2012-05-07    v1.006

2012-03-04    v1.005
  - Increased DBI required version to 1.614 for AutoInactiveDestroy attribute.

2012-03-04    v1.004
  - A problem with forked children was discovered, which prompted further investigation.
    After many solid hours of furious hacking, I wonder how this ever worked.
    (Don't we all have moments like that?)
  - Performance with threads.pm, forks.pm, and regular perl fork()s *should*
    now be quite solid.
  - Recommended upgrade includes Class::DBI::Lite as a partially-related issue
    was discovered and fixed there as part of this coding session.
  - If this release does turn out to be stable, the amount of work that went into
    this release will warrant a full version bump.

2012-03-03    v1.003
  - Of course 5 minutes later, I think I see the bug.
  - *This* one surely will do the trick.

2012-03-02    v1.002
  - After extensive use in forked/threaded environments, some problems began to appear.
  - This release addresses these problems:
    "DBD driver has not implemented the AutoCommit attribute"
    "DBD::mysql::db do failed: MySQL server has gone away"
  - Major shout-out to Perrin for solving most of this several years ago.

2011-06-05    v1.001
  - Deprecated commit and rollback methods.

2011-06-01    v1.000
  - After a year of solid performance, I'm giving Ima::DBI::Contextual a 1.0 version number.
  - Removed warnings that look like this:
    "Issuing rollback() due to DESTROY without explicit disconnect()..."
  - The warnings were caused when the db connection has gone away and we reconnect.
  - No other changes.

2010-05-21    v0.006
  - db_Main was failing because $dbh->ping alone couldn't detect a dead handle.

2010-05-20    v0.005
  - Fixed synopsis in POD.

2010-05-20    v0.004
  - Just a couple tweaks here and there.

2010-05-19    v0.003
  - Fixed a failing test that still referred to Ima::DBI::Lite.

2010-05-19    v0.002
  - Initial release as "Ima::DBI::Contextual"

2010-05-18    v0.001
  - Initial release as "Ima::DBI::Lite"