Revision history for Perl extension Image::EXIF.

2.01    Fri May 11 18:04:11 BST 2012
        - Fix building under Perl 5.8.8 (including Red Hat 5.6)

2.00    Sun May  6 16:22:04 BST 2012
        - New maintainer Aaron Crane <>
        - New versioning scheme: don't encode exiftags version number in
          Perl module version
        - Upgrade embedded exiftags library to 1.01
        - Require Perl 5.8
        - Fix build on case-insensitive filesystems, as typically found
          under Mac OS, Windows, Cygwin, etc (RT#4353, RT#4973, RT#76281)
        - Fix broken dists (RT#4353, RT#32641)
        - Fix: allow multiple Image::EXIF objects to exist simultaneously
        - Fix: no more fixed-size buffers (and potential buffer overflows)
        - Use exceptions to report errors, not a mixture of exit() and
          return-value checking (RT#26094)

1.00.4 Thu Jul 14 15:03:03 MSD 2011
        Fixed bugs:45085, 26094
        Dmitry Kosenkov <>

1.00.3 Mod Apr 25 16:56 PST 2005
        Mr Eric Johnston released new version of his library which is 1.00.
        So did we!

99.4  Thu Aug 12 21:42 PST 2004
(-)     Fix
        Martijn van de Streek found a bug and sent a patch. Below his note:
        >In the current version of Image::EXIF there's a bug: when reading a
        >non-EXIF JPEG file after reading an EXIF JPEG file, the module generates
        >a Segmentation Fault.
        >The attached patch fixes this bug by re-setting the "et" to NULL after
        >exiffree()ing it.

(-)     Fix
        One more issue. If file which is kinda jpeg is a wrong one, then
        package gets stuck.

99.1  Fri May 21 14:40 PST 2004
        Mr Eric Johnston released new version of his library which is 0.99.1
        So did we!

        From now I'm gonna rename exif.c to _exif.c to allow compile and use
        this package for Win & Mac perl cookers.

        And just small note from Blair Zajac:

        >I'm looking to use the Image::EXIF module and noticed that the
        >'unknown' hash key is actually spelled 'unknow'.  Since all
        >occurrences of the word are misspelled in the package, is this

        >I'm attaching a patch to fix this and a couple of other spelling


        Thanks Blair for your note.

98.6  Wed Jan 14 13:53:48 PST 2004
        HONY (OldNewYear Crazy Russian Custom)
        * small change in EXIF.xs
                <                       break;
                >                       ;

        From Rolf Dignatz:

                using the original Image-EXIF-0.98.5:

                file: nikon0001.JPG

                rd debug: read_data: mark = 0xe1    (JPEG_M_APP1)
                rd debug: exifscan: header='Exif'
                rd debug: read_data: mark = 0xe1    (JPEG_M_APP1)
                rd debug: exifscan: header=''

                (null): couldn't find Exif data

                As you see in my first debug output there are two
                JPEG_M_APP1-marked sections in the nikon jpeg-file
                and only the first one is the 'real' EXIF section.
                So I decided to break after the first legal EXIF section.

                Another way might be to read all possibly EXIF sections
                and process them all?
                Similar is the original exiftags-0.98::exiftags.c::doit()
                (code in line ~ 182) which processes each JPEG_M_APP1-section
                which leads in a true expression

        * small fix in

98.5  Mon Jan 5 11:28:48 PST 2004
        * exifgps.c file was missing in package
        + also I added script
          where you can see how I deal with the package

98.3  Mon Nov 10 11:28:48 PST 2003
        * bugfix.
          EXIF got core dump if jpeg didn't have exif section.
           based on comment from Sebastien Gross (tnku)

0.02  Tue Aug  5 10:33:19 PST 2003
        - original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
                -n Image::EXIF