Perl Module Image::Size Change History                 

		Image::Size is a simple library that allows the 
		fetching of image size information from files   
		in a wide variety of common (and not-so-common) 

3.300	Saturday February 28, 2015, 08:44:22 AM -0800

	* lib/Image/
	* t/all.t
	* t/old-os2.bmp (added)
	Add support for old OS/2 version of BMP header (Geoff Richards).

	* lib/Image/
	Typo fixes (David Steinbrunner).                                

	* lib/Image/
	Avoid a sprintf() warning in Perl 5.21. Perl 5.21 introduces a  
	warning for redundant arguments to s?printf(), so sprintf("%d", 
	1, 2) would warn. This commit silences that warning by passing  
	sprintf the exact number of arguments that it expects (Brian    

	* lib/Image/
	Added =encoding utf8 to pod - the accented character was        
	causing a pod error (Neil Bowers).                              

	* lib/Image/
	Added Z<> to the =item [012] to resolve pod warning. You can't  
	have =item 0, so the way round this seems to be to add a Z<>    
	(zero width space) before each digit (Neil Bowers).             

	* lib/Image/
	Added link to github repo to doc (Neil Bowers).                 

	* lib/Image/
	RT #41238: Applied modified version of patch from user to fix a 
	die problem with unpack on truncated files.                     

	* lib/Image/
	* t/ (added)
	* t/all.t
	* t/move.cur (added)
	* t/tux.ico (added)
	Add support for WEBP, ICO and CUR file types (Baldur            

	* lib/Image/
	Fix some perlcritic issues.                                     

3.232	Monday May 28, 2012, 05:20:00 PM -0700

	* lib/Image/
	Removed the "!" flag in pack template for EMF. It was not       
	needed and it broke on earlier Perls.                           

3.231	Wednesday May 23, 2012, 11:30:00 PM -0700

	* lib/Image/
	Small change to swfmxsize for short-buffer issues.              

	* lib/Image/
	Multiple changes in this commit: Abandoned AutoLoader; moved    
	POD to the end of the file now that all the per-format          
	subroutines are part of the file-proper; fixed cases where lack 
	of ImageMagick would cause the error message to be overwritten. 

	* t/all.t
	* t/kazeburo-bar.jpg (added)
	New test (and image) for JPG tag-offset issue.                  

	* lib/Image/
	Applied patch from github user kazeburo: bug fix for some jpeg  

	* imgsize
	Fixed so that default output now catches errors. Previously,    
	you would get an "undefined" warning if there was an error in   
	parsing/sizing the input file.                                  

	* lib/Image/
	Turns out the 4 bounding-box ints for EMF are signed.           

3.230	Sunday August 29, 2010, 04:00:00 PM -0700

	* imgsize
	* lib/Image/
	perlcritic clean-ups from new rules.                            

	* lib/Image/
	* t/Test_emf_small.emf (added)
	* t/all.t
	RT #59995: Added support for Windows Enhanced Metafile Format   

	* t/00_load.t (deleted)
	* t/01_pod.t (deleted)
	* t/02_pod_coverage.t (deleted)
	* t/03_meta.t (deleted)
	* t/04_minimumversion.t (deleted)
	* t/05_critic.t (deleted)
	* xt/00_load.t (added)
	* xt/01_pod.t (added)
	* xt/02_pod_coverage.t (added)
	* xt/03_meta.t (added)
	* xt/04_minimumversion.t (added)
	* xt/05_critic.t (added)
	Move the author/distro-sanity tests to an "xt" directory.       

3.221	Sunday April 25, 2010, 02:10:00 PM -0700

	* imgsize
	* lib/Image/
	Large-scale code and documentation clean-up based on perlcritic 
	and visual review.                                              

3.220	Sunday November  8, 2009, 05:45:00 PM -0800

	* lib/Image/
	Small fix to the regex for detecting GIFs, per Slaven Rezic.    

3.210	Wednesday October 21, 2009, 06:50:00 PM -0700

	* t/magick.t
	Removed a stray colon causing errors with some Perl versions.   

	* t/00_load.t (added)
	* t/00_signature.t (deleted)
	* t/01_pod.t (added)
	* t/02_pod_coverage.t (added)
	* t/03_meta.t (added)
	* t/04_minimumversion.t (added)
	* t/05_critic.t (added)
	* t/magick.t
	* t/pod.t (deleted)
	* t/pod_coverage.t (deleted)
	Removed useless signature test, added QA tests, removed a       
	duplicate test.                                                 

	* lib/Image/
	Moved around some conditionally-needed libs to delay loading    
	until/unless needed. Also made a small fix per Perl::Critic.    

3.2	Monday February 23, 2009, 05:00:00 AM -0800

	* lib/Image/
	* t/all.t
	Make the package buildable in a pure-Perl software stack. Per   
	RT ticket #42930, make Compress::Zlib optional, so that those   
	who do not need it are not required to install it. Updated the  
	test around the compressed-SWF file to skip if Compress::Zlib   
	is absent.                                                      

	* Build.PL (restored)
	* ChangeLog (deleted)
	* ChangeLog.xml (added)
	* MANIFEST (deleted)
	* Makefile.PL (deleted)
	* README.Win32 (deleted)
	* etc/ChangeLogML.xsd (added)
	Making large-scale house-keeping changes to the build/dist      
	process. Replace ChangeLog (plain-text) with a ChangeLogML file 
	created from the CVS/SVN history and hand-adjusted; add the XSD 
	for ChangeLogML; restore Build.PL and heavily enhance; and      
	remove README.Win32, Makefile.PL and MANIFEST.                  

	* lib/Image/
	Per RT ticket #43452, make the cache visible outside the        
	lexical scope of the module This allows the hash to be used     
	with packages like IPC::Shareable or IPC::MM to enable sharing  
	the cache between processes. Added extra documentation of this, 
	and a new section describing approaches to cache-sharing.       

	Transaction revision: 136
	* imgsize
	* lib/Image/
	Fix URL/specification of the license info for LGPL.             

3.1.1	Monday February 18, 2008, 06:37:36 AM UTC

	* Build.PL, revision 134
	Misspelled a prereq name.                                       

3.1	Friday October  5, 2007, 10:19:33 AM UTC

	* Makefile.PL, revision 130
	Restored for users who don't have Module::Build installed.      

	* lib/Image/, revision 129
	Small patch from to fix CWS-related error.         

	* lib/Image/, revision 128
	Changed the copyright info and the licensing. Added COPYRIGHT   
	and LICENSE blocks to the pod.                                  

	Transaction revision: 127
	* META.yml (deleted)
	Removing META.yml and SIGNATURE from permanent place in         
	MANIFEST. Removing META.yml from repo.                          

3.01	Wednesday October  3, 2007, 10:08:20 AM UTC

	* t/pass-1_s.png, revision 121
	Trying to fix MIME                                              

	Transaction revision: 120
	* t/8.swf
	* t/bexjdic.tif
	* t/letter_T.jpg
	* t/lexjdic.tif
	* t/pak38.jpg
	* t/pass-1_s.png
	* t/test.gif
	* t/xterm.bmp
	* t/yasp.swf
	MIME types                                                      

3.0	Thursday September 14, 2006, 03:10:50 AM UTC

	* t/pod.t
	* t/pod_coverage.t
	Added test suites for POD correctness and POD coverage.         

	Implemented and documented a flag called                        
	$Image::Size::GIF_BEHAVIOR that controls whether the GIF code   
	returns the screensize, the first sub-image or the largest of   
	the sub-images.                                                 

	* t/8.swf (added)
	* t/all.t
	Applied a patch from to fix usage of the         
	Compress::Zlib module in the handling of compressed flash       
	files. Added a new SWF file to test this, and added reference   
	to the file in MANIFEST and t/all.t.                            

	* Makefile.PL
	* t/magick.t (added)
	Delay Image::Magick loading until it is needed. (Mark           
	Stosberg). Add support for Graphics::Magick as an alternative   
	to Image::Magick. If either Graphics::Magick or Image::Magick   
	is loaded into memory that module will be used. Otherwise, they 
	are both tried to be loaded, with Graphics::Magick being tried  
	first. (Mark Stosberg). This patch also adds a new test suite,  
	t/magick.t, to the distribution and modifies both MANIFEST and  
	Makefile.PL (to add a build-dependancy on Test::More).          

	* t/all.t
	With Test::More now required for building, converted t/all.t to 
	use it.                                                         

2.992	Tuesday July 22, 2003, 12:00:00 AM UTC

	*, revision 116
	Added support for Flash 6/FlashMX.                              

2.991	Friday January  3, 2003, 09:09:39 AM UTC

	*, revision 111
	Bumped version number and moved the trailing "1;" for           

	* imgsize, revision 110
	Way-long-overdue code cleanup.                                  

	*, revision 109
	Small change in the block that sets up read from a scalar ref,  
	to avoid warnings about undef values (in case $stream is a      
	reference to an undef value).                                   

2.99	Saturday May  4, 2002, 08:23:42 AM UTC

	*, revision 106
	Applied two patches from Ville Skyttä <>,    
	providing MNG and Image::Magick support.                        

2.98	Saturday March  2, 2002, 08:36:07 PM UTC

	*, revision 104
	Bumped the version number. Wouldn't have to keep remembering    
	this if I'd move it to the Makefile.PL.                         

	*, revision 103
	Fixed some documentation issues and a small buglet in an error  

	* README.Win32, revision 102
	Small change to step #2                                         

2.97	Thursday February 28, 2002, 07:58:43 AM UTC

	*, revision 99
	Fixed some lingering e-mail addresses, cleared up the 
	docs per Jeff Friedl's suggestion, moved the call to            
	File::Spec->catpath() so that it only gets called when cacheing 
	is still on.                                                    

2.96	Tuesday November 20, 2001, 11:39:43 PM UTC

	*, revision 96
	Silly typo in PCD code                                          

2.95	Sunday November 11, 2001, 11:42:48 AM UTC

	*, revision 94
	Added manual disabling of the cache, and added support for PCD  

2.94	Wednesday September 19, 2001, 03:27:20 AM UTC

	*, revision 91
	Corrected a bug in psdsize(), credited source of the PSD test   
	image, and bumped the version number.                           

	* t/all.t, revision 90
	Added test for PSD code, using recently-supplied image          

	* MANIFEST, revision 89
	Added entry for the PSD test file                               

	* t/468x60.psd, revision 87 (added)
	Test file for PSD (PhotoShop) support                           

	* Makefile.PL, revision 86
	Changes to the name of the template spec file and the generated 
	spec file                                                       

	Transaction revision: 85
	* (deleted)
	* (added)
	Renamed this file                                               

	* Makefile.PL, revision 84
	Adapted parts of the Perl-RPM Makefile.PL to enable building of 
	RPM and SRPM files. This version uses an external template      
	rather than embedding it under the __DATA__ token.              

	*, revision 83 (added)
	Basic RPM specfile template to allow for building a noarch RPM  
	and SRPM for this package.                                      

2.93	Friday April 13, 2001, 08:55:11 AM UTC

	* t/all.t, revision 80
	Added test for Flash support                                    

	* MANIFEST, revision 79
	Added test file for Flash support                               

	*, revision 78
	Forgot to credit Dmitry in the docs.                            

	*, revision 77
	Added code from Dmitry Dorofeev <> to handle       
	ShockWave/Flash files.                                          

	* t/yasp.swf, revision 76 (added)
	Sample Flash file from Dmitry Dorofeev <>          

2.92	Sunday March 11, 2001, 10:56:01 PM UTC

	*, revision 72
	Manually added a patch from Dan Klein to close files that       
	imgsize opens.                                                  

2.91	Friday December  8, 2000, 08:20:34 AM UTC

	Transaction revision: 69
	* imgsize
	Added copyright notice so that Debian could use the module      

	Transaction revision: 68
	* Makefile.PL
	Reflect change to imgsize script                                

	Transaction revision: 67
	* imgsize (added)
	* imgsize.PL (deleted)
	Changed from imgsize.PL to plain imgsize, thanks to MakeMaker   

2.904	Tuesday November 28, 2000, 08:10:05 AM UTC

	* Makefile.PL, revision 65
	Added PREREQ_PM clause for detecting File::Spec                 

	*, revision 64
	Bumped version number for CPAN                                  

	* ANNOUNCE, revision 62 (deleted)
	Removed from the distribution                                   

2.903	Friday April 28, 2000, 02:56:13 AM UTC

	Transaction revision: 60
	Minor fix from CPAN Testers Group for workability on Macs       

2.902	Wednesday April 26, 2000, 07:21:04 AM UTC

	*, revision 57
	Worked on the regular expressions that are used on the          
	text-based formats, in hopes of further smoothing out the rift  
	between UNIX and non-UNIX systems. Added use of Cwd. Filenames  
	passed in are prepended with the current dir if they aren't     
	already absolute pathnames. This was to fix a subtle problem    
	where different files with the same relative names (referenced  
	from different directories) would confuse the cache. Added the  
	image type to the cached data. Previously, only dimensions were 
	cached. Now, a cache-hit returns the same triple returned       
	originally. Also added the file's modification-time to the      
	cache, as the (growing!) use of Image::Size in Apache mod_perl  
	environments found that if an image is changed, the cache won't 
	notice. Now it does. Added recognition of thumbnail-format pics 
	from the popular viewer XV. The value of image type for these   
	is the string "XV". Integrated a patch that makes html_imgsize  
	generate tags that are XHTML- compliant. Same patch also caught 
	a few doc bugs that I'd missed.                                 

	* MANIFEST, revision 55
	Added ChangeLog                                                 

	* ChangeLog, revision 54 (added)
	Change history moved here from README                           

	* MANIFEST, revision 53
	Changed dave.jpg to pak38.jpg                                   

	* t/all.t, revision 52
	Updated html_imgsize test and replaced image for test 6         

	* t/pak38.jpg, revision 51 (added)
	GIF-named-JPG to replace dave.jpg                               

	* t/dave.jpg, revision 50 (deleted)
	corrupted file                                                  

	* README.Win32, revision 47 (added)
	A basic step-by-step for those whose Perl lacks MakeMaker       
	support (generally Win-based systems).                          

	Transaction revision: 46
	* t/bexjdic.tif (added)
	* t/dave.jpg (added)
	* t/letter_N.ppm (added)
	* t/letter_T.jpg (added)
	* t/lexjdic.tif (added)
	* t/pass-1_s.png (added)
	* t/spacer50.xbm (added)
	* t/test.gif (added)
	* t/xterm.bmp (added)
	* t/xterm.xpm (added)
	Initial check-in, files had been released in previous versions  
	but were not being tracked.                                     

	* imgsize.PL, revision 45
	Changed a lingering address to the current.          

2.901	Wednesday March 10, 1999, 12:28:00 PM UTC

	Transaction revision: 44
	Change the version number for this release due to CPAN treating 
	2.10 as less than 2.9.                                          

2.10	Wednesday March 10, 1999, 08:37:00 AM UTC

	*, revision 42
	Moved some things around, and added two significant changes: no 
	longer uses IO::File internally (and is also more lax on        
	whether a passed-in FH is specifically from that class) and is  
	now fully strict-clean (no longer strict-refs dirty).           

2.9	Wednesday December  9, 1998, 09:10:11 AM UTC

	*, revision 40
	Four changes: fix to GIFs that are GIF87 but have GIF98a-style  
	indicators; fix byte-ordering problem in bmpsize(); fix         
	eol-condition in the PPM pattern for earlier Win32 builds; and  
	(hopefully) addressed MacOS in that last adjustment, as well.   

	* Makefile.PL, revision 39
	Added attributes to the WriteMakefile call for ActiveState PPM  
	(only done for Perl 5.005 and later).                           

	* imgsize.PL, revision 38
	Added some docs and better error-handling.                      

2.8	Monday December  7, 1998, 10:18:44 AM UTC

	* t/all.t, revision 37
	Added a test for the new BMP support.                           

	*, revision 36
	Added support for BMP files, changed VERSION to 2.8.            

2.7	Friday August  7, 1998, 08:35:47 AM UTC

	*, revision 33
	Corrected numerous documentation errors and make the base       
	imgsize routine return a void context if called in a void       

	Sunday January 25, 1998, 09:29:14 AM UTC

	* t/all.t, revision 31
	Incorporate changes from Cloyce Spradling that were             
	accidentally left out of 2.5.                                   

	*, revision 30
	Fixed some problems with reading of XPM and XBM headers. In the 
	case of XPM, it was a matter of the key line having a third     
	pair of numbers. In the case of XBM, comments at the head of an 
	XBM file could keep the read-in buffer from extracting enough   
	data (fixed by upping the read size from 160 to 1024).          

2.5	Wednesday December 24, 1997, 05:19:00 PM UTC

	Transaction revision: 28
	Added support for TIFF images and two test cases. Many thanks   
	to Cloyce Spradling <> for both the code     
	patches and the test images.                                    

2.4	Tuesday September  2, 1997, 07:36:54 PM UTC

	*, revision 26
	Fixed tiny bug in jpeg code that failed to return "JPG" as the  
	3rd element. Figures someone would actually use that feature... 

2.3	Monday April 21, 1997, 06:34:53 PM UTC

	*, revision 24
	Fixed usage of AutoLoader to 5.004 standards and fixed glitch   
	in XPM regex.                                                   

2.2	Thursday January 16, 1997, 10:25:10 PM UTC

	* Makefile.PL, revision 23
	Fixed it so that the imgsize script gets removed for make clean 
	or make realclean.                                              

	*, revision 22
	Small patch to set binmode for OS/2, etc. that need it. Also    
	change to gifsize to clean up -w noise from new lexical-related 
	warnings (in this case, a reference to $stream might not have   
	been properly shared).                                          

2.1	Friday November 29, 1996, 05:25:00 PM UTC

	Added in changes to the error handling that were meant for 2.0. 
	Fixed a bug in attr_imgsize caused by the new return format.    

2.0	Monday November 25, 1996, 01:33:00 PM UTC

	* README, revision 19
	Notation of the changed error syntax.                           

	*, revision 18
	Image::Size 2.0 package: better GIF, JPG and PNG handling.      
	Added PPM handling. No longer uses filenames to type the data.  
	Operates on memory and file- handles as well as filenames.      

	* t/all.t, revision 16
	New tests for new formats, new error reporting.                 

	* Makefile.PL, revision 15
	Specified GNU zip as compressor.                                

1.2	Friday September  6, 1996, 03:31:57 PM UTC

	* MANIFEST, revision 11
	Changed imgsize to imgsize.PL (from patch by Bernd Leibing      

	* imgsize.PL, revision 10
	Revised by Bernd Leibing <> to use   
	var substitution for things like the start-up line.             

	*, revision 9
	Assignment of $Image::Size::revision caused an error due to q//.

1.1	Wednesday September  4, 1996, 09:26:25 PM UTC

	Transaction revision: 7
	* ANNOUNCE (added)
	* imgsize.PL (added)
	Initial revision                                                

	* Makefile.PL, revision 5
	Added imgsize, a simple script that sizes images from the       

	*, revision 4
	Fixed a bug in jpegsize and added some clarity to docs and      

1.0	Tuesday August  6, 1996, 10:24:38 PM UTC

	Transaction revision: 3
	* MANIFEST (added)
	* Makefile.PL (added)
	* README (added)
	* (added)
	* t/all.t (added)
	Initial commit of the core project files.                       

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