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Revision history for Perl extension Lingua::JA::Fold.

0.08  2008-03-19 21:38:00 JST
	- Mr. Watanabe a.k.a. 'heppoko-kyoro' has reported to me a bug.
	  The bug can occur with traditional folding. When the last folded
	  string has only a half-width '0', the letter will disappear.
	  Thanks to kyoro, the bug has been fixed.

0.07  2004-01-04 14:27:10 JST
	- A serious bug had been found and has been fixed.
	  That bug arose on the v0.05 bug-fixing for deletion of empty
	  lines, and also influenced on v0.06.
	  With that bug, a text to fold which has last line without newline
	  ending will fall into endless loop.
	  The bug was a result from a fault of a line-splitting routine.
	  Now with 0.07, the bug was fixed.

0.06  2004-01-02 23:38:43 JST
	- All methods have been changed to functions.

0.05  2004-01-01 18:09:09 JST
	- A bug that empty lines had been ignored was fixed.
	- An output string is now as Unicode Wide Character.

0.04  2003-04-15 09:23:35 JST
	- Added prototype to the functions.

0.03  2003-04-13 19:27:33 JST
	- New method fold_ex() has been implemented!
	  With fold_ex(), you can reflect the 'forbidden marks rule'.
	- A bug newline character at the last line is removed was fixed.

0.02  2003-04-03 01:57:32 JST
	- The manner about handling for UTF-8 has changed.
	- Users encouraged to `use utf8;' pragma in their source code.

0.01  2003-04-02
	- the first public release

0.00  2003-03-26
	- original version