Revision history for Perl extension Lingua::EN::Tagger

0.31            Aaron Coburn            7/12/19
        Fix memoize function

0.30            Aaron Coburn            8/27/18
        Re-release without PaxHeader garbage in tar distribution.

0.29            Aaron Coburn            5/18/18
        Add an add_tags_incrementally method for a more
        stream-based parsing mechanism. Updated email address.

0.28            Aaron Coburn            12/23/16
        Changed the generation of the part-of-speech
        lexicon to use nstore instead of store. Based on a
        contribution from Chris Butler <>
        and Reiner Herrmann <>.

0.27            Aaron Coburn            12/20/16
        Fixed unescaped left braces in Makefile.PL

0.25            Aaron Coburn            4/3/15
        Fixed floating point number regex.

0.24            Aaron Coburn            7/22/13
        Fixed a typo in the documentation.

0.23            Aaron Coburn            10/1/12
        Fixed errors in threads tests.

0.21            Aaron Coburn            9/27/12
        Escaped some more curly braces in regex
        patterns (see below). Made memoize module
        support threads.

0.20            Aaron Coburn            7/6/12
        Escaped curly braces in regex patterns.
        In perl 5.17 this becomes necessary.

0.19            Aaron Coburn            5/28/12
        Added missing metadata fields to

0.18            Aaron Coburn            5/11/12
        Added requirement for 5.8 for proper
        unicode support. Modified get_sentences
        routine for $ chars as with preceeding

0.17            Aaron Coburn            5/10/12
        Added better error handling for loading
        YAML files. Fixed error in get_sentences
        routine related to (, [ and { characters
        being fused to the preceding word.

0.16            Aaron Coburn            5/11/10
        Fixed POD errors

0.14			Aaron Coburn			7/28/08
		Upgraded license to GPL 3

0.13            Aaron Coburn            6/29/05

        Added 'get_sentences' method

0.12            Aaron Coburn            3/39/05

        Fixed a bug introduced in the parsing of utf8 text

0.11            Aaron Coburn            11/15/04

        Improved Unicode support thanks to the contributions from
        Eric Nichols <>, Nara Institute of 
        Science and Technology

0.10            Aaron Coburn            4/27/04

        Fixed some errors in the POD documentation

0.09            Aaron Coburn            2/04/04

        Improved the splitting on punctuation

0.06            Aaron Coburn            12/18/03

        Improved recognition of an end of sentence

0.05            Aaron Coburn            12/09/03
        Added method ``get_proper_nouns''
        Eliminated use of Lingua::EN::Sentence

0.04            Aaron Coburn            12/08/03

        Applied fixes to unknown word assignment

0.03            Aaron Coburn            11/03

        Fixed some errors in the text scrubbing methods
        Shortened and moved lexicon, made things run faster
        Added a testing suite

0.02            Maciej Ceglowski        5/03

        Applied fixes for module installer from Nathaniel Irons

0.01            Maciej Ceglowski        2/03

        Initial Release for CPAN
        Re-written from Aaron Coburn's LSI::Parser::POS