Revision history for Perl extension Lingua::LinkParser.

0.01  Thu Jan 13 09:54:28 2000
    - original version.

0.05  Tue Feb 8 13:00:13 2000
    - public beta

1.0   Wed Aug 16 14:35:44 2000
    - Rewritten for the new Link Grammar 4.0 API
    - Got LinkParser.xs to work with the char** functions, so 
      linkage_get_words and get_domain_names now work.
    - Makefile.PL changes to find data directory
    - new() expects a hash defined the the pod documentation, and uses the 
      the global $DATA_DIR to as a default path
    - Added Lingua::LinkParser::Definitions to enable easy retrieval of 
      link summaries and definitions from within the program. This is a 
      totally non-orthoganal method of distributing this info, but I find 
      it handy.
    - Added linkage_get_word to ::Linkage, thanks Richard A. Wells.
    - Added linkage_get_words, also thanks to Richard.
    - Added access to the domain functions with num_domains and domain_names 
      to the Lingua::LinkParser::Sublinkage class.
    - Added function 'violation_name' to Lingua::LinkParser::Linkage class to 
      return the label for a post-processing linkage violation.
    - Added the new 'print_constituent_tree()' from the 4.0 API to display 
      constituent tree structures.
    - Added tests to '' for 'get_words()', 'num_domains()', and 
    - Added scripts to demonstrate use of 'bigstruct()' and 'define()'
    - Added script to demonstrate 'print_constituent_tree()'
    - Included the link guide in directory 'guide', since it's not in the 
    - Overloaded the stringify operators ("") for classes ::Sentence,
      ::Linkage, and ::Sublinkage to display a diagram for each.
    - Changed 'get_postscript' to use new 'mode' parameter
    - Added the link functions that had previously only been available to 
      sublinkage objects to linkage objects.

1.01  Wed Sep 2 12:35:01 2000

    - Built and tested using Link Grammar 4.1
    - Fixed bug that redefined 'get_word' and 'num_word' functions in
    - Moved Dictionary 'type' to its own namespace, 
    - Removed DESTROY methods from ::Sublinkage and ::Linkage; the API
      4.0 was crapping a log when invoked.
    - Added a class 'Lingua::LinkParser::Linkage::Word' to allow word 
      object creation and quick access to information for that word.
    - Lots to fixes to ::Sublinkage to get index numbers right
    - Lots of examples added to 'scripts/', including a grammar regex
    - Added alternate methods for overloading ::Linkage and
      ::Sublinkage, "new_as_string()", to experiment with grammar regex
    - Changed overloaded behaviour for ("") constants for ::Sentence to 
      print out the original sentence text.

1.02  Tue Sep 5 23:42:58 2000

    - Added XSUBs for 'max_sentence_length' opts.
    - Fixed Makefile.PL to find data file paths (link parser 4.1 still has 
      dictionary files named "4.0")
    - Changed '::Linkage::opts()' to take a hash of keys/values, or returns 
      a value of only one argument is passed.
    - Modified the script 'scripts/' to parse null linkages 
      automatically, and demonstrate more elements of the parser options.
    - Changed the default behaviour of the overloaded ("") for ::Linkage and 
      ::Sublinkage to use 'new_as_string'.

1.03  Mon Nov 6 11:46:28 2000

    Thanks to Ronald J Kimball for recommending the following changes:

    - Made changes to and to avoid uninitialized 
      value warnings.
    - Fixed to use a negated look-ahead assertion.
1.04  Mon Nov 27 16:23:11 2000

    - Fixed some perldoc documentation errors.
    - Removed 'our' statements for compatability with versions < 5.6.

1.05  Thu Feb 7 12:02:44 2001

    - Fixed the hardcoded path entries in .. sorry folks.
    - Started varifying arguments for constructurs in Lingua::LinkParser,
      Lingua::LinkParser::Sentence and  and Lingua::LinkParser::Linkage.

    - Added Lingua::LinkParser::Simple to facilitate very easy processing; this
      will collect methods like 'extract_subject' that require no link knowledge
    - Fixed several POD bugs related to $sentence->linkages.

    - Added documentation to make num_linkages() more clear.
    - Fixed OS X Jaguar build problems

1.08 (pending 1.1)
    - Fixed memory leaks with rewritten calls to all _delete functions

1.09  Aug 11 2004
    - Fixed misc. bugs
    - Applied patches by Benji Adams to:
      * fix indexes for words occuring more than once (
      * fix uninitialized errors for indexes (

1.10  Feb 28 2009
    - Fixed build to work with 4.2.2 (AbiSource), not compatible with previous versions
    - Build no longer extracts object files or prompts for package directory (see README)
    - Constructor only takes a lang arg (optional), no dictionary paths anymore
    - Reorganized module directory structure.

1.11  Mar 3 2009
    - Doc fixes

1.12  Mar 10 2009
    - strict-ified scripts/
    - Removed link definitions from Lingua::LinkParser::Definitions

1.13  Mar 20 2009
    - changed XS return type for sentence_get_word
    - added $linkage->constituent_tree() to get a constituent tree in a Perl data structure
    - added scripts/ to demonstrate how to process constituent trees
    - added some comments to the scripts/*

1.14  April 15 2009
    - fixed tests to be compatible with link parser 4.5.3.

1.15  April 16 2010
    - minor test fixes for link parser 4.6.x.

1.16  May 17 2011
    - minor docs updates, tested with the link parser through 4.7.x.

1.17  March 22 2014
    - fixed build
    - fixed dependency on dictionary_create
    - fixed a broken test
    - still need to remove dependencies on deprecated functions