Changes from v0.34 to 0.35
* Removed the graph() method from Features.pm
* Removed the experimental result property of Rules.pm

Changes from v0.3 to 0.32
* Added ability to load linguistic rules with add_rule
* Added Word.pm to make rules more robust
* Made the linguistic rule grammar stricter
* Added more tests
* Fixed documentation bugs

Changes from v0.25 to 0.3
* Added loadfile() methods to all major classes with XML support
* Added Common.pm
* Added RuleParser.pm
* Reworked Segment class heirarchy
* Modified the Symbols::spell algorithm
* Expanded test suite
* Fixed innumerable small bugs

Changes from v0.2 to v0.25
* Resolved conflicts between Syllable.pm and Rules.pm 
* Added RuleSegment.pm
* Added two minor methods to the Syllable class

Changes from v0.11 to 0.2
* Removed Defaults.pm
* Removed files default.features and default.segments (now included with their modules)
* Added Boundary.pm
* Modified the spelling algorithm for better speed (75%-125% better, in fact)
* Added new symbols to the default set
* Various minor documentation fixes
* Various other code tweaks

Changes from v0.01 to v0.11
* Added Syllable.pm
* Added Functions.pm
* Modified the rule algorithm for better speed
* Added new features and symbols
* Updated/edited documentation
* Vastly expanded the test suite