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Revision history for Perl extension Lingua::Zompist::Verdurian.

0.91  Mon 2002-05-20
	- Added 'keep_accents' feature (Note: this will cause
	some words to come out differently)

0.90  Mon 2002-05-20
	- 'vyozha' is masculine (unlike Cadhinor VIOCTA)
	- Added ta, mu, ca, za to 'noun'
	Getting close to a 1.0 release!
	(TODO: add keep_accents) DONE 2002-05-20

0.06  Sun 2002-04-21
	- Changed the future to insert the -i- only for Cl and
	Cr, not for other second consonants. Added one test
	for this.

0.05  Thu 2002-04-11
	- Slight doc tweaks (it still thought it was version
	0.03, and 'esneu' was still in the docs).
	No changes to code or tests.

0.04  Tue 2002-04-02
	- Changed past tense of 'esan' from 'esneu' to 'esnu'
	- Slightly modified the licence (changed 'regents' to
	'copyright holders')
	- Added a couple of tests for inserted -i- in the past
	tense (this still needs more tests, though, and also
	in izhcrifel.t) Update 2002-04-11: more tests added.
	- made 'didha' masculine
	- more tests for inserted -i-

0.03  Thu 2001-11-15
	- minor documentation nits. No changes to code or tests.

0.02  Wed 2001-11-14
	- added participle for 'kies' after an email from Mark;
	also fixed participle for 'dan'.

0.01  Sun Oct 21 17:00:59 2001
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
		-A -X -b 5.5.0 -n Lingua::Zompist::Verdurian