Release 0.037 

	Bugfix for checking of incorrect links which get into the
	database somehow.

Release 0.036

	Any reference to "URL" in link-report has been changed to
	"URI".  Most references to "URL" in extract link have been
	changed over to "URI".  Gradually this will be corrected
	throughout LinkController wherever appropriate.  The reason is
	that sometimes the difference between URI and URL will be
	important and it's confusing to use them correctly in some
	places and not in others.  This is more important than the
	fact that URL is the better known term.

	There is a new plain URI report from link-report designed for
	interfacing to other programs.

	Reporting from a URI list file (--url-file) now defaults to
	only reporting interesting links.  Before it reported all

Release 0.035

	Reporting based on the indexes is now the default (old
	-I/--infostructure option).  Use the -N option to see the
	complete listig of broken links in the database.

	advanced infostructure prune_re feature now tested and working
	see manual for how to use it.

Release 0.034

	Many functionality and bug fixes.

	link-report --long-list now uses infostructure definitions so
	options interface somewhat changed (--url-base and --file-base
	options don't exist right now)

Release 0.029

	We now use an infostrucs file for storing definitions of where
	the web pages are and what directories they map to.  This allows
	us to handle multiple sets of web pages at a time including ones
	which don't have a directory equivalent.