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Revision history for Image::IPTCInfo.

1.1  May 23, 2001 by Josh Carter
     - Properly packaged the module with makefile and such.
     - Fixed stupid byte-ordering bug on Intel architectures.

1.5  May 28, 2001 by Josh Carter
     - Major update with "real" JFIF parsing and can also
       create/modify/save IPTC info in JFIF files.
     - Lots of other features I didn't document at the time and can't
       remember now.

1.6  Mar 10, 2002 by Josh Carter
     - Now handles all flavors of JPEG for saving, not just JFIF.
       (Most nobably it now supports EXIF.)
     - Fix in CollectAdobeParts() that was corrupting files during
       SaveAs() if they had an Adobe Resource Block. Sorry!
     - Some proggies would save files starting the IIM section with
       0x1c0219 instead of the usual 0x1c0200, so I allow that now.
     - Fixed a couple stupid bugs in ExportXML.
     - Now works fine with warnings turned on.
     - Fixed up HexDump a little and added other debugging tools.

1.7  Oct 03, 2003 by Josh Carter
     - Fix for odd-length Adobe part at end of Adobe block (thanks to
       Ed Rossi for sending me files with this problem).
     - Added option to SaveAs() which lets you discard the other stuff
       in the Adobe block, which is useful if you have an image with a
       corrupted block (e.g. from IPTCInfo version 1.5).
     - Fixed stupid bug in Log().

     - Fix to conditional that was using bitwise & instead of boolean
       &&. They evalutated to the same thing in this case, but it was
       still a bug. (Thanks Brian.)
     - Reduced strictness of looking for tag/record/dataset at start
       of IPTC info. The spec says the version dataset is supposed to
       be first, but not all apps obey this. IrfanView in particular
     - Couple options on saving for trashing the Abode block and
       another for trashing *all* application data blocks. You can
       ditch about 10-15k worth of EXIF, FlashPix, etc. stuff without
       touching image data. (Feature requested by Scott at USA Today.)

     - Contacts is now a repeatable field, like keywords and
       supplemental categories. (Thanks Edward and Dirk.)
     - Scanning of App data #13 (Photoshop block) is now limited to
       the block length, which should keep us both from scanning
       outside the block, and also not stopping short of scanning the
       full block. (Thanks Edward and Dirk.)
     - Trashing application data blocks now preserves APP0 if it's
       there, since that includes the image resolution, and you need
       an APP0 block anyway.

     - Added 'local caption' field, 121. (Thanks, Joe.)

     - Blindscan max can now be configured for large non-JPEG files
       with code like:

         use Image::IPTCInfo;
         $Image::IPTCInfo::MAX_FILE_OFFSET = 8192 * 5;
         my $info = Image::IPTCInfo->new("largefile.tif");
       (Thanks to Brian Carp.)
     - Fix to CollectAdobeParts if the size of the data block is smaller
       than what's expected for the block. (Thanks to Brian Carp.)

     - Added support for passing in IO::File file handles in addition to 
       file names. (Thanks to Marc Liyanage.)
     - Changed all file accesses from the regular Perl open/read/seek/close
       calls operating on the FILE handle to OO-style IO::File method calls
       (Thanks to Marc Liyanage.)
     - debugMode was accidentally left on in 1.93, turning off.
       (Thanks to Dr. Michael Langner.)

     - Fixing distribution file, 1.94 contained some bogus Mac resource
       fork files.