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Revision history  IO-Stringy

2.113     2020-01-16
  - Get rid of use of Common and TBone in all tests
  - Convert to Dist::Zilla for authoring
  - Cleaned up some of the docs. Needs more.

2.112    2019-12-13
  - Added the change log from any prior source that could be found. Formatted
    the log to fit loose standards.
  - Added .mailmap to correctly attribute all commits to Dianne Skoll when
    using: git shortlog -s -e
  - Added .gitattributes and .gitignore to assist with keeping the repo clean
  - Change use vars qw() to our $whatever instead. 'our'
  - Hide IO::WrapTie subclasses from PAUSE
  - Rebuild Makefile.PL to contain all of the prerequisites. Make use of the
    stub from Dist::Zilla
  - Convert README to
  - Fix the documentation in the main module, IO::Stringy to better indicate
    where to get info and how to use the module
  - Fix the dist's META information to indicate the original author and license
  - Add a LICENSE file
  - Get rid of the file as it's no longer needed
  - Add AppVeyor CI testing
  - Add Travis CI testing
  - update t/IO_InnerFile.t to use Test::More and a proper TEMP file (RT #103895)

2.111    2015-04-22
  - Update maintainer's name, which is now Dianne Skoll.

2.110    2005-02-10
  - Maintainership taken over by DSKOLL <>
  - RT 2208 IO::ScalarArray->getline does not return undef for EOF if
  - RT 7132 IO-stringy/Makefile.PL bug - name should be module name
  - RT 11249 IO::Scalar flush shouldn't return undef
  - RT 2172 $\ (output record separator) not respected
  - RT 8605 IO::InnerFile::seek() should return 1 on success
  - RT 4798 *.html in lib/

2.109    2003-12-21
  - IO::Scalar::getline now works with ref to int. *Dominique Quatravaux*
  - RT 4369 Improvement: handling of fixed-size reads in IO::Scalar

2.108    2001-08-20
  - The terms-of-use have been placed in the distribution file
    "COPYING". Also, small documentation tweaks were made.

2.105    2001-08-09
  - Added support for various seek() whences to IO::ScalarArray.
  - Added support for consulting $/ in IO::Scalar and IO::ScalarArray.
  - The old "use_RS()" is not even an option. Unsupported record
    separators will cause a croak().
  - Added a lot of regression tests to supoprt the above.
  - Better on-line docs (hyperlinks to individual functions).

2.103    2001-08-08
  - After sober consideration I have reimplemented IO::Scalar::print()
    so that it once again always seeks to the end of the string.
    Benchmarks show the new implementation to be just as fast as
    Juergen's contributed patch; until someone can convince me
    otherwise, the current, safer implementation stays.
  - I thought more about giving IO::Scalar two separate handles, one for
    reading and one for writing, as suggested by Binkley. His points
    about what tell() and eof() return are, I think, show-stoppers for
    this feature. Even the manpages for stdio's fseek() seem to imply a
    *single* file position indicator, not two. So I think I will take
    this off the TO DO list. Remedy: you can always have two handles
    open on the same scalar, one which you only write to, and one which
    you only read from. That should give the same effect.

2.101    2001-08-07
  - Alpha release. This is the initial release of the "IO::Scalar and
    friends are now subclasses of IO::Handle". I'm flinging it against
    the wall. Please tell me if the banana sticks. When it does, the
    banana will be called 2.2x.
  - First off, *many many thanks to Doug Wilson*, who has provided an
    *invaluable* service by patching IO::Scalar and friends so that they
    (1) inherit from IO::Handle, (2) automatically tie themselves so
    that the "new()" objects can be used in native i/o constructs, and
    (3) doing it so that the whole damn thing passes its regression
    tests. As Doug knows, my globref Kung-Fu was not up to the task; he
    graciously provided the patches. This has earned him a seat at the
    Co-Authors table, and the right to have me address him as *sensei*.
  - Performance of IO::Scalar::print() has been improved by as much as
    2x for lots of little prints, with the cost of forcing those who
    print-then-seek-then-print to explicitly seek to end-of-string
    before printing again. *Thanks to Juergen Zeller for this patch.*
  - Added the COPYING file, which had been missing from prior versions.
    *Thanks to Albert Chin-A-Young for pointing this out.*
  - IO::Scalar consults $/ by default (1.x ignored it by default). Yes,
    I still need to support IO::ScalarArray.

1.221    2001-08-07
  - Add missing information to "INSTALLATION"  -- David Beroff

1.220    2001-04-03
  - Added untested SEEK, TELL, and EOF methods to IO::Scalar and IO::ScalarArray
    to support corresponding functions for tied filehandles: untested, because
    I'm still running 5.00556 and Perl is complaining about "tell() on unopened
    file". *Thanks to Graham Barr*
  - Removed not-fully-blank lines from modules; these were causing lots
    of POD-related warnings. *Thanks to Nicolas Joly*

1.219    2001-02-23
  - IO::Scalar objects can now be made sensitive to $/ . Pains were
    taken to keep the fast code fast while adding this feature. *Cheers
    to Graham Barr for submitting his patch; jeers to me for losing his
    email for 6 months.*

1.218    2001-02-23
  - IO::Scalar has a new sysseek() method. (Richard Jones)
  - New "TO DO" section, because people who submit patches/ideas should
    at least know that they're in the system... and that I won't lose
    their stuff. Please read it.
  - New entries in "AUTHOR". Please read those too.

1.216    2000-09-28
  - IO::Scalar and IO::ScalarArray now inherit from IO::Handle. (B. K. Oxley)
  - Nasty bug fixed in IO::Scalar::write(). Apparently, the offset and
    the number-of-bytes arguments were, for all practical purposes,
    *reversed.* You were okay if you did all your writing with print(),
    but boy was *this* a stupid bug! *Thanks to Richard Jones*
  - New sysread and syswrite methods for IO::Scalar. *Thanks again to
    Richard Jones for this.*

1.215    2000-09-05
  - Added 'bool' overload to '""' overload, so object always evaluates to true.

1.214    2000-09-03
  - Evaluating an IO::Scalar in a string context now yields the underlying
    string. *Thanks to B. K. Oxley (binkley) for this.*

1.213    2000-08-16
  - Minor documentation fixes.

1.212    2000-06-02
  - Fixed IO::InnerFile incompatibility with Perl5.004. *Thanks to many folks
    for reporting this.*

1.210    2000-04-17
  - Added flush() and other no-op methods. -- Doru Petrescu

1.209    2000-03-17
  - Small bug fixes.

1.208    2000-03-14
  - Incorporated a number of contributed patches and extensions, mostly related
    to speed hacks, support for "offset", and WRITE/CLOSE methods. *Thanks to
    Richard Jones, Doru Petrescu, and many others.*

1.206    1999-04-18
  - Added creation of ./testout when Makefile.PL is run.

1.205    1999-01-15
  - Verified for Perl5.005.

1.202    1998-04-18
  - New IO::WrapTie and IO::AtomicFile added.

1.110    1998-03-27
  - Added IO::WrapTie.

1.109    1998-03-23

  - Added IO::Lines, and made some bug fixes to IO::ScalarArray.
  - Also, added getc().

1.105    1997-12-15
  - No real changes; just upgraded IO::Wrap to have a $VERSION string.

1.104    1997-11-05
  - Earliest release found