Image::ExifTool::Shortcuts - ExifTool shortcut tags


This module is required by Image::ExifTool.


This module contains definitions for tag name shortcuts used by Image::ExifTool. You can customize this file to add your own shortcuts.

Individual users may also add their own shortcuts to the .ExifTool_config file in their home directory (or the directory specified by the EXIFTOOL_HOME environment variable). The shortcuts are defined in a hash called %Image::ExifTool::UserDefined::Shortcuts. The keys of the hash are the shortcut names, and the elements are either tag names or references to lists of tag names.

An example shortcut definition in .ExifTool_config:

    %Image::ExifTool::UserDefined::Shortcuts = (
        MyShortcut => ['createdate','exif:exposuretime','aperture'],
        MyAlias => 'FocalLengthIn35mmFormat',

In this example, MyShortcut is a shortcut for the CreateDate, EXIF:ExposureTime and Aperture tags, and MyAlias is a shortcut for FocalLengthIn35mmFormat.

The target tag names may contain an optional group name prefix. A group name applied to the shortcut will be ignored for any target tag with a group name prefix.


Copyright 2003-2023, Phil Harvey (philharvey66 at

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.