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Revision history for Perl extension LJ::Simple.

0.15  Fri Feb 24 23:40:57 GMT 2006
	- Added tags support to QuickPost()
	- Added ability to return of results of posting to QuickPost()
	- Added the GetTags() method to return the list of existing tags
		available for use

0.14  Wed Oct  5 17:52:45 BST 2005
	- Added ability to cvs tag to Makefile.PL
	- Changed certain uses of gmtime() to localtime() when dealing with
		the retrival of entries and the like so that the expected
		results are found.
	- More sanity checking of the arguments passed to sub-routines
	- Corrected the encoding of values so that the "+" character 
		actually ends up as a "+" and not a space.
	- examples/friends-only: Added some sanity checks to ensure that
		entries which are blank do not get acted on.
	- Fixed SetProtectPublic() so that it actually works; I'm pretty
		sure that this used to work so I'm guessing that the LJ
		flat protocol implementation has changed. Problem noted
		by Igor Guryanov

0.13  Fri Jul  8 10:35:04 BST 2005
	- Documentation fix for GetEntries() to note that it will only every
		return 50 items no matter what mode is used. Added pointer to
		SyncItems(). SyncItems() documentation updated to add a pointer
		to the examples/friends-only script.
	- Correct the version target in Makefile.PL so that the version shown
		in the README file is correctly updated.
	- Added the Setprop_taglist() method to set tags in posts
	- Updated examples/ljpost to include setting of tags
	- Fixed how the SendRequest() handles the response from the server; it
		no longer blindly removes \r from the response. Whilst at the
		moment this is not an issue as the flat protocol is unlikely to
		contain \r, it could be an issue in the future.
	- Fixed the test script to deal with a failure to create the
		object; correctly handles returning the right number of tests.
		Problem noted by STEPANOV
	- Added support for http_proxy and HTTP_PROXY environment variables
		within the LJ::Simple object creation. The environment
		variables on only looked at iff the http variable is *not*
		given during the object creation.
		Problem noted by STEPANOV

0.12.1  Wed Jan 12 21:13:35 GMT 2005
	- Minor release for a fix to QuickPost() which caused a runtime error
		if a subject was set. The documentation was also corrected to
		show that the entry option is always required.

0.12  Wed Jan  5 23:35:07 GMT 2005
	- Added the $LJ::Simple::NonBlock hook to allow better integration with
		GUI programs
	- Added the $LJ::Simple::ProtoSub hook to allow better integration with
		GUI programs
	- The ljpost example script is now placed within the Solaris package
		the pkg Makefile target builds
	- Corrected a bug in ljpost which caused it to handle timezones
	- Added the sending of a User-Agent string
	- GetEntries() has been fixed so that if it is getting entries from a
		 shared journal that shared journal name is placed within the
		 entries returned back in the hash.
		Bug reported by Stanislav Sinyagin
	- Re-worked the documentation so its easier to use
	- Added the SetProtect() routine as a wrapper around the various
		SetProtect*() routines.
	- Added the LJ::Simple::QuickPost() routine which allows you to quickly
		post an entry into LiveJournal without going through the work
		of object creation et al.

0.11  Wednesday April 14 12:19:02 BST 2004
	- Re-added the after people on the CPAN mailing list complained;
		however the script has been altered so that out of the box it
		hardly touches the functionality of LJ::Simple thanks to the
		removal of the test user on If people
		wish they can place another username and password in the $user
		and $pass variables in to run all of the
		Bear in mind that I'm not going to be held responsible for
		what happens to the journal that is pointed at though.
	- Added the DefaultPicURL() routine to return the URL to the default
		icon for the user who logged in. Functionality added at
		request of Gavin Mogan.

0.10  Saturday March 20 21:28:29 GMT 2004
	- Added the examples directory in the distribution
	- Fixed a bug in how the SendRequest() routine parsed the
		results from the LiveJournal server.
	- Removed the script from the distribution as LiveJournal
		have removed the test user it depended on
	- Updated the ljpost example with the ability to post restricted posts
	- Corrected the example code for GetFriendGroups() shown on the manual page

0.09  Friday January  7 11:09:49 GMT 2004
	- UTF support is now automatically detected
	- Added support for the getchallenge method to support the new
	  challenge/response authentication system

0.08  Thursday December 18 11:11:17 GMT 2003
	- Added a check for zero length responses from the LJ servers
	- Fix for potential bug relating to unusual responses from LJ
	  web servers.
	- Added an example script which will make all of the entries within
	  a journal at least friends-only
	- Fixes to documentation
	- Added the SetProtectPublic() method as requested by Richard Watts.

0.07  Friday September 12 09:49:40 BST 2003
	- Minor changes to documentation and example code
	- Corrected the package building Makefile target
	- Module now works on perl version 5.005_03
	- Minor documentation change
	- Increased socket read timeout to 5 minutes
	- Switched to using version 1 of the LJ protocol
	- An example directory has been added
	- Added EditEntry() routine, with thanks to Ben Harris for the
	  initial code.

0.06  Thursday October  3 14:30 2002
	- Added GetURL() routine
	- Added GetItemId() routine
	- Added GetEntries() routine
	- Added GetDate() routine
	- Added GetSubject() routine
	- Added GetEntry() routine
	- Added GetProtect() routine
	- Added Getprop_*() routines
	- Fixed some POD errors

0.05  Friday September 20 17:16 2002
	- Added GetFriendGroups() routine
	- Added GetDayCounts() routine
	- Added CheckFriends() routine
	- Added GetFriends() routine
	- Added various options to the login/new method. The most useful of
		these is the "fast" option which massively reduces the amount
		of time taken to login... by not really logging in at all. See
		the docs for more details.
	- The GetFriendOf() routine now returns a list sorted by the usernames
		of the LiveJournals in the list

0.04  Sunday September  1 22:11 2002
	- Added MemberOf() routine
	- Added the SyncItems() routine
	- Added the GetFriendOf() routine
	- Fixed how request to LJ is encoded; \n was being matched by \s
	- Fixed SetMood() routine
	- Fixed Setprop_backdate() routine

0.03  Monday Aug 19 16:44 2002
	- Ability to delete entry added
	- First public release

0.02  Tues Jul 20 15:58:00 2002
	- Major functionality added

0.01  Mon Jul 22 17:19:26 2002
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
		-X -n LJ::Simple