.073 release

  2.073 18 Feb 2017

      * #120239: [PATCH] ISA fixes for c3

  2.072 12 Feb 2017

      * Makefile.PL
        #120084: Need Fix for Makefile.PL depending on . in @INC

  2.070 28 Dec 2016

      * File::GlobMapper
        #117675: Fix prototype errors while lazy loading the module

      * zipdetails
        #116538: CVE-2016-1238: avoid loading optional modules from default .

  2.069 26 Sept 2015

      * IO::Compress::FAQ
        - Added a section of bgzip
          RT #103295: IO::Compress Feature request

      * IO::Compress::Zip
        - Zip64 needs to be first in extra field to workaround a Windows Explorer Bug
          See for details

  2.068 23 Dec 2014

      * Disable running of some of the slower test harnesses by default.
        COMPRESS_ZLIB_RUN_MOST needs set to run them. Make life more
        bearable on legacy platforms

  2.067 8 Dec 2014

      * RT #100257: IO::Compress::RawDeflate unnecessarily loads IO::Seekable

  2.066 21 Sept 2014

      * IO::Uncompress::Gzip
        Documentation of ExtraFlags stated the XFL values for BEST_COMPRESSION
        and BEST_SPEED use the values 2 & 4 respectively. They should
        be 4 & 2. Code for setting XFL was correct.

      * RT #95494: IO::Uncompress::Gunzip: Can no longer gunzip to in-memory
        file handle

  2.064 1 February 2014

      * RT #90216: IO-Compress/t/050interop-gzip.t: Use android-compatible
        flags when calling gzip

  2.063 20 October 2013

      * RT#89305: Typo in Compress::Zlib _combine function documentation

  2.062 11 August 2013

      * RT#87335: [PATCH] Fix up tests for imminent bleadperl changes

      * RT#84647: typo fixes

      * RT#86814: IO::Compress::Gzip test t/100generic-bzip2.t hangs on Cygwin

  2.061 19 May 2013

      * zipdetails (1.06)
        Get it to cope with Android 'zipalign' non-standard extra fields.
        These are used to make sure that a non-compressed member starts on
        a 4 byte boundary.

      * RT#84647: unzip example with IO::Uncompress::Unzip

  2.060 7 January 2013

      * Updated POD
        RT# 82138: Example code not clear - gunzip() takes filenames!

      * IO::Compress::Base
        Remove the flush call when opening a filehandle.

  2.059 10 December 2012

      * IO::Compress::Base
        Added "Encode" option.
        Fixes the encoding half of RT# 42656. Decode is still TODO

  2.058 12 November 2012

      * RT# 81119: Latest IO::Compress 2.057 fails tests on 5.8.x

  2.057 10 November 2012

      * IO::Compress::Zip
        Allow member name & Zip Comment to be "0"

      * IO::Compress::Base::Common
        Remove "-r" test - the file open will catch this.
        RT# 80855: IO::Compress::Base::Common returns that it cannot read readable files in NFS

      * RT# 79820: Install to 'site' instead of 'perl' when perl version is 5.11+

      * General Performance improvements.

  2.055 5 August 2012

      * FAQ
        Added a few paragraphs on how to deal with pbzip2 files
        [RT# #77743: Interoperability problems with pbzip2]

      * Compress::Zip
        speed up compress, uncompress, memGzip & memGunzip.
        [RT# #77350: Compress::Zlib::uncompress() is slowed down needlessly
                     by parameter validation

  2.052 29 April 2012

      * IO::Compress::Zip
        Force a ZIP64 archive when it contains >= 0xFFFF entries.

      * Typos in POD
        [RT# #76130: Gunzip Pod typo in OO section: $$output instead of $$input

  2.049 18 February 2012

      * IO::Compress::Zip
        Error in t/cz-03zlib-v1.t that caused warnings with 5.15
        [RT# 110736: warnings from cpan/IO-Compress/t/cz-03zlib-v1.t]

  2.048 29 January 2012

      * Set minimum zlib version to 1.2.0

      * IO::Compress test suite fails with Compress::Raw::Zlib 2.047
        and zlib < 1.2.4
        [RT# 74503]

  2.047 28 January 2012

      * Set minimum Perl version to 5.6

      * IO::Compress::Zip
        - In one-shot zip, set the Text Flag if "-T" thinks the file is a
          text file.
        - In one-shot mode, wrote mod time & access time in wrong order
          in the "UT" extended field.

  2.046 18 December 2011

      * Minor update to bin/zipdetails

      * Typo in name of IO::Compress::FAQ.pod

      * IO::Uncompress::Unzip
        - Example for walking a zip file used eof to control the outer
          loop. This is wrong.

      * IO::Compress::Zip
        - Change default for CanonicalName to false.
          [RT# 72974]

  2.045 3 December 2011

      * Restructured IO::Compress::FAQ.pod

  2.044 2 December 2011

      * Moved FAQ.pod under the lib directory so it can get installed

      * Added bin/zipdetails

      * IO::Compress::Zip
        - In one-shot mode enable Zip64 mode if the input file/buffer
          >= 0xFFFFFFFF bytes.

      * IO::Compress::FAQ
        - Updates

  2.043 20 November 2011

      * IO::Compress::Base
        - Fixed issue that with handling of Zip files with two (or more)
          entries that were STORED. Symptom is the first is uncompressed
          ok, but the next will terminate early if the size of the file is
          greater than BlockSize.
          Regression test added to t/006zip.t
          [RT# 72548]

  2.042 17 November 2011

      * IO::Compress::Zip
        - Added exUnixN option to allow creation of the "ux" extra field.
          This allows 32-bit UID/GID to be stored.
        - In one-shot mode use exUnixN rather than exUnix2 for the UID/GID.

      * IO::Compress::Zlib::Extra::parseExtraField
        - Fixed bad test for length of ID field
          [RT# 72329 & #72505]

  2.040 28 October 2011

      * t/105oneshot-zip-only.t
        - CanonicalName test failure on Windows
          [RT# 68926]

      * IO::Compress::Zip
        - ExtAttr now populates MSDOS attributes

  2.039 28 October 2011

      * IO::Compress::Zip
        - Added CanonicalName option.
          Note this option is set to true by default.
        - Added FilterName option

      * IO::Unompress::Base
        - Fixed issue where setting $\ would corrupt the uncompressed data.
          Thanks to Steffen Goeldner for reporting the issue.

      * t/050interop-*.t
        - Handle case when external command contains a whitespace
          RT #71335

  2.037 22 June 2011

      * IO::Uncompress
        - get globmapper tests working on VMS
          [RT# 68926]

      * IO::Uncompress::Unzip
        - Fixed limitation where Streamed Stored content was not supported.

  2.036 18 June 2011

      * IO::Compress::Zip & IO::Uncompress::Unzip
        - Added support for LZMA (method 14) compression/uncompresion.

      * IO::Compress::Unzip
        - Fixed CRC issue when compression is Store or Bzip2 and Strict option
          is set.

      * IO::Compress::Zip
        - Fixed Zip64 issue where the content size is exactly 0xFFFFFFFF

  2.035 6 May 2011

      * RT #67931: Test failure on Windows

  2.034 2 May 2011

      * Compress::Zlib
        - Silence pod warnings.
          [RT# 64876]

        - Removed duplicate words in pod.

      * IO::Compress::Base

        - RT #56942: Testsuite fails when being run in parallel

        - Reduce symbol import - patch from J. Nick Koston

        - If the output buffer parameter passed to read has a value of
          undef, and Append mode was specified when the file was opened,
          and eof is reached, then the buffer paramer was left as undef.
          This is different from when Append isn't specified - the buffer
          parameter is set to an empty string.

        - There are a couple of issues with reading a file that contains an
          empty file that is compressed.
          Create with -- touch /tmp/empty; gzip /tmp/empty.
          Issue 1 - eof is not true immediately. Have to read from the file
                    to trigger eof.
          Issue 2 - readline incorrectly returns an empty string the first
                    time it is called, and (correctly) undef thereafter.
          [RT #67554]

  2.033 11 Jan 2011

      * Fixed typos & spelling errors.
        [perl# 81816]

  2.032 4 Jan 2011

      * IO::Uncompress::Base
        - An input file that had a valid header, and so would allow
          creation of the uncompression object, but was then followed by
          corrupt data would trigger an infinite loop when using the
          input line oprator.
          [RT #61915]

      * IO::Compress::Gzip
        - XFL default settings for max compression & fastest algorithm were
          the wrong way around. Thanks to Andrey Zholos for spotting this.

      * IO::Compress::Base::Common
        - Fixed precedence problem in parameter parsing code.

  2.030 22 July 2010

      * IO::Compress::Zip
        - Updates to documentation.
        - Changes default value for ExtAttr on Unix to 0100644

      * IO::Uncompress::Unzip
        Reworked the "Name" option and examples in the pod.

      * IO::Uncompress::Base
        Fixed problem with nextStream not returning 0 when there is no
        next stream and Transparent is false.

  2.027 24 April 2010

      * Compress::Zlib
        Remove autoload code from
        [perl #74088]

  2.026 7 April 2010

      * IO::Uncompress::Zip
        - Some updates to IO::Compress::Zip documentation.
        - Fixed default setting for ExtAttr.

  2.025 27 March 2010

      * IO::Uncompress::Unzip
        The "Name" option wasn't documented.

      * Allow zlib version check to be disabled by setting
        TEST_SKIP_VERSION_CHECK environment variable.
        [RT #54510]

  2.024 7 January 2010

      * Compress::Zlib
        Get memGunzip & memGzip to set $gzerrno
        [RT# 47283]

      * Compress::Zlib
        Export memGunzip, memGzip and zlib_version on demand
        [RT# 52992]

      * examples/io/anycat
        This sample was using IO::Uncompress::AnyInflate. Much better to
        use IO::Uncompress::AnyUncompress.

  2.023 9 November 2009

      * IO::Compress::AnyUncompress
        Added support for lzma_alone & xz.

  2.022 9 October 2009

      * IO::Compress - Makefile.PL
        Fix for core.

  2.021 30 August 2009

        - Less warnnings when reading from a closed filehandle.
          [RT# 48350]
        - Fixed minor typo in an error message.
          [RT# 39719]

      * Makefile.PL
        The PREREQ_PM dependency on Scalar::Util got dropped when
        IO-Compress was created in 2.017.
        [RT# 47509]

        - Removed restriction that zip64 is only supported in streaming
        - The "version made by" and "extract" fields in the zip64 end
          central record were swapped.
        - In the End Central Header record the "offset to the start of the
          central directory" will now always be set to 0xFFFFFFFF when
          zip64 is enabled.
        - In the End Central Header record the "total entries in the
          central directory" field will be set to 0xFFFF if zip64 is
          enabled AND there are more than 0xFFFF entries present.

        - Don't consume lots of memory when walking a zip file. This makes
          life more bearable when dealing with zip64.

        - documented that memGunzip cannot cope with concatenated gzip data

      * Changed test harness so that it can cope with PERL5OPT=-MCarp=verbose
        [RT# 47225]

        - GZIP_FEXTRA_MAX_SIZE was set to 0xFF. Should be 0xFFFF.  This
          issue came up when attempting to unzip a file created by MS
          Office 2007.

  2.020 3 June 2009

        - Fixed problem with LimitOutput where a call to uncompress
          created more uncompressed output, but didn't consume any of
          the input buffer. The symptom is the underlying compression
          library (zlib or bzip2) thinks the input stream is corrupt.
          [RT #46582]

  2.019 4 May 2009

      * IO::Uncompress::Adapter::Bunzip2
        - Fixed problem with EOF check.

  2.018 3 May 2009

      * IO::Uncompress::Bunzip2
        - The interface to Compress-Raw-Bzip2 now uses the new LimitOutput
          feature. This will make all of the bzip2-related IO-Compress modules
          less greedy in their memory consumption.

      * IO::Compress::Zip
        - Fixed exTime & exUnix2

        - Fixed 'Use of uninitialized value in pack' warning when using

  2.017 30 March 2009

      * Merged IO-Compress-Base, IO-Compress-Bzip2, IO-Compress-Zlib &
        Compress-Zlib into IO-Compress.

      * The interface to Compress-Raw-Zlib now uses the new LimitOutput
        feature. This will make all of the zlib-related IO-Compress modules
        less greedy in their memory consumption.

      * Removed MAN3PODS from Makefile.PL

      * A few changes to get the test harness to work on VMS courtesy of
        Craig. A. Berry.

      * IO::Compress::Base & IO::Uncompress::Base
        Downgraded some croaks in the constructors to just set $! (by letting
        the code attempt to open a file and fail).
        This makes the behavior more consistent to a standard open.
        [RT #42657]

      * IO::Uncompress::Base
        Doing a seek with MultiStream could drop some of the uncompressed
        data. Fixed.

      * IO::Compress::Zip
        - Fixed problem with the uncompressed & uncompressed fields when
          zip64 is enabled. They were set to 0x0000FFFF instead of
          0xFFFFFFFF. Also the ZIP64 extra field was 4 bytes short.
          Problem spotted by Dino Chiesa.

      * IO::Uncompress::Unzip
        - use POSIX::mktime instead of Time::Local::timelocal to convert
          the zip DOS time field into Unix time.

      * Compress::Zlib
        - Documented Compress::Zlib::zlib_version()

  2.015 3 September 2008

      * Makefile.PL
        Backout changes made in 2.014

  2.014 2 September 2008

      * Makefile.PL
        Updated to check for indirect dependencies.

  2.013 18 July 2008

      * IO::Compress::Base
        - Allow IO::Compress::Base::Parameters::parse to accept an
          IO::Compress::Base::Parameters object.

  2.012 15 July 2008

      * IO::Compress::Base
        - Silenced an uninitialised value warning when reading a line
          at a time from a zip file where the content uses ZIP_CM_STORE.
          [Problem spotted & fixed by Jeff Holt]

      * IO::Compress::Base & IO::Uncompress::Base
        - local-ise $!, $? et al in the DESTROY methods.

  2.011 17 May 2008

      * IO::Compress::Base
        - Fixed problem that prevented the creation of a zip file that
          contained more than one compression method.

      * IO::Compress::Base::Common
        - The private Validator class in this module clashes with another
          CPAN module. Moved Validator into the IO::Compress::Base::Common
          [RT #35954]

      * IO::Uncompress::Unzip
        - Print an error message if the zip file contains a
          member compressed with bzip2 and IO::Uncompress::Bunzip2 is
          not available.
        - Could not cope with mixed compression zip files. For example a
          zip file that contains both STORED and DEFLATED content.
          [RT #35573]

  2.010 5 May 2008

      * Fixed problem that meant Perl 5.10 could not upgrade this module.
        [RT #35342 & 35341]

  2.009 20 April 2008

      * Removed the alpha status from File::GlobMapper

      * IO::Compress::Base
        When writing output never output a zero length buffer.
        Done to improve interoperability with other tied filenandle

      * Changed IO::Uncompress::Base to not use the offset parameter of
        the read method when reading from a filehandle.

        The object returned from Net::FTP::retr implements a non-standard
        read method. The third parameter is used for a timeout value
        rather than an offset.

      * Changed IO::Uncompress::Base to not use the eof method when
        reading from a filehandle.

        The object returned from Net::FTP::retr implements both the read
        method and the eof method. Unfortunately the implementation of
        the read method uses non-buffered IO (by using sysread) while
        the eof method uses buffered IO. Mixing buffered and non-buffered
        IO results in data corruption.

      * IO::Compress::Zip

        - Added exUnix2 option to allow storing of UID & GID.
        - When running on a Unix derivative the ExtAttr option now defaults
          to the equivalent of 0666. For all other systems the default
          remains 0.

      * Compress::Zlib
        - Minor documentation issue with flush.
          [ #31446]

  2.008 2 November 2007

      * Minor documentation changes in README

      * t/compress/
        EBCDIC Cleanup.

        Tidied up the character classes used to defined invalid
        FNAME & FCOMMENT fields for EBCDIC.

      * Compress::Zlib
        lib/Compress/ -- 1.x Backward Compatibility issues
        gzclose - documented return value was wrong, should be 0 for ok.
        gzflush - return value didn't match 1.x, should return 0 if ok.
        [ #29215] and Debian bug #440943

  2.006 1 September 20007

      * Makefile.PL
        Added INSTALLDIRS directive to install as a core module when built
        on a perl >= 5.9.

      * IO::Uncompress::RawDeflate

        - Fixed export problem - "$RawDeflateError" and "rawdeflate" were
          not being exported with ":all".

      * Compress::Zlib
        - t/03zlib-v1.t
          Fixed crc32 and adler32 tests in to remove ascii assumption.

        - lib/Compress/
          Make gzreadline not support $/, just like in Compress::Zlib 1.x
          Folk who want $/ with readline support can get it in
          IO::Uncompress::Gunzip.  [ #28663] and
          Debian bug #435656

  2.005 18 June 2007

      * Stephen Turner reported a problem when using IO::Uncompress::Gunzip
        with XML::Parser. Turns out there were two issues.

        Firstly an IO::Uncompress object isn't an IO::Handle. It is now.

        Secondly the implementation of "read" wasn't honouring this

            SCALAR will be grown or shrunk to the length actually read.

        In particular it didn't do the right thing on EOF.
        This has been fixed.

      * IO::Compress::Gzip & IO::Uncompress::Gunzip

        - RFC1952 says that the FNAME & FCOMMENT header fields must be ISO
          8859-1 (LATIN-1) characters. The code can optionally police this.
          Added a fix for this logic when running on EBCDIC.

      * Compress::Zlib
        Added info about removing Compress::Zlib version 1, before
        installing version 2.

  2.004 3 March 2007

      * Made seek less wasteful of memory.

      * IO::Compress::Zip

        - Added Zip64 documentation.

        - Fixed extended timestamp.
          Creation time isn't available in Unix so only store the
          modification time and the last access time in the extended field.

        - Fixed file mode.

        - Added ExtAttr option to control the value of the "external file
          attributes" field in the central directory.

        - Added Unix2 extended attribute ("Ux").
          This stores the UID & GID.

      * IO::Compress::Gzip

        - Fixed 050interop-gzip.t for Windows

      * IO::Compress::Bzip2

        - Fixed 050interop-bzip2.t for Windows

      * Compress::Zlib

        - rewrote memGzip using IO::Compress::Gzip::gzip

  2.003 2 January 2007

      * Added explicit version checking

  2.002 29 December 2006

      * Documentation updates.

      * Added IO::Handle to the ISA test in isaFilehandle

      * Add an explicit use_ok test for Scalar::Util in the test harness.
        The error message reported by 01misc implied the problem was
        somewhere else.
        Also explicitly check that 'dualvar' is available.

      * Compress::Zlib
        - Fix append mode with gzopen.

        - Allow gzopen to read from and write to a scalar reference.

  2.001 1 November 2006

      * Remove beta status.

  2.000_14 26 October 2006

      * IO::Uncompress::Base
        Added support for $/ in record mode

      * IO::Uncompress::Base
        The readline interface was substantially slower than the 1.x
        equivalent. This has now been sorted.
        Thanks to Andreas J. Koenig for spotting the problem.

      * IO::Uncompress::AnyUncompress
        Added IO::Uncompress::Lzf to the list of supported uncompressors.

      * IO::Uncompress::Base
        Added TrailingData to one-shot interface.

      * IO::Uncompress::AnyUncompress
        Remove raw-deflate (RFC1951) from the default list of compressors
        to check.
        It can still be included if the new RawInflate parameter is
        This change was made because the only way to tell if content is
        raw-deflate is to attempt to uncompress it - a few false positives
        have popped up recently, which suggests that auto-detecting raw
        deflate is far from perfect.
        The equivalent change has been made to IO::Uncompress::AnyInflate.
        [Core patch #28445]

      * Don't check that filehandles are writable. It would seem that
        "-w *STDOUT" on windows returns false.
        [Core Patch #28415]

      * IO::Uncompress::Deflate
        Beefed up the magic signature check. Means less false positives
        when auto-detecting the compression type.

      * IO::Uncompress::UnZip
        Tighten up the zip64 extra field processing to cope with the case
        wheere only some of the local header fields are superseded.

      * IO::Uncompress::AnyInflate
        Remove raw-deflate (RFC 1951) from the default list of compressors
        to check.
        It can still be included if the new RawInflate parameter is
        This change was made because the only way to tell if content is
        raw-deflate is to attempt to uncompress it - a few false positives
        have popped up recently, which suggests that auto-detecting raw
        deflate is far from perfect.
        The equivalent change has been made to IO::Uncompress::AnyUncompress.
        [Core patch #28445]

  2.000_13 20 June 2006

      * Store compress & uncompressed sizes as 64-bit.

      * For one-shot uncompression, like this

            unzip "" => \@a, MultiStream => 1;

        Push each uncompressed stream from "" onto @a.

      * Added IO::Compress::Base::FilterEnvelope

      * Added IO::Uncompress::Base::nextStream

      * The '-' filehandle now maps to either *STDIN or *STDOUT.
        This keeps mod_perl happier. Was using these before

            new IO::File("<-")
            new IO::File(">-")

      * Preliminary support for reading zip files with zip64 members.

  2.000_12 3 May 2006

      * Moved the code for creating and parsing the gzip extra field into so that IO::Compress::Zip &
        IO::Uncompress::Unzip can use it as well.

      * Added ExtraFieldLocal & ExtraFieldCentral options to IO::Compress::Zip.
        These allow the creation of user-defined extra fields in the local
        and central headers, just like the ExtraField option in

      * Moved the zip constants into IO::Compress::Zip::Constants

      * Added exTime option to IO::Compress::Zip.
        This allows creation of the extended timestamp extra field.

      * Added Minimal option to IO::Compress::Zip.
        This disables the creation of all extended fields.

      * Added TextFlag option to IO::Compress::Zip.

      * Documented Comment and ZipComment options in IO::Compress::Zip.

      * Compress::Zlib
        Fixed gzread to zap the output buffer to an empty string when zero
        bytes are requested. This matches the behaviour of C::Z 1.x

  2.000_11 10 April 2006

      * Transparent + InputLength made more robust where input data is not

      * Updated Documentation for zip modules.

      * Changed IO::Compress::Zip 'Store' option to 'Method' and added
        symbolic constants ZIP_CM_STORE, ZIP_CM_DEFLATE and ZIP_CM_BZIP2 to
        allow the compression method to be picked by the user.

      * Added support to allow bzip2 compressed data to be written/read
        with IO::Compress::Zip and IO::Uncompress::Unzip.

      * Beefed up 050interop-gzip.t to check that the external gzip command
        works as expected before starting the tests. This means that
        this test harness will just be skipped on problematic systems.

      * Merged core patch 27565 from Steve Peters. This works around a
        problem with gzip on OpenBSD where it doesn't seem to like
        compressing files < 10 bytes long.

      * Beefed up 050interop-bzip2.t to check that the external bzip2 command
        works as expected before starting the tests. This means that
        this test harness will just be skipped on problematic systems.

  2.000_10 13 March 2006

      * AnyUncompress doesn't assume  that IO-Compress-Zlib is installed any

      * Documentation updates.

      * Compress::Zlib
        Changed gzread so that its behaviour matches C::Z::gzread 1.x if it
        is called after eof. In this case it will write an empty string
        into the output parameter. This change is solely for backward
        compatibility reasons.

  2.000_09 3 March 2006

      * Released to CPAN.

  2.000_08 2 March 2006

      * Split IO::Compress::Base into its own distribution.

      * Split IO::Compress::Bzip2 into its own distribution.

      * Added opened, autoflush and input_line_number.

      * Beefed up support for $.

      * Split IO::Compress::Zlib into its own distribution.

      * Beefed up support for zip/unzip

      * Breakout zlib specific code into separate modules.

      * Limited support for reading/writing zip files

  2.000_06 5 October 2005

      * Added eof parameter to Compress::Zlib::inflate method.

      * Fixed issue with 64-bit

  2.000_05 4 October 2005

      * Renamed IO::* to IO::Compress::* & IO::Uncompress::*

  2.000_04 23 September 2005

      * Fixed some more non-portable test that were failing on VMS.

      * fixed problem where error messages in the oneshot interface were
        getting lost.

  2.000_03 12 September 2005

      * Fixed some non-portable test that were failing on VMS.

      * Fixed export of zlib constants from the IO::* classes

  2.000_02 6 September 2005

      * Split Append mode into Append and Merge

      * Fixed typos in the documentation.

      * Added pod/FAQ.pod

      * Added libscan to Makefile.PL

      * Added InputLength for IO::Gunzip et al

  2.000_01 22 August 2005

      * Fixed VERSION in Compress::Gzip::Constants

      * Removed Compress::Gzip::Info from the distribution.

  2.000_00 21 August 2005

      * First Beta relase of Compress::zlib rewrite.

Compress-Zlib version 1 Changes

  1.38 - 6 September 2005

      * Integrate core change 25304 -- Symbian Update

      * Added libscan to Makefile.PL

  1.37 - 12 August 2005

      * Change to t/03examples.t for VMS from Abe Timmerman

  1.36 - 3 August 2005

      * Renamed zlib-src-1.2.3 to zlib-src to help VMS

      * Fixed Makefile.PL for VMS

      * Fixed t/03examples.t for VMS

      * Added a couple of notes about incompatibility with Unix compress.

  1.35 - 16 July 2005

      * Updated zlib source to 1.2.3

      * Fixed problem with where two calls to gzclose would hang the debugger.

      * Added code from Alexey Tourbin to use XSLoader when available,
        and DynaLoader otherwise.

      * Documented that the compress & uncompress functions were not
        the same as the Unix utilities of the same name.

      * Fixed 05gzsetp -- it left a temp file hanging around.

      * Integrate core change 24787 - SvUPGRADE returns void in blead

      * Integrate core change 24788 - Makefile.PL adjustments for the core

  1.34 - 30 January 2005

      * Fixed typo in the README

      * Fixed examples.t on Win32 where paths have embedded whitespace.

      * Fix for Cygwin and core integration from Jos I. Boumans

      * Upgrade zlib source to 1.2.2

  1.33 - 14 January 2004

      * Reworked Makefile.PL to avoid creating a private copy of zlib.
        This both simplifies the build, plus it makes life easier for VMS.

      * Patches for Makefile.PL to get it to work on VMS supplied by
        Craig A. Berry.

      * memGunzip has very slow on FreeBSD. Turns out to be down to
        the way realloc works on FreeBSD. Changed both inflate & deflate
        to use exponentially increasing buffer sizes when they need to
        realloc. Thanks to Peter Jeremy for the lowdown on FreeBSD
        memory allocation.

  1.32 - 26 November 2003

      * Steve Hay reported a problem on with Windows and
        MSCV++ 6.0 where the source from the zlib directory was getting
        installed with the rest of the module.

        This has been fixed by renaming the "zlib" directory to "zlib-src"
        thus avoiding a conflict with the name of this Perl module.

      * Fixed a bug in the inflate method where the input buffer is an
        lvalue (via substr). Problem & solution reported by Salvador Fandiqo.

      * Tightened up the logic in Makefile.PL when BUILD_ZLIB is
        True. Issue spotted by Ralf S. Engelschall.

  1.31 - 29 October 2003

      * Reinstated the creation of .bak files - $^I seems to need a
        backup file on Windows. For OpenVMS, the extension _bak is used.

  1.30 - 28 October 2003

      * Bundled a sub-set of the zlib source with the module and changed
        the default make behaviour to build with the included zlib source.
        The previous behaviour of using a pre-built zlib library is
        still available for those that want it.

      * Added prototypes to the subs in that didn't already have
        them. Patch from Ed Avis.

      * No .bak files are created by Makefile.PL any more - this keep
        distclean much happier. Patch suggested by Ed Avis.
        This also fixes a similar problem reported by Dr. Martin Zinser
        on OpenVMS.

      * Documentation for some of the gz functions updated.

      * Format strings modified in DispStream to keep OpenVMS happy.
        Problem reported by Dr. Martin Zinser.

  1.22 - 17 June 2003

      * Makefile.PL now displays a warning about not installing
        Compress::Zlib via the CPAN shell.

      * Fix to allow intermingling of gzread & gzreadline - patch
        supplied by Doug Perham.

      * memGunzip will silently now work if the gzip trailer is
        missing. Some HTTP Origin Servers seem to leave it out.

  1.21 - 28 April 2003

      * Tests 148 & 150 from t/02zlib.t were failing on redhat 9.

      * Added a few words about the problems with Mac OS X to the README file.

  1.20 - 4 April 2003

      * Fixed bug in gzopen where $gzerrno wasn't being set correctly.
        The symptom was $gzerrno was set to Z_MEM_ERROR although the file
	was opened ok. If gzopen failed, $gzerrno was being set correctly.
	This problem wasn't spotted before because the typical test
	to determine whether gzopen passed or failed was to check its
	return value.

  1.19 - 31 October 2002

      * fixed a problem with t/02zlib.t that was failing with redhat 8.

  1.18 - 24 October 2002

      * fixed a Win32 problem in t/02zlib.t by changing sysread to read.

      * zlib 1.0.5 & older doesn't have gzsetparams & gzeof. Added a new
        variable to to flag an old version of zlib. Split
        out the tests for gzsetparams into t/05gzsetp.t

  1.17 - 23 May 2002

      * Moved the test to check the versions of libz & zlib.h into a separate
        file and added troubleshooting notes to README.

      * In gzopen, only attempt to call "tell" for normal files.

      * Fixed to work in taint mode.

      * Broke changes out of README into Changes file.

      * Replaced internal use of Z_PARTIAL_FLUSH symbol with Z_SYNC_FLUSH.
        zlib.h says  /* will be removed, use Z_SYNC_FLUSH instead */

  1.16 - 13 December 2001

      * Fixed bug in Makefile.PL that stopped "perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=..."

  1.15 - 4th December 2001

      * Changes a few types to get the module to build on 64-bit Solaris

      * Changed the up/downgrade logic to default to the older constructs, and
        to only call a downgrade if specifically requested. Some older versions
        of Perl were having problems with the in-place edit.

      * added the new XS constant code.

  1.14 - 27th August 2001

      * Memory overwrite bug fixed in "inflate". Kudos to Rob Simons for
        reporting the bug and to Anton Berezin for fixing it for me.

  1.13 - 31st June 2001

      * Make sure is consistent when released.

  1.12 - 28th April 2001

      * Modified Makefile.PL to only enable the warnings pragma if
        using perl 5.6.1 or better.

  1.11 - 17th February 2001

      * Added logic in Makefile.PL to toggle between using $^W and
        the warnings pragma in the module.

      * The module, the examples & the test harness are now all strict
        & warnings clean.

  1.10 - 5th February 2001

      * fixed a bug in memGunzip. Used Z_ERR instead of Z_DATA_ERROR.

  1.09 - 15th January 2001

      * Silenced a few compiler warnings.

      * Updated zlib home site in README & to

      * Minor typo in - a link used AUTHORS instead of AUTHOR
        -- spotted by Frank Martini.

      * Mention Archive::Zip

      * added memGunzip. This is largely based on code provided by Jim Leonard.

      * $deflate->flush can now take an optional parameter. Valid
        and Z_FINISH. The default is Z_FINISH.

  1.08 - 6 Jan 2000

      * uncompress was clobbering its input parameter. Now it doesn't.
        This bug was spotted by Deven T. Corzine.

      * If a variable that only ever contained a number was given
        to compress or deflate, it would not be compressed properly. Now
        it will be coerced to a string and then compressed. This bug
        was spotted by Deven T. Corzine.

  1.07 - 27 Nov 1999

      * ANSI-ified the static functions in Zlib.xs

      * Added the ability to build zlib along with the module.
        This feature is 90% based on a Makefile provided by Gurusamy

  1.06 - 20 Sep 1999

      * Fixed a nasty problem where inflate could truncate the data
        returned. Thanks to Douglas Thomson <>
        for both spotting the problem and fixing the bug.

      * Added a note about the undocumented features in zlib that are
        required when accessing zip files.

      * gzclose will now get called automatically when the gzip object is

  1.05 - 3 June 1999

      * Previous release used newSVpvn, which doesn't exist in 5.004_04
        or earlier. Changed to use newSVpv instead.

      * The module needs Perl 5.004 or better, so updated the version
        checking in and Makefile.PL

  1.04 - 27 May 1999

      * Bug 19990527.001: compress(undef) core dumps -- Fixed.

  1.03 - 17 Mar 1999

      * Updated to use the new PL_ symbols.
        Means the module can be built with Perl 5.005_5*

  1.02 - 31 Jan 1999

      * The return codes for gzread, gzreadline and gzwrite were
        documented incorrectly as returning a status code.

      * The test harness was missing a "gzclose". This caused problem
        showed up on an amiga. Thanks to Erik van Roode for reporting
        this one.

      * Patched zlib.t for OS/2. Thanks to Ilya Zakharevich for the patch.

  1.01 - 23 Nov 1997

      * A number of fixes to the test suite and the example scripts to
	allow them to work under win32. All courtesy of Gurusamy

  1.00 - 14 Nov 1997

      * Fixed crc32 & adler32. They were very broken.

      * The following functions can now take a scalar reference in
	place of a scalar for their buffer parameters:


	This should mean applications that make use of the module don't
	have to copy large buffers around.

      * Normally the inflate method consumes I<all> of the input buffer
	before returning. The exception to this is when inflate detects
	the end of the stream (Z_STREAM_END). In this case the input
	buffer need not be completely consumed. To allow processing of
	file formats that embed a deflation stream (e.g. zip, gzip),
	the inflate method now sets the buffer parameter to be what
	remains after inflation.

	When the return status is Z_STREAM_END, it will be what remains
	of the buffer (if any) after deflation. When the status is Z_OK
	it will be an empty string.

	This change means that the buffer parameter must be a lvalue.

      * Fixed crc32 and adler32. They were both very broken.

      * Added the Compress::Zlib::memGzip function.

  0.5 - Confirmed that no changes were necessary for zlib 1.0.3, or 1.0.4.

	The optional parameters for deflateInit and inflateInit can now
	be specified as an associative array in addition to a reference
	to an associative array. They can also accept the -Name

	gzopen can now optionally take a reference to an open
	filehandle in place of a filename. In this case it will call

	Added gzstream example script.

  0.4 - Upgrade to support zlib 0.99

	Added dictionary interface.

	Fixed bug in gzreadline - previously it would keep returning
	the same buffer. This bug was reported by Helmut Jarausch

	Removed dependency to zutil.h and so dropped support for

	    DEF_MEM_LEVEL (use MAX_MEM_LEVEL instead)
	    DEF_WBITS     (use MAX_WBITS instead)

  0.3 - Added prototype specification.

  0.2 - Fixed a minor allocation problem in Zlib.xs

  0.1 - first alpha release. 2nd October 1995