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Revision history for Perl extension Lingua::DE::ASCII.

0.14  Sat May 02, 2020
        - added missing LICENSE meta, thanks to Mohammad S Anwa to pointing it out in

        - remove META.yml and META.json (they are autogenerated)

0.13  Fri May 01, 2020
        - renamed test files to pure ascii file names
          see also:

0.12  Fri Aug 05, 2016
        - fixed Bug #25310 for Lingua-DE-ASCII: Lingua::DE::ASCII: grep assignment bug

0.11  Tue Sep 02, 2003
        - fixed bug for the name of
          * "Boegehold"
          => perhaps not that important, but the street I'm living has his name

0.10  Thu Aug 19, 2003
        - fixed behaviour of words like
          * "IssueType" 
          => after an ü is not any uppercase character allowed

0.09  Fri Jun 27, 2003
        - changed behaviour for words like
            * "Studentmassen" (with ss instead of ß)
            * "society"       (in English way and not as French "sociéty")

0.08  Thu May 20, 2003
        - fixed bug "a language" => "à language"
        - changed behaviour for "loss" (engl.) != "loß",
          now the english word is preferenced

0.07  Thu May 13, 2003
        - removed forced dependency of Term::ProgressBar
          (allthough, it's still recommended)
        - added common English words (with ae,oe,ue,ss) to the test data 
          (created new dat file: 'english.dat')
        - fixed wrong test schema
          too less had been tested (because I have specified a wrong range)
        - improved speed of to_latin1 method

0.06  Sat May 10, 2003
        - fixed bug 
          "eventuell" became "eventuell" if any uppercase word was in
          the same line before this words
        - fixed bug 
          defined, but false strings given to to_latin1 and to_ascii
          returned undef instead of the string
        - fixed bug
          e.g. "Judäa lausbuberisch" (No offense -- I really got that error)
          became to "Judäà ..."
          as the ä had been interpreted as a word break and thus "a la" => "à la"
        - fixed bug
          some changings were only done once on a string instead of global
          (e.g. avoiding "ss"=>"ß" for "fusselig" and co)
        - added test that tests strings of repeating words
        - unified test scripts
        - made test scripts more intensiv,
          as now every word is tested in an environment of other words coming randomly
        - now a progress bar is shown when testing all the words
        - made tests a bit quicker

0.05  Mon May 05, 2003
        - enabled that every printable ANSI character
          (chr(160) .. chr(255)) results in an non-empty ASCII string

0.04  Mon Apr 28, 2003
        - fixed bug: Module died if ue and ß had been in one string passed to
        - added test: to_latin1 is tested with a lot of words containing an
          [äöüÄÖÜ] and an ß, where the [äöüÄÖÜ] is translated to
          ae/oe/ue/Ae/Oe/Ue and the ß is still an ß 

0.03  Sam Apr 26 2003
        - fixed bug » and « had been simply removed,
		  created a new test script for these case t/special_characters.t
        - fixed bug "Eventuell" => "Eventüll"

0.02  Wed Apr 23 2003
        - rearranged tests to get different test scripts
          for: * forein language words
               * words with mutatitions, separated for ä, ö, ü, ß
               * words with the critical letter combinations, separated for ae, ue, oe, ss
               * complete texts
        - tested with many more words

0.01  Mon Mar 24 2003
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.20 with options
		-XA -b5.6.0 Lingua::DE::ASCII
        - with two methods: to_ascii and to_latin1
        - tested with 200 000 german words with mutations(Umlaute)