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0.8 2007/01 - Bruce Campbell
	- And thats how my brother became a BMW.

		* Eric Hacker found a problem which lead to the 'use' lines
		  within the 'eval's being changed to 'require'.
		* Marc Pelzer caught a bad (new) usage of send where a working
		  syswrite had been in place, breaking SSL in 0.7
		* <stream:stream> always wants a 'to'.  

0.7 2006/09 - Bruce Campbell
	- If we all spoke the same language, where would we get our women from?

		* Shifted Jabber::LiteImpl to Jabber::Lite::Impl after realised
		  that CPAN counts it as another namespace.

0.6 2006/09 - Bruce Campbell
	- This may sting a little.

		* Fixed a circular dependency that was stopping perl garbage
		  collection from working.
		* Reduced overhead in some core routines, resulting in a
		  faster parser.

0.5 2006/06 - Bruce Campbell
	- Thats no moon...

		* CPAN this time for real.  (Deathstars do respond to mallets)
		* Tweaks for yet more corner cases.

0.4 2006/04 - Bruce Campbell
	- Earth?  Earth-with-nuclear-weapons-Earth?  Friend!

		* Intended Initial CPAN Release
		* Resolution of SRV Records.

0.3 2006/02 - Bruce Campbell
	- I'd talk to the hand, but I have a clear above-the-belt chat policy.

		* Reworking to avoid blocking wherever possible.
		* Tidy up of debug calls and other cruft.
		* Addition of various RFC goodness.

0.2 2006/01 - Bruce Campbell
	- Theres something about all those legs that sends shivers down my spine

		* Hopeful extermination of parsing bugs.
		* SASL authentication as client.
		* Simple authentication as component.

0.1 2005/12 - Bruce Campbell
	- Upside-Down Ms Jane!

		* Basic sketch of the XML Parser code
		* Simple (blocking) connection and authentication.